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Illness, Wellness and Procrastination

You may have had an experience like this: some nagging health issue not quite bad enough to take the time to tackle. Or with a solution that seems too painful, too bothersome… so you let the issue keep on nagging, usually getting worse. 489 more words

Creating miracles to ensure Foot Pain Relief

The perfect feet in modern times have literally become a myth. Many are born with perfect feet which after years of abuse does not remain so perfect any more. 305 more words

Callus Removal

Toe Surgery

Well, after having all ten ingrown toenails dealt with surgically, 21 shots in the feet, and roughly two months of recovery…

… I think I’m recovered.

The Present Insanity

Ingrown Toenails

By cutting down the side of your toenail, a sharp nail spike can be created. The spike grows into the side wall (sulci) of the toenail and causes a significant amount of pain. 32 more words

Understanding all about the use of orthotic!

Orthotics is orthopedic tools used for treating different bio-mechanical foot problems. When an individual’s foot is not working as intended, the mass of the body is not appropriately distributed; as a consequence, pain as well as tenderness can increase in the foot, ankle and the adjacent muscles. 295 more words

Callus Removal

Straight, No Chaser: Ingrown Toenails

The overwhelming majority of cases of ingrown toenails I see come from people chewing on their toenails. So the really, really Quick Tip is keep your feet out of your mouth. 452 more words

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