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Defining Inheritance: Audrey Assad

Sitting atop a piano in my home is a collection of handwritten lyrics adorned with handdrawn images – all suitable for framing. Each page, each image, each string of well-arranged words serve as a constant reminder: each of the songs I welcome into my life come at the expense of the laughter, tears, joy and pain of the author. 825 more words



Victoria, B.C., Sometime in the Distant Past

It just seemed wrong.  So wrong.  A primeval, reptilian, reflexive type of wrong.  Wrong in a creepy sort of way.   201 more words

Flash Fiction

Cities for the Levites and Cities of Refuge (Numbers 35)

The Lord instructed Moses to set aside cities for the Levites, along with common land for their flocks.  The Levites would not have an inheritance of expanses of land in Canaan, but would have cities in which to dwell.  278 more words

Biblical Reflections

The Case of the Weird Sisters (1943) by Charlotte Armstrong

The strange title and cover art drew me to The Case of the Weird Sisters, a vintage thriller by Charlotte Armstrong, a familiar name as I have other paperbacks written by her with similarly intriguing artwork. 749 more words


Constructor Inheritance in JavaScript

[ originally posted 12 Feb 2013 ]

Note: this post acts as justification for my Constructor kata on github. It’s really a re-post for posterity, as 1) I thought it worth preserving a specimen of my former thinking, because 2) I think far less often in the constructor/super inheritance pattern in JavaScript than I did even a year ago (i.e, summer of 2014). 1,141 more words



My best friend Spike is gone.

He couldn’t make his wobbly legs work any more, and he was very old and tired.

Everyone is very sad… 9 more words

Banana Pudding Bowl Blasphemy

See this innocuous-looking dish.  It doesn’t look like it could break up a marriage, but you just wait. Bud chose this dish when he and his sisters divided his mother’s belongings shortly after her death.   89 more words