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Eternal Inheritance

Eternity puts life in perspective.  

When you see your eternal inheritance in Christ, even beyond the blessings of this life, it puts suffering and success in the right light.   127 more words


34. An inheritance is lost

Seely’s second wife, Melissa Whitehead, married Seely shortly after Maude travelled to Brazil to join Cyril and Evelyn.  She had been a work colleague of Seely’s (there are hints that she had been his secretary), was not much older than Evelyn, and the two women never met.  5,495 more words



your voice, your voice, came whispering
through the white waving heads of the cow parsley
it echoed down the sunken lanes of this fair county… 167 more words


How to have an inheritance that cannot be squandered

Michelle and I both had grandparents pass away in the last few years, and we have watched our parents and their siblings handle their parents’ estates.  1,438 more words

Galatians 4:7-11丨The Inheritance You Can’t Lose 丨John MacArthur

Open your Bible, if you will, to the fourth chapter of Galatians. We are looking at this wonderful epistle, which emphasizes salvation by faith alone. That is the Christian message. 8,146 more words

By Preacher

I Commend You to God

I Commend You to God

What do we do  when we know our life  is coming to an end?

We know we want  to have a long talk  with those we dearly love  and care for.     773 more words


Review: The Chapel Wars by Lindsey Leavitt

Leavitt, Lindsey. (2014). The Chapel Wars. New York: Bloomsbury Children’s USA. 978-1599907888

This is a sweet, romantic ode to Vegas and its wedding chapels and pretty funny and heartfelt to boot. 399 more words

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