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You Have An Inheritance

There is an inheritance that has been left you by God. You are heir to a great fortune. You may not have been notified until just now, but you are able to draw upon your inheritance now: 647 more words


Ahhh.. .the Memories

My Mother is planning with her two brothers to clean out my Grandmother’s house. She asked me if I wanted anything out of the house. I had to stop and think, I couldn’t think of anything… 1,161 more words

Life In General

Fever Dream (Part II)


I walked down to the shore,

breaking through vegetation and brush,

blown by the east wind

to the empty shells.

From a distance

the shore looked like a solid line — 226 more words


#Parentaldeath: An inconvenient truth

The majority of people who have children make an assumption that upon their death the children will take care of everything. For the most part, parental death is a family affair that comes with emotional baggage that more often than not outweighs common sense. 1,199 more words


Paul's Prayer For The Ephesians (And You And Me)

As we wind down the first chapter of Ephesians, we see how Paul prays for the believers of Ephesus.

First, Paul had heard, while in prison, of their faith in Christ and love the saints, prayed for them.   321 more words



They take part of one’ salvation, namely sanctification, and believe that one has to work for it and dangle a carrot in front of one’s nose, namely a better inheritance, as per the doctrine of devils of the Joint-heirs with Christ or Sonship Orientation hereticks. 339 more words

Mumbo Jumbo

What is a Lucky Writer?

How a Grandmother’s Secret Words Became a Granddaughter’s Treasure – a gift to publication

Note: This post was first published as a guest post on… 824 more words