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Initial Expectations of Social Media

To me, the most shocking aspect of social media is how fast it seemed to creep into my every day life. I can still remember the moment when I first made my Facebook account, and began what seemed to be a never ending journey into the world of social media. 426 more words

From Myspace to Facebook to Instagram to ?????

The Ice Bucket Challenge, I bet you have all done it.  First, the water was not that cold and the challenge was not that difficult.  Who ever thought that taking a bag of ice, dumping it into a bucket of water, and pouring it over your head would be done by millions of people in months?  626 more words

Social Media

A beginning

A blog – rather intimidating to think that I would actually have one.  I so rarely write my thoughts down.  I’m always thinking them since that’s how I try to make sense out of life. 211 more words

Initial Reflections

Off to Guatemala!!!

In March 2013 the Student Organization of Latin@s (SOL) applied to the 2013-2014 co-curricular travel grant in hopes of an opportunity to travel to Guatemala to work with the Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (NISGUA) during the 2014 winter break.  482 more words

Initial Reflections

Initial Thoughts on Social Media: It's All About My Reputation.

So, what are my initial thoughts on what social media is right now? I have yet to know how to use them in a way that they can add true value to my real life. 653 more words

My Reflections

Initial Reflection

Up until enrolling in Information Learning Nexus, I hadn’t really explored the field of inquiry learning.  I have certainly heard the terms inquiry learning, information literacy and guided inquiry, but if I am to be honest, I don’t really understand the intricacies of each one or understand their full use in the classroom.  314 more words

Initial Reflections

Introduction for Discursive Psychology

Well, Hello!

I’m starting this blog as a project for EDPY633, “Discursive Psychology”, at the University of Tennessee, but I’m hoping to continue it, as I need a place to blog my thoughts on education and learning. 624 more words