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Initial Thoughts

I began rock climbing no more than a few months ago. It didn’t take me long to completely fall in love with the sport. It’s thrilling, challenging, technical, and just plain… 432 more words

Game 2 Update - Horizon Zero Dawn, A Few Hours In

I love this game.

I’m tempted to just leave it there but I’ll elaborate. Horizon Zero Dawn is a stunningly beautiful game that has managed to innovate in the post-apocalyptic space. 405 more words


Book #94: The Possessed/Demons

Title: The Posessed/Demons/Devils (depending on translation)

Author: Fyodor Dostoevsky

Style: Novel

Year: 1871

Read Status: Unread

Date begun: 11/1/17

Opening thoughts: Wow, preparing to read this novel has been an ordeal. 350 more words


Stranger Things Season 2 initial thoughts

Last night I watched the first episode of the second season of Stranger Things and it was a good way to start things off. The main characters are still dealing with the consequences of the last season, new subplots and characters were established in a timely manner, and the show still has that 80s Spielberg atmosphere we all know and love. 17 more words


Initial thoughts: Star Wars Rebels Season 4

I just finished watching the two part first episode of the fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels and it’s a pretty good start to the last season of the only American cartoon on TV I have had any interest in. 133 more words

Initial Thoughts

Game 1 Preview - Dishonored 2

I think the original Dishonored is one of my favourite games ever made. It had an aesthetic that really appealed to me, a mix of steam punk and dystopia that was different and interesting. 198 more words


First initial actions towards the design of the booklet

Now that I have set up the brief to being a booklet you may be asking the question now as to why I chose this way to format the piece. 301 more words

APP Module (Project 1)