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Initial thoughts: Spider-Man Homecoming

As of this moment, Spider-Man Homecoming is my second favorite Spider-Man movie. The first one is The Amazing Spider-Man 1. Tom Holland is both a great Spider-Man and Peter Parker, it has one of the best Marvel villains in the whole MCU, and the rest of the supporting cast do a pretty good job as well. 41 more words

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A5 - post Skype and pre written feedback initial thoughts

I need to do more on this work, neither me nor my tutor is exactly sure what that “more” is.

I think the content is ok, I don’t think I need to shoot more Polaroids. 361 more words

Initial thoughts: Baby Driver

I got back from Baby Driver just a little while ago. I plan on posting a proper review tomorrow or the next day, so for now I’m just going to give my immediate thoughts on it: 117 more words

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1st Impressions of Chinese Drama Princess Agents: Pros & Cons

It was past time for me to start another Chinese drama and of course it was going to be Princess Agents.  Zhao Zanilia is my all time favorite Chinese actress/girl crush so this drama was a must watch for this fangirl.  796 more words


Despicable Me 3

Not quite the middle of the summer season yet, but we are 100% in the middle of the 2017 Summer Movie schedule. Again in our small town it is delightful that our theater has $5 tickets before noon on a Saturday. 238 more words

Initial Thoughts

The Doctor Falls Initial Thoughts

So, here we are. The end of Series 10. That’s it. No more Saturday night Twelfth Doctor. The last time we’ll see Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor will be on a Monday. 842 more words

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World Enough And Time Initial Thoughts

One Doctor. Two Masters. Patients. Cybermen. The death of a companion. A blue man. A blue box. Crisps. A chance of redemption. An impossible spaceship. A black hole. 731 more words

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