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Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?: Initial Thoughts

This play is very intriguing and the view it gives the reader on what happens behind closed doors in the private homes of well-to-do families is a rather unique one. 309 more words

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18/09/17- Critical Theory Reflection

Okay, so I pretty much came into this whole thing with a fairly confident idea about what it was I wanted to explore in terms of critical theory. 471 more words

Critical Theory

Square Mile - Initial Thoughts

“In our earliest years we know a patch of ground in a detail we will never know anywhere again – site of discovery and putting names to things – people and places – working with difference and similitude – favourite places, places to avoid – neighbours and their habits, gestures and stories – textures, smells – also of play, imagination, experiment – finding the best location for doing things – creating worlds under our own control, fantasy landscapes.” 475 more words


Initial Thoughts

When I first read the brief for Assignment 1 was what I am going to shoot. I cant take photos of where I was brought up as I was never really brought up in any one place due to being moved every couple of years by the army. 217 more words

Initial Thoughts

Long Days Journey Into Night: Initial Thoughts

There seems to be many different conflicts going on all at once in the short excerpt I have read of this story so far. Within the first scene there is almost a fight between every single character for a different reason each time, and each of these arguments come down to a personal level between the characters involved. 148 more words

Long Days Journey Into Night

Initial thoughts: Logan Lucky

So I got back just a little while ago from Logan Lucky, Steven Soderbergh’s much acclaimed return to directing movies. I can say at this moment I think Soderbergh has created if not a new modern classic heist movie to something that may fall just short of it. 43 more words

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Novel #97: A Sentimental Education

Title: A Sentimental Education

Author: Gustave Flaubert

Style: Novel

Year: 1869

Read Status: Unread

Date begun: 8/28/17

Opening thoughts: Interesting fact: this book was published 100 years before book #98, Slaughterhouse Five. 169 more words