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Special Correspondents

Here we go.  We’ve made it into May, the “start” to the summer movie season.  Remember when the summer movie season started with Memorial Day, peaked the July 4th weekend and finished out with Labor Day?   123 more words

Initial Thoughts

Captain America: Civil War

Here it is, the second Superhero Civil War movie of 2016, the first one of course being “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” (again, not a horrible movie, but a movie that you are better off waiting for it to come to your favorite Video style).   166 more words

Initial Thoughts

Ratchet & Clank

Happy Mother’s Day!  We have the tradition, I’m not sure it’s a tradition yet, but it has been 4 years that we have started our weekly movie watching or also known as #millerbigscreenmovienight. 113 more words

Initial Thoughts

Eye in the Sky

Caught my second modern war on terrorism movie tonight, the first being “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi“, and now this one, “Eye in the Sky”.   182 more words

Initial Thoughts


I want to be alone with a shredder 

and a stopped watch, sit on a plastic stool

and hear the roaring…like library books


Working Title:

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Here we go everyone, we are onto the second superhero movie of the year, and the first superhero Civil War of 2016.  What?!? First superhero civil war?!? 161 more words

Initial Thoughts


Like I said with “Eddie the Eagle“, I took in an “Olympic” double feature.  This time we are going further back in time and we are going to change seasons from the Winter Olympics to the Summer Olympics, specifically the ’36 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany. 125 more words

Initial Thoughts