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Initial Thoughts: Final Fantasy Tactics A2

“Initial Thoughts” isn’t really appropriate for this review, but I’ve not finished the game yet. However, I have clocked up over 120 hours so far. … 67 more words

Initial Thoughts

Initial Thoughts: A Link Between Worlds

A return to the top-down, adventure games! I love this so far. It’s very similar to the old Zelda games – in fact, I’m pretty sure it’s using a version of the map used in the Minish Cap. 63 more words

Initial Thoughts

Initial thoughts - "Unfriended" trailer

I was lucky enough to see this trailer for the first time when going to see a screening of Cabin in the Woods. I say lucky because I was in good company, surrounded by people who had come to see a well-made horror film, a classic in its genre, and not a single member of the audience got to the end of that trailer without laughing at it. 321 more words


March Book of the Month: The Ruby Circle - Initial Thoughts

March Book of the Month
The Ruby Circle
by Richelle Mead

Initial Thoughts
I am liking The Ruby Circle so far, of course I knew I would. 126 more words

Book Of The Month

‘Hunter x Hunter (2011)’ - Initial Thoughts [First Arc, Around 20 Episodes]

I just finished the first arc of HxH and felt the need to say a few things…

THIS is what I’ve been looking for, and thought I’d never find, in a shounen. 85 more words


Memories with teeth - research diary

A note of explanation: Alongside my efforts to rethink what is happening in Jaews, I’m treating this paper/ research process as a chance to experiment with what thinking outloud and online can do and what it might look like. 773 more words

Initial Thoughts

Initial Thoughts: In the Afterlight

Author: Alexandra Bracken | Pages: 535 | Series: Darkest Minds Trilogy, #3 | Rating: 5 stars

So with this being the last book in a series I don’t want to give a synopsis around this little bit here to risk spoiling anyone who hasn’t read the rest of the series yet, so I decided to try something different this time and just give you my notes I wrote when I finished… 674 more words