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Day 324; Peep Show Seasson 6 episode 3

Its been alright today and I can’t really complain. So its easy enough to pull in some positives

  1. Made a few good adverts
  2. Fun on Battlefront once again…
  3. 29 more words

#260MC - Brief and First Discussion.

For this module we was given the task to create a short film depicted around an image that was given to us at random. We don’t have to take the image literally but as long as it relates to our film and is shown at the end of it. 203 more words

Michaela Knight

Wasteland 2: My first impressions

So, I recently saw that Wasteland 2 was on sale on Steam. Being a bit impulsive, I decided to get it. Now in all honesty, I hadn’t really heard of the original before the game was in pre-release (it released, I think, just over a year ago, as of time of writing), and I have to admit, I was interested, but the tactical turn based combat was a bit of a turn off. 499 more words


Plastic Surgery/Guy@場外已婚漢

廣東話,因為是母語,粗話對我是特別傳神和到位。在香港,「膠」或「尻」是廣東粗話,罵別人用的形容詞諧音。而「戇直」這個形容詞,雖然有貶義,但一般不是罵人用。意思只是傻頭傻腦、渾渾噩噩而已。但若把那個「直」換上一個「膠」,就是罵人了。然後,有人索性把「戇」字刪除,只把單單一個「膠」字放在名字後面,意思是行為不切實際,自我感覺良好,甚至破壞行動的本來意義。 像有些在佔領期間的社運人士,在佔領區進行「快樂抗爭」後,就有人稱之為「左膠」。



香港同性戀是合法的,除了各種同志組織的誕生,同志遊行也舉辦了好幾年。可惜唯一讓香港在有關同志的法例更進一步的,是William Leung 在2005年為男子肛交合法年齡司法覆核成功的個人努力,和任何同志組織的努力無直接關係。

在新加坡,同性戀還是刑事罪,若被逮捕就要坐牢。 雖然這幾年政府沒有積極地執法,同志酒吧門外的彩虹旗居然還能放肆地飄揚。但當地同志為了避免麻煩,也不能明目張膽地安排大型同志聚會,於是首創了Pink Dot這項目。在這樣的背景情況下,Pink Dot是聰明之舉。

在香港呢? 現今香港同志是活在一個可悲的狀況,連反歧視立法也渺茫,真的沒有什麼值得去公開慶祝。

這樣的「快樂抗爭」,是膠或是不膠,this is the question。


Initial Thoughts

Mexico City: Coyoacán

We’ve spent three days in Downtown Mexico City, and I suspect we haven’t seen the end of it. This time we went a little to the south and visited the older parts of this huge city, those beautifully colored old streets!  333 more words


Initial Thoughts: Arrested Development

After hearing about Arrested Development for a long time, I finally decided to watch it. I’ve heard that it’s one of the best TV shows ever, it’s one of the best comedies that ever ran on TV…but I didn’t know what exactly it was about until one of my friends told me. 190 more words


Initial Thoughts: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon was one of the most educational novels that I have read over the course of my life. 646 more words