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Ideas for my FMP

Here I am just going to be throwing some ideas into the pot for what I could do for my FMP. I’ve got the choice on whether to keep it safe and do something I’m good at or try something new. 192 more words

FMP Module (Main Project)

Black Panther

Before I start babbling I want to get two things out of the way. One- I have a job now!!!! That was part of the hold up for me getting a new website set up because you do need money for that 😑 When I get that situated I’ll probably post a shinier review that contains spoilers, which leads me to point number two- this is more of an initial thoughts/reactions post. 1,097 more words

Monday Posts

Initial Ideas For Part Three - Communication: Narrative

My aim with this section of coursework is to explore themes and ideas that are relevent to me, and where I feel that I can have a voice through photography. 267 more words


Square Mile - Initial Thoughts

My initial thoughts after reading the brief are how I want to demonstrate that where I live has really become my home after living here for 6 years. 176 more words

Assignment 1

About this blog

I am one of the many people who watch an advert and thinks “who is really stupid enough to fall for this?”. The claims are so over the top and unlikely to be recreated in the everyday home. 316 more words


Book #93: The Waste Land

Note: As of 1/17/18, I have not yet finished book #94, The Possessed. I still have about 300 pages left. I’m having to read it in chunks because otherwise I forget who all the characters are–so it’s really only getting action on bath days, once a week. 97 more words


Initial thoughts: Devilman: Crybaby

Four episodes in and I’m pretty taken in by Devilman: Crybaby. The visual style and animation are extremely refreshing compared to the epidemic of bad CGI in other anime today, and it is so gloriously violent but has likable characters and an interesting plot to elevate it above just mindless schlock. 6 more words