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Spring Semester Week 2 - 春学期第2週 Part 2


バリアフリー (Barrier-Free)


I’ve been made to think quite a bit by an article that talked about a barrier-free society, or a society that got rid of all kinds of barriers possible. 226 more words

Spring Semester Week 2 - 春学期第2週 Part 1

Readings in Japanese Literature 日本文学:




We had a discussion about “A Reader on the Short Story for Young Readers”, a book written by Haruki Murakami. 726 more words

Sleeping Dogs: Initial Thoughts

I’ve finally been able to draw myself away from Bloodborne and play something else for a change. I decided to finally pick up Sleeping Dogs–a game I’ve wanted to play since it came out a few years ago. 440 more words


IT - Fable: Legends P1

Before I continue, I just want to make one thing clear. IT stands for Initial Thoughts. That is all I can offer for this game because it is currently in a closed-beta and if I were to offer any more information. 332 more words

Initial Thoughts

Korea- general thoughts

After a new found love and appreciation for Japan, I knew I had to go back to the region. Next stop was Korea.

Of course, Korea would be different, I just didn’t how much. 821 more words


#260MC - Brief and First Discussion.

For this module we was given the task to create a short film depicted around an image that was given to us at random. We don’t have to take the image literally but as long as it relates to our film and is shown at the end of it. 203 more words

Michaela Knight

Wasteland 2: My first impressions

So, I recently saw that Wasteland 2 was on sale on Steam. Being a bit impulsive, I decided to get it. Now in all honesty, I hadn’t really heard of the original before the game was in pre-release (it released, I think, just over a year ago, as of time of writing), and I have to admit, I was interested, but the tactical turn based combat was a bit of a turn off. 499 more words