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Internship at Metalworks by Maxus

I’ve just got an internship by Metalworks and I’m nervous as hell. I’ve waited like 2 weeks for it, and now I think I’m ready to get my teeth into the thick of things. 29 more words

Time to Travel

As graduation creeps onto the horizon, so does real life – looming over you with its prospect of regularity, commitment to a full-time job and limitations of the daily grind. 391 more words

Initial Thoughts

Initial Thoughts on Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell: Fantasy Tropes, Pineapple Ale-Houses, and Wishes for 2015

I’m in the middle of Susanna Clarke’s Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.  Her writing is masterful, clear, assured, and gorgeous. As perfect as you can get.   350 more words


Space Adventure Cobra initial thoughts.

Okay I know this is a sort of “for school” thing, so I should probably be a bit more academic about this whole blog business, but I think I need to shake up my approach, I mean focusing on different elements of a show is fine and all but it’s feeling less like a journal and more like me trying to distill elements of a show for the sake of hopelessly relating it to my work in school and to be honest that’s way too contrived and hokey so I’ll change it up by talking about a series I just started watching. 783 more words


UK General Election 2015

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are having a general election in May 2015.  This date was fixed by Act of Parliament by the coalition government. 778 more words


Initial Thoughts: Final Fantasy Tactics A2

“Initial Thoughts” isn’t really appropriate for this review, but I’ve not finished the game yet. However, I have clocked up over 120 hours so far. … 67 more words

Initial Thoughts

Initial Thoughts: A Link Between Worlds

A return to the top-down, adventure games! I love this so far. It’s very similar to the old Zelda games – in fact, I’m pretty sure it’s using a version of the map used in the Minish Cap. 63 more words

Initial Thoughts