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The Russian mafia and the occult

Behind Hurley’s mysterious disappearance is said to be Dark onto Light/and or the Russian Mafia.

According to Hurley his girlfriend Natalya was involved with the Russian Mafia who were also members of Dark onto Light- a dangerous mix. 391 more words

The Initiation

I would formally like to welcome myself to my own blog space!

Today was a challenging day. It has been a challenging last few days actually. 202 more words


A Message to Men

I have often felt broken inside.  At best I felt fragmented.  I have sought alcohol and drugs to make me feel whole.   Recovery allowed me to reclaim my life, but I still felt partial as a man. 571 more words

Monday Short Stories: The House - Chapter 01

What if buildings had souls? What if they could tell us their stories? What then? It would be great? Wouldn’t it? To go to England and hear the tales of bygone ages. 860 more words

Short Story


Are we influenced by the planets, the stars and galaxies? Of course! There is nothing we are not influenced by. But for our influences, we would not exist.

Life is not about me.

From The Counsellor

"Triangular initiation"

Wood: Pine
Time: 40 h
Tools: Scalpels

My first woodacrving piece. Many already knew about my passion and this is not a way to share old images to make new posts. 223 more words


The Challenges of Initiating

Fear exploits a mind
Rejection partners with pause
Loneliness results