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Psychic Topoi and Initiation (3/23/11)

Here, at the tender age of fifty-four, I am beginning to feel as if I am truly becoming myself. There is still much to be done—the ‘image’ at the core of my personality is still becoming more and more clearly defined (like an ever-so-slowly developing photograph) in my words, actions, reactions, and projects. 1,376 more words


This morning I awoke at 3.25am from a dream, I had been supporting a little girl, who, in the dream, was a version of Alice in Wonderland.  563 more words


Brown Noser (Pt. 3)

The accumulated dirty money that Marcus and Elliot acquired from their side hustle went into their budding production label, Lux Music. Marcus, with his morality still somewhat in intact, gave some of the money to his mother. 4,212 more words


Interlude 2

An interlude is a piece of music performed during the intermission at a theater. I have a few experiences that don’t fit perfectly into the whole “Name of God” thing but they are very intimate parts of my spirituality. 1,577 more words

A Spiritual Story

My First Brushes With the Mystical

In 1995 I found myself wearing a werewolf costume under a fake covered bridge in York, Maine. Occasionally I’d run out into the road and scream at truckloads of people driven through at regular intervals on a haunted hayride. 907 more words

Fraternal Orders

The Four Dangers Which Must Be Overcome

  1. The materialistic danger, which lives in the physical body, or is the physical body.
  2. The clairvoyant danger, whose seat is the etheric body.
  3. The magical danger, which the astral body projects.
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True initiation

As I near completion of my second book “The keys of the eighteen gates,” a book on solitary initiation, I realize the misconceptions individuals have over what initiation genuinely is. 297 more words