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Last weekend my mother and my aunt threw us a Shower-Nanny. A combination Baby Shower and Hootenanny. For those of you unfamiliar with the term Hootenanny, it’s a gathering focused on music and community. 410 more words

The Upside Down Mountain

A guest blog by Mags MacKean

Mountains have always inspired me – for their lofty heights and exhilaration in scaling them. I’ve immersed in Andean shamanic practice that venerates the mountain as wisdom, home to the Gods. 1,041 more words

Guest Blogger

An Interview with Grand Secretary Jerry W. Kopp (Part Four)

Interviewer: Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Title: In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal

Place of Publication: Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Name of Publisher: In-Sight Publishing

Numbering: Issue 9.A, Idea: Outliers & Outsiders (Part Five) 2,831 more words


Jesus in India

Some tell us that Jesus went to India in order to be taught Buddhism or Hinduism, or Shivaism before coming back and start “preaching”. Just because the esoteric knowledge of freemasons and templars include stances on incarnation and other stuff in the likehood of the general speech of Buddha. 230 more words

The Stone

(Art) Birthing Woman by Lucy Pierce

Third time around, birthing my daughter, Bealah Moss. I am no longer young, a body rounded and made soft and pendulous with time, breasts well seasoned with the mouths of suckling babes, nourished. 138 more words


The Lake of Memory

Thou shalt find to the left of the House of Hades a spring,
And by the side thereof standing a white cypress.
To this spring approach not near. 95 more words


AL-BADI: The Originator

AL-BADÍ (البديع) The Originator, The Wonderful Originator, The Inventor, The Unprecedented and Incomparable Inventor, The Absolute Cause, The Incomparable, The Unattainable

Arabic root

It is derived from the root (ب د ع) which has the following classical Arabic connotations: to introduce, originate, start, innovate; to do for the first time and not after the similitude of anything pre-existing; to cause to exist, to bring into existence; to devise, to uniquely contrive; to be amazing, outstanding, marvelous, superlative, incomparable. 212 more words

God's Unique Unity