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Personal Epiphany

I am learning throughout this time in my life where I am changing and shedding skin while making way for the new: There is so much more mercy, understanding and forgiveness than I could have possibly hoped for. 94 more words


Holy Decade Spring '05

Holy Crap – has it really been TEN YEARS since initiation?!?!

We survived pledging together – survived the next three years of college together – and have some hilarious stories to prove it. 69 more words

Entrepreneurship is Awesome!

The life of an entrepreneur is awesome. Despite the grueling hours of work you put in, the nasty food that you would have to eat to economize, the usage of public transport to cut down on fuel costs, watching your friends make it big in their jobs and hanging out at expensive restaurants on weekends, ogling at that latest gadget release that you could not afford, borrowing from friends to pay off borrowed money, skipping the short route to your home so that you don’t have to justify yourself to your lecherous neighbor. 231 more words


Triumph as initiates return home safely

By Sifiso Jimta

SEBOKENG – Jubilation and tears of joy written on the faces of parents as graduates who recently came from the local initiation school return home safe. 210 more words


Aditya Diksha - Ananth Yoga Dhyan

The crucial element for the learner of truth is to know that the whole of the life that is alive today is based on the visible power of God that is clearly not something of a physical human form rather it is pure visible ball of energy and matter. 909 more words


Mardi Gras

Ooops, I did it again. I totally binged yesterday. Who’s fault is it? Ultimately, it is my decision to imbibe vast quantities of alcohol, so I should be in control of this behaviour. 620 more words

The Regular Stuff

Initiation: To Serve in Order to Know (3) -- Choice

Do choices ever present themselves clearly to the self?

You summon your judges of hunch and experience and logic and passion, your own High Court. Finally they’ve assembled, all robed and solemn, but when it comes down to it, often the choice is no choice at all. 1,850 more words