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Do Your Best

I have a neighbor who looks like the separated-at-birth twin of Slavoj Žižek.  Rain or shine, Monday morning or Friday evening, he looks utterly dismayed at the stupidity of existence.  1,533 more words

Black Snake Conjure

On that day, you will become my disciple

Many of you are getting ready. You have kept your hope and patience for such a long time. You have been transforming yourself. It has been a long journey. 853 more words



The Dalai Lama reminds tantric practitioners to include all beings without exception in their practice, and the importance of foundational practices of wisdom and bodhicitta in Tantra. 638 more words


Moon & Mercury & Mood oh my, Plus Arcturus

I have a ritual planned for today. I’m making my first wand. Sounds Harry Potter-esque but I’m hoping to dive into the psychic realms of the astral and imagination. 305 more words


Beautiful Masculine Soul

The other day, a man I love told me about a men’s group meeting he had gone to, for the first time. It was a Bly group, he said, named after the great American poet, Robert Bly, who is also renowned for his work on men’s psychological and spiritual wholeness.  3,338 more words

Sermons And Homilies

'The Two Trees' poem and song

‘The Two Trees’ is a poem written by an Irish poet William Butler Yeats.  He was inspired by Celtic mythology, and has written the poem in the last part of the 19th century. 669 more words


The Astral Glamour Around ''Indigo Children'' By;- Mike j Hughes

             We , at this time in human history are now preparing for the entry of spiritual These” Indigo children”’are simply the incarnating ego’s who are of the 6th sub- race of the 5th Root Race. 304 more words