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A minister in a court was summoned before the mahârâja. The minister also happened to be a brahmin priest, a kulaguru with the power to give initiation in the most sacred mantra, Aum NamahSivâya.

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Words Of Wisdom

There is what you may call the testing, oftentimes referred to as initiation

There is what you may call the testing, oftentimes referred to as initiation of one kind or another. The attitude that is the means by which the seeker views and accepts the manifestations of the various seasons of the soul’s seeking is that which is of most importance in each testing, for if it can be discovered within the point of view of the seeker that each situation has a metaphysical implication that revolves about the concept of love and acceptance of that which is, then the seeker is more able to take advantage of the more specific lessons that orbit the primary concept of love that may be found in each cycle or season. 39 more words

Initiation Casamance-style or: What am I doing here?

For all those who don’t know me that well: I’m not Senegalese. I do research there and admittedly I’m kinda brown but before starting on my PhD in 2008 I had never been to Senegal, I knew nothing about it and I had nothing to do with it. 991 more words


Mr. Holmes, the journey from the head to the heart

Intellectuals can experience intense loneliness. In the movie Mr. Holmes, Sherlock Holmes admits to the Lady in Gray that he has always felt alone. … 484 more words


When the Goddess Opens a Path

When I’m searching for my next steps, I like to turn to books that have helped me in the past to see if they have any light to shine on my present. 600 more words

Day 102: Ozark Initiations

I’d like to talk a little bit more about passing down healing in the Ozark tradition. Some of the information in this post comes from Vance Randolph’s “Ozark Magic and Folklore”, other bits come from my own experiences with Ozark healers. 1,551 more words


A message to the light beings

I keep seeing these internet messages from light beings or ETs about how we should think and act … but disturbingly, this message doesn’t seem to vary from the one we’ve been given for thousands of years by the major world religions. 378 more words

High Magic