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Building the Lodge of the Heart: Spirituality, Tradition, and Service in Co-Masonry

Editorial Note: This is a speech I gave a few years ago at TheosoFEST, an annual esoteric festival held on the grounds of the North American headquarters of the Theosophical Society in Wheaton, Illinois. 5,006 more words

The Powers I Serve

Seth Rogen Officially Initiated As A Brother of Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE)

After PIKE at the University of Vermont had raised the most money for Seth Rogen’s charity for the fourth year in a row, Rogen told them that he would officially join them as as a brother in their chapter, and their fraternity nationwide. 280 more words

Spirituality And Ritual Violence: An Explanation

“Violence,” says Rene Girard, “is the heart and secret soul of the sacred.” This is perhaps a shocking statement, and one that flies in the face of the modern tendency to sugar coat certain religions, and to equate spirituality with peace, quiet, and love of humanity. 1,527 more words

Angel Millar

Shocked by Junior Brethren

The junior brethren of the lodge always try to put on a demonstration of the first-degree ceremony for our April meeting. And so it was this month. 395 more words


How We Were Kidnapped and Forcefully Initiated - OOU Student

December 6, 2016

The menace of cultism is a major challenge confronting most tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Many promising Nigerian students have been cut  down in their prime as a result of  cult-related activities.

571 more words

Saturday, April 8th 2017 

I wanted to share this photo with a message today 🙂

These days a lot of people are so focused on “not giving a fuck” when really, we need to be caring a lot. 111 more words

westworld: codemap for jailbreaking the matrix

HBO’s first season of Westworld is coded with some of the most eloquent and subversive writing of modern times.  While most of the show’s fans were focused on the layered narrative and identity mysteries, there was one deeply hidden and very subversive themes that went unnoticed. 164 more words