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Charles Sellier. Before 1882.


This dangerous path must be trodden

This dangerous path may be trodden.

It is a real test.

In order for it to be complete in its resolve it is necessary to meet the following conditions: 24 more words


Introduction to site

Welcome to, Everything In The Kitchen Cabinet! We’re a group of friends who decided to create a website dedicated to all things food related! We hope you enjoy our site and please, tell your friends about us! 8 more words


Heinlein's "Gulf", The Dark Triad and Sanity

Homo Novis

I’ve made a few posts here about the writer Robert A. Heinlein and his immense influence on my weltanschauung; while in my maturity I don’t agree with everything he wrote and stood for, to my child self devouring his works circa 1971 he bestrode the world as a Colossus. 1,876 more words


Poem: "Initiation"

I always approach, but no one ever pounces
I always send the message, yet no one sends the pigeon
I’ll begin a conversation, but no one ever starts it… 96 more words


Closed: Fall 2016

Like every semester at Iowa, Fall 2016 came and passed in the blink of an eye. Another semester under our belts means we have all grown and experienced so much more. 345 more words

Merlin (Guest Blog)

We are travelling to the shores of ancient Britain because that is where the call has brought this visitor from the land of Khem. Imagine if you will a figure emerging from the mists, you see that they are female. 1,162 more words