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My Gardnerian 2nd-Degree Elevation

Just before our Beltane ritual on May 3rd, my HP and HPS elevated me to the second degree, with coven brother X in attendance.  So. Insanely. 1,096 more words

Coven Work

The Mysteries of Osiris

In the previous post we looked at the myth of  Dionysus Zagreus in which that god was murdered and dismembered by the Titans. The Orphics believed that as a result of this act mankind was created–and we inherited the spark of immortal spirit from Dionysus. 1,569 more words

Genetic Links

The Game

Wandering and observer
Traveling to foreign parts
But never astray, lest
Encountering foreign faces
Subtly, though, a quaint fascination
Feeling the same core within
A similar presentation… 215 more words


A CRUMB FROM THER MASTER’S TABLE / Initiation or Transformation?


Please click on the picture below to open the revelation of God’s HOLY WORD and discover, through the teachings of GOD’S HOLY SPIRIT, why baptism is… 26 more words

A Crumb From The Master's Table

Worshipping of the Dull and Ignorant

When we examine society and various developments in history then we can discover a fascinating phenomenon. Most people and also those who have a good degree of education and intelligence do not follow those who are wise, with a refined character and high ideals. 506 more words

Spiritual Development


My first job was washing dishes at the Black Eyed Pea. Naturally, it was hell. If an elite New York restaurant’s kitchen offers the ultimate challenge for an aspiring chef, a south Tulsa cafeteria dish pit is the Thermopylae Hot Gate for a dutiful dishwasher. 915 more words