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Maintain Molding Specs with Preventive Mold Maintenance

The cost of an injection mold is usually the largest part of an investment into a plastic molding process with the exception of the molding press itself.    291 more words

Injection Molding

Threaded goggle clip for Frogglez Gogglez

The inventor of Frogglez Gogglez hired me through Upwork to design a threaded flexible google clip that could be injection molded. He had a general idea of what the product would be but needed someone who could reduce it to practice (a.k.a. 83 more words

Precision Injection Molds Meet Customer Specifications

Injection mold designs today must meet tough customer specifications, calling for critical fill areas with precision mold designs.   Careful planning must be taken when designing complex molds for critical applications, ensuring consistent packing and filling to tight geometric tolerances.   326 more words

Injection Molding

Choose the Proper Gate Location in Injection Molds

The gate is the mechanism that allows the plastic resin to flow into the mold, and every plastic part design must take careful consideration of the type and the location of gates.   388 more words

Injection Molding

The Best Organization for China Manufacturing

Doing everything on your own is impossible. If want the Stamping and other services but don’t have the clue how it performs, then obviously, you need the experts. 396 more words


What are the Differences of ISO 9001:2015 and 9001:2008

ISO 9001 is a set of internationally recognized standards that provides a uniform way of measuring a company’s internal quality systems.  ISO was first introduced in 1987, and is administered by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.   348 more words

Injection Molding

CAE | Tensile Test of a Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic

This work was made for the study of my Master Thesis which focuses on the analysis of injection molded components.

In this work the information coming from an injection molding software (in this case Moldex 3D) is transfered to Digimat and ABAQUS for a coupled analysis. 90 more words