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Solvay's PPS materials pass ATF compatibility tests

Stringent fuel economy and emission regulations are driving increasing use of ultra-low viscosity ATF fluids in the automotive transmission systems.

Ultra-low viscosity ATF fluids reduce CoF and help reduce frictional losses in a transmission system. 50 more words

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Unique injection molding technology from New Balance

Foam and its encapsulation are major technologies of any running shoe company. New Balance running shoes come with three main types of foam: Fresh Foam, Vazee, and N2. 529 more words


Injection Mold Making Technology

Injection molding is the mass producing of plastic parts with a steel mold, an injection mold, designed with cavities to mold the desired part.  Injection molding uses thermoplastic resins, also called polymers, typically in a raw pellet form, that melt and flow into the cavities in the mold, forming the part, then it is ejected once it hardens.   402 more words

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Offshore Injection Molds with Domestic Service

Michiana Global Mold, located in Mishawaka, Indiana, is a world class superior injection mold supplier with locations in the USA and China.  Our partnership with Modular Molds in China allows us to offer our customers offshore tooling with competitive prices, while still providing the same level of excellence they are accustomed to from our location in the United States. 307 more words

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Partner with an Experienced Injection Mold Maker

Injection mold making is a very critical, precision process that requires not only knowledge and resources, but also experience.  Experienced journeyman mold makers make all the difference in the world when it comes to creating a quality crafted injection mold versus a sloppy tool that barely makes the mark.    307 more words

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Designing Products With Injection Molding in Mind

3D printing is a technique we’ve all been using for ages at home, or via Shapeways, but if you are designing a product, 3D printing will only get you so far. 1,068 more words

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Finding the Quality Engineering Support for the Injection Molding

Prototyping is something that you need but don’t get any clue from where you can get it, then the answer will be simple. Find the same in internet and you get the organization name that can provide you the same. 373 more words