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GW Plastics 2015 Annual Picnic

Last week, GW Plastics held our annual company picnic at Silver Lake in nearby Barnard, VT. Current and retired employees from all over the area came to celebrate another prosperous year, and it could not have been a better summer day in Vermont. 50 more words

Injection Molding

What is Plastic Injection Molding and Its Benefits?

Plastic injection molding is a new, versatile and extremely advance method today used for producing parts and products. Widely used for manufacturing process all over the world, plastic injection molding is the most effective way to manufacture accurate parts and components. 353 more words

Injection Molding

The Future of Plastics

As is the case with many industries and manufacturing operations, changing market demands and technological innovations render some products and materials obsolete while others adapt, thrive, and secure their niche. 536 more words

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The History of Injection Molding

You’ve heard the term Injection Molding, but what exactly is it and what can it do for you? In simple terms, this manufacturing process involves high pressure injection of a molten plastic material into a mold cavity. 411 more words

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Custom Injection Molds Made with Lifetime Warranty

Custom injection molds are custom sized and shaped plastic molds manufactured with high pressure injection technology. These molds always take their shape from the molten plastic that is pumped into a metal mold made of materials like aluminum, pre-hardened steel, hardened steel and beryllium copper alloy. 378 more words

Injection Molding

Injection molding processing guide


Injection molding trouble-shooting guide  4
Part design
• Design process
• Design for injection molding  5
Mold design
• Materials of construction
• A guide to tool surface enhancements… 85 more words

Injection Molding

Guide to Casting and Molding Processes

Understanding the ‘metalcasting’ basics can help you design for manufacturability and utilize processes that meet your specifi c requirements.

Considerations for Selecting a Casting Process… 51 more words

Injection Molding