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Another Productive Day

Woke up early again and went back at it. Today’s focus was the truck so I jumped into the Traverse and headed over to the junkyard in Jamesburg. 555 more words

Busy Day

This morning started with me feeling the hungriest I’ve felt all this pregnancy and like I could drink for a week solid and still not feel that my thirst had been quenched and why? 505 more words

Family Life

Inmate brad 

Brad holister was a vice president of edson industries. He had graduated second in his class at a prominent university. He had a business degree. He had gone from an enploye in accounting to vice president of finance and then he got the coveted post if vice president of operations. 966 more words

Injection Volume 2 - Ellis, Bellaire, Shalvey

It did not take me long to get to the second volume (mainly because it did not take Boyfriend long and yay, free access to books). 804 more words


Making Android DialogFragments reusable.

In Android, as with any other platform, Dialogs are fairly common. Dialog Boxes can be of different types doing different things and might be needed all the time in your project. 921 more words

Wastewater injections set off a Kansas earthquake binge

(Source: arstechnica.com)

In the past decade, Oklahoma has turned heads as it has joined the list of places where earthquake insurance is a prudent investment. 657 more words


Which Vaccines Can Be Given IM?

When most folks think about getting a vaccine, they typically picture someone getting a shot.

It is important to remember that not all vaccines are shots though. 377 more words

Vaccine Education