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Year Two

When I described to my doctor the issues I was starting to have again — a hint of morning stiffness, a bit of tenderness in my knuckles and feet — she reacted with much more than the mild concern that I felt. 400 more words

Rheumatoid Arthritis

MLHU warn of hepatitis A outbreak among impoverished Londoners

An unexpected spate of hepatitis A cases in the Middlesex-London area is being described by local health officials as a clear demonstration of the health inequities that exist in London. 257 more words



should have gone to Specsavers . . .



Seven Wounded in Riverside Nightclub Shooting

Seven people at a Riverside nightclub Halloween party were wounded in a shooting early Monday.

Gunfire was reported around at the Sevilla Nightclub at 3252 Mission Inn Ave., the site of a party based on “The Purge” horror film and TV series. 145 more words


Aim for 12, Get 2

After all the drugs, but before ICSI, comes Egg Retrieval Day! (Don’t get too excited…)

I recall driving with Jonathan, who was quietly carrying his sample in his pocket, down to Bethesda for the procedure. 155 more words

"Breaking" the Egg

One of the optional services that we used during our second round of IVF was Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). This means that a sperm is injected directly into the egg’s cytoplasm, rather than trusting the poor little guy to force his way in on his own. 79 more words

Take Your Time

By the time our first round had resulted in a blighted_ovum, after spending weeks being prodded, poked, and plumped, I just wasn’t ready for another round just yet. 256 more words