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I had some morphine once. It came in a little red pill. I ate it, and they said, “You idiot, you’re supposed to—oh, never mind…”

The main advantage of Using a Plastic material Treatment Pattern Over the Output Approach

Being one who owns a plastic moulding machine comes with a good deal of strain. When a organization deals the production of products, then this person will need to discover how to make this approach extremely effective. 293 more words


The best thing about Having a Plastic Treatment Form In the Output Method

To be the one who owns a small business has a great deal of tension. If a company operates making goods, next particular person should work out how to choose this approach more effective. 294 more words


Day 27 : Tuesday 23rd May

My OH forgot to do something at work so woke at 12 am a panic. I am now VERY tired. For the first time I’m thinking about calling in sick using the IVF as an excuse. 133 more words

Dora The Explorer Online Games Dora Injection Hygiene Game

Dora the explorer online games dora injection hygiene game

Play free Dora The Explorer games online at GamesLoon. Play Cartoon games. Home: What will be your favourite Dora game? 411 more words

IVF Injections - Day 9

I had a new doctor at this appointment since it was on a Saturday and they only had one doctor on call. I can’t complain because he did find fourteen follicles (YAY!), but my word, did this ultrasound hurt. 183 more words