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Adventures in Hormone Therapy

Yesterday felt so simple. I was on my stumbling road to recovery from surgery and an unexpected hematoma evacuation a week later. I was getting over the anemia the latter caused, slowly working my right arm back to its previous range of motion, and cautiously exploring a more keto-friendly diet. 756 more words


to the vet and back

Been to the vet.  Henry travels reasonably well, he complains but that is about it. Nothing like our Socks who peed every time we had to take her in the car – the first time taking us by surprise and we sold the car soon after. 71 more words

Windows Process Injection: Print Spooler


Every application running on the windows operating system has a thread pool or a “worker factory” and this internal mechanism allows an application to offload management of threads typically used for asynchronous operations. 2,054 more words


A week of needles

Day 1  – Please see the first needle.

Day 2 – I am definately feeling sick today, all I can do to keep it at bay is to eat, which is not good as the things I am eating to stop feeling sick are not slimming world friendly, but I am not as nervous about doing the injection tonight and even made you a little video. 256 more words

The first needle

It took me a while on the first day to pluck up the courage to do the first needle, many times I went to insert then changed my mind, I changed positions from lying down, sitting up and standing. 180 more words