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Parental Injunctions: my parents didn't want me to exist?

“They’re messages subconsciously transmitted to us by our parents at an early age. They tend to inform the scripts we develop to navigate our way through life – almost like conditions to get your needs met.”  406 more words


Ericsson on a spree of favourable orders

Delhi High Court passed an interim injunction order in the ongoing case of Telefonktiebolaget LM Ericsson v. Lava International Ltd that prevents Lava from importing, exporting, manufacturing, and selling any mobile phones that use Ericsson’s 8 SEP patents and technology.The defendant is also barred from exporting the impugned goods. 463 more words

Power games.

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Thinking on the absurdity of life and how, daily, obstacles are placed in front of us to impede our progress, it seems to me that the majority of us are  infected with the need to do precisely that. 295 more words


Landmark Case Applying Defend Trade Secrets Act Ensures America's Dental Trade Secrets Will Be Safe For Future Generations

There is perhaps nothing more irritating than someone saying “I told you so.”  And yet, it must be done.

Back in May, shortly after the new federal… 972 more words

Trade Secret Litigation

About Closeted Gay Footballers...

We here at The Gossip Life have received a lot of emails regarding this subject recently. Most correspondence has been sent from our Gossip Hounds with the odd legitimate source eager to learn, too. 423 more words


"Litigation Is Not a Game": Recent Texas Case Shows How Not to Enforce an Injunction in Non-Compete Litigation

In the recent non-compete case Orchestrate v. Trombetta,[1] a U.S. district court judge not only denied a motion for sanctions for an employee’s alleged violation of a temporary restraining order, the judge severely criticized the conduct of the employer’s counsel.  970 more words

Texas Litigation

Set yourself free.

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Been thinking on the relations between my nephew and I. He has quite a calm personality, with a hint a gentleness about him. So appealing, compared to my blustery, argumentative father who, was obviously trying to live up to the expectations of what it was to be a ‘man’. 435 more words