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UPDATE: The Washington Federal Court’s TRO Seems a Little Light on the Analysis

Dan McLaughlin provides an excellent analysis of Judge Robart’s decision in his article for National Review Online, particularly of other issues I did not mention in my post yesterday (e.g., States suing on behalf of the various groups of residents and refugees as  89 more words

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The Washington Federal Court's TRO Seems a Little Light on the Analysis

This post is more an expression of confusion than criticism.  Judge Robart of the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington entered an order… 195 more words

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Third party website injunctions Down Under - second look

Third party website blocking Down Under – second look

Following up last week’s quick note, a closer look at Nicholas J’s decision in ordering the ISPs to block access to a number of offshore websites on the basis that they were primarily sites which infringe, or facilitate the infringement of, copyright. 1,122 more words


Did You Get the Digits? Judge Grants Preliminary Injunction in Houston College of Law Trademark Litigation

Federal District Court finds that “Houston College of Law” Creates Likelihood of Initial-Interest Confusion with University of Houston

Meet Dave. Dave is a college student in Florida. 1,765 more words

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Delhi DB raises the bar of burden of proof on the Defendant to establish a credible challenge

A bench comprising of Justice BD Ahmed and Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva recently passed an order granting an injunction in a patent matter. The DB reversed an order of Justice Manmohan Singh who had denied the injunction. 472 more words

Injunction Junction, What's Your Function?

A Recent Case Shows What it Takes for a Texas Trade Secrets Injunction to Hold Up on Appeal

I previously wrote here about how not… 1,444 more words

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Parental Injunctions: my parents didn't want me to exist?

“They’re messages subconsciously transmitted to us by our parents at an early age. They tend to inform the scripts we develop to navigate our way through life – almost like conditions to get your needs met.”  406 more words

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