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Success Story: Alison Waddles

Alison Waddles is a 15-year-old basketball player here at Champion’s Quest. Ali has been training with us since September 2014. She came to Champion’s Quest after a knee injury with the goal of improving her strength, range of motion, speed on the court, and of course preventing future injury! 228 more words

CQ Athlete Success Story

Mobility Minute #1: Assessing Lat Flexibility

Tightness in the latissimus dorsi (lats) muscles is one of the most common dysfunctions I see in athletes. Lat tightness contributes to both decreased overhead mobility and excessive arching of the lower back (as a compensation). 111 more words


Upper Body Foam Rolling 

Upper Body Foam Rolling

Watch the video on my Instagram page: @kiz489 Upper body foam rolling video

– Thoracic – trapezius/rhomboid:

Gently lay over the foam roller placed direct under your mid back. 414 more words


Injury Prevention- 12 PAK Warm Up vs. FSBC Warm Up

I’m currently in the process of completing my NCCP level 3 certification.  This just means that I can coach skaters on the ice at the National level of competition.   280 more words

Dryland Training

The most useful tool for all coaches and athletes

Movement Skill Sets are crucial for strength coaches and athletes alike! Coaches use them as a simple tool to describe form and techniques for virtually all movements. 45 more words

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How Balance Training Can Improve Youth Athleticism

Balance work is usually a forgotten aspect in training youth soccer players. It is sometimes over looked, as soccer players can think of it as boring or easy. 231 more words

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Overuse Injuries - All to common

Overuse injuries are responsible for nearly half of reported injuries in middle and high school athletes.

This is a trend that is continuing to grow. 36 more words