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Mobility Minute #14: Core Stability

Two tests this week. First, we are going to look at the hip hinge again. Incredibly important skill to be able to master if one wants to optimally load the hips for athletic movement and lifting WITHOUT putting the back in poor positions. 305 more words

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Reducing the Incidence of ACL Injuries in Soccer Athletes

Soccer is the most commonly played sport in the world, with over 200 million active players participating in the “beautiful game”. However, when an athlete steps on the field there is always a risk of injury. 325 more words

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Mobility Minute #13: Handstand Positioning

The handstand provides an excellent opportunity to examine an athlete’s mobility and motor control abilities. Have the athlete assume a handstand position with their front side facing a wall and toes pointed. 110 more words

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Mobility Minute #12: Ankle Mobility

Yes, we’ve covered ankle mobility in a previous mobility minute. Why are we covering it again? For two reasons. First, it’s just that important! Second, cause I have a video of it for you this time! 141 more words

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Mobility Minute #9: Bodyweight Overhead Squat Test

One of my favorite tests to use in the clinic has to be the overhead squat test. I have used this test for years since learning the NASM’s Performance Enhancement Specialist system while an undergrad (I use an altered version of their test now). 367 more words

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4 Keys To Make it to Start in One Piece!

Hey RMA crew!

Welcome to June guys! Things have been a bit crazy in the running world and I can’t wait for Gold Coast to recharge with all the excitement! 640 more words

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Mobility Minute #7: Hip Flexor Flexibility

From my most recent CrossFit Journal Article available HERE.

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