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5 Tips to Running Your 1st 10k

The Northallerton 10k is just over two weeks away and for many it will be there first 10k. To help you prepare for the event I asked Josie to write 5 tips to preventing running injuries. 823 more words

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Hitting the Brakes: The Importance of Deceleration

Speed is one of the most common athletic improvements asked for. Thus a lot of time is spent on teaching the athlete how to speed up. 220 more words

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What to say when someone says, “running is bad for your knees.”

When someone tells you they believe “running is bad for your knees,” first take a moment to think about where that person is coming from. She or someone she knows may experience knee pain while running. 615 more words

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Recover Better and Run Better

We runners know how to follow training plans, push our bodies, and get our cross training in.  But one thing we often neglect is a proper recovery.   536 more words


Core training for runners: Focus on axial positional neutrality first.

Core training is a term often referring to abdominal exercises that are generally good for everybody including runners to perform for injury prevention and performance. The understanding of the public is shifting beyond just abdominal exercises, thankfully. 2,017 more words

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Snow Shovelling

Your least favourite, most Canadian activity

Now that we’ve had (in the GTA) our first significant brush with winter weather, it’s time to reflect and ask the big question: … 798 more words


The Yarm Clinic is Open for Business!

We are open for business from next week! As I mentioned in an earlier post, the clinic is located at The Pilates Studio, where there are great Pilates instructors and a lovely refurbished studio. 205 more words

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