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Trail Tuesdays (it's new!): Being Prepared for Injuries on the Trail

It’s time to rebrand Tuesdays. Let’s be honest, I’m no longer even contemplating training for an ultra. My “training” these days is focused on the little things like, you know, having a normal, functioning body. 976 more words

On Achilles Tendinitis

Here is our 3rd in our series of nagging running injuries.  Again, I turn to my PT friend Jessica Garcia to help us with Achilles tendinitis….. 671 more words


“Guns don’t kill, people do”, the gun lobby has been touting this mantra for years in the United States whilst our numbers on gun violence continues to rise. 723 more words

Politics And Health

How Vitamin C and Gelatin Supplementation Influence Tendon and Ligament Health

By Daniel Goebel

As athletes, we are always pushing ourselves to new limits, and putting our bodies in constant forms of exertion. The more we exert ourselves, the more our body is being tested. 787 more words


Heat or Ice After Injury

Sports medicine physicians often “prescribe” warm or cold compresses after injury. Carefully following your doctor’s instructions about this is key to a successful recovery, especially within the first 48 hours. 286 more words

Campbell Clinic

Yoga, Mountain Biking and Nutrition.

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked by my friend and fellow shredder, Lisa Gifford Mueller of ALM Photography to participate in the Trek Women’s Advocate/Cedar Bluff Cycle event, Women’s Night: Fitness, Injury Prevention and Nutrition… 1,170 more words