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Why do I do Balance Exercises? -and why you should do too?

Standing on one foot, working with a balance pad, these are things you do not need in your life, right? For what reason should you be able to stand on one foot? 679 more words


What the Evidence Says about Acute Stretching

Stretching is component of health and performance governed largely by conventional wisdom with most people naive to what effects stretching has on performance, risk of injury, or even what stretching does from a mechanical or physiologic perspective. 1,474 more words

Physical assessment in a digital age

In my eyes a thorough off-bike assessment has always been a key part of the bike fit process, an opinion also voiced passionately by Garth. Nowadays, as our routine of postural checks and exercises has grown and evolved, we seldom find ourselves writing anything less than a short essay on our findings, keen not to leave a single detail unrecorded. 276 more words

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Playing volleyball while injured - Week 2

5/8 weeks for my supposed full recovery from my back strain injury, another week where I played a 2 hour session of indoor hardcourt volleyball. 392 more words

Indoor Volleyball

Rotating Your Tyres: Why it’s Important to Have Multiple Pairs of Shoes

At the beginning of the year we slightly touched on the different types of shoes available on the market. These fell into the categories of; Minimalistic, Traditional and Maximalist, and while these three broad categories tend to cover the spectrum of running shoes, that which was not touched on was sport specific shoes and the benefits/ negatives associated with these options. 847 more words

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Your Fabric is Tight! Treating and Preventing Common Complaints with Cyclists

Health problems related to cycling either progress with time as a result of improper bike fit or develop due to repeat movement and overuse and frequently termed muscle imbalances. 991 more words


Strength Training in Long Distance Runners

If you have ever met a long distance runner for the first time, chances are it was not in the gym. Generally, understood as the hippies of the athletic world, these fitness nomads are the type of people who decide to run 15km to the starting line of a race, finish it and then run back home again. 1,019 more words

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