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YouTube Goodness!

Happy weekend everyone! We just dropped another video on the YouTube Channel giving you folks with shoulder pain, neck pain,and difficulty maintaining good standing and seated posture a couple more ideas to help solve your problems. 8 more words

Injury Prevention

Strength Training Plan

I’m finally putting it together. By “it” I mean a structured strength training plan. This current plan will not last long considering this is my last week of class before finals and  then break BUT even if I don’t have a gym I can work most parts of my body without weight and can focus more on yoga if needed :). 199 more words

Injuries can be prevented but never stopped by A.K.

With any sport there is a possibility of injury. That is just the inherent risk you have to take to compete. Some sports have smaller risks than others, but they are risks nonetheless. 684 more words


#1 Exercise for Volleyball Hitters

Lately I’ve been finding a lot of strange products that claim to make you hit harder, pass better, set softer by attaching elastic bands to various points on the player’s body. 255 more words

Injury Prevention

Young people: neuromuscular skills for sport performance

Many publications report concerns over low exercise levels in young people. At the other end of the spectrum there are potential pitfalls to be avoided for young athletes. 379 more words