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Listen to Your Body, It'll Tell You More Than You Think

We’ve all had one of those great weeks of working out where you just feel sore but love every second of it. It’s a great feeling and one that I look forward to on a daily basis. 359 more words

Know When Surgery is a Good Idea, & When It Can Be More Downtime Than Necessary

Massage Therapy is definitely a Complementary Alternative Medicine, and, as such, we as therapists try to help the tissue heal itself to avoid or postpone Western Medicine intervention such as surgery. 141 more words

Massage Therapy

barre shoes?

we spend a lot of time barefoot at barre.[d] studio. if we aren’t barefoot, we are probably wearing super fun sticky socks from Pointe Studio… 444 more words


When it All Finally Clicks Again


It happened.

I finally had a run where I felt like I was running…and not just trying to survive.

Does that make sense?

For the first time in  467 more words


Simple Press Up Fix For Strength, Muscle & Performance

The ability to lie on the floor and press up your body weight is a basic human movement, the problem is I’ve seen far to many people you just can’t do this. 268 more words

Injury Prevention

Burnout: Don't Lose the Fire for What You Love to Do

This post goes along with another posting from a few days ago regarding children and sports – but this is also very relevant to adults. … 139 more words