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The Exercise Habit

Physical activity for health and wellness does not necessarily mean grunting and slinging weights in a smelly gym. It means we simply have to be more active than our usual lifestyle. 51 more words


Indestructible ACL: How SMSMF Nearly Prevents ACL Injury

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament

Working in a physical therapy office, I found that the most painful and debilitating injury for an athlete is an ACL tear. 582 more words


Protalus Orthotic's : Treating Plantar Fasciitis Before it Becomes a Persistent Problem

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There is a certain logic to severe sports injuries. A basketball player places too much pressure on his knee while cutting to the hoop, and his ACL ruptures. 1,944 more words

Injury Prevention

Yoga for Dancers

written by Lisa Luck

Yoga is important for dancers because it can help increase their flexibility, strength and balance. As a dancer, I know the importance of getting the full extension on both sides of the body. 439 more words


Static Stretching?

“Stretching isn’t about today’s workout, it’s about preventing an injury six months from now.” – Mike Boyle

A lot of strength coaches have removed static stretching from their program after some of the research that came out many years back that showed a loss of power (though it was minimal) after static stretching. 185 more words


This is why you should be foam rolling

I hate foam rolling.

It’s right up there with having to pee during a workout and peeling off sweaty gym clothes after one.

Of course, not enough people are doing it – myself included. 666 more words