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An Unusual Anniversary

Today is an unusual anniversary for me. A year ago today, I fractured both ankles. For six weeks following, both my legs were in casts. I was first bound to my bed and then to a wheelchair until I had learned to walk again. 716 more words

Understanding the 3 Phases of Muscle Healing

By Brian Whittington | Athletico Physical Therapy

Muscle mass accounts for 40-45 percent of total body weight, which makes it no surprise that muscle injuries can account for anywhere between 10-55 percent of all sustained sports injuries.  711 more words


Overtraining - 10 Reasons To Avoid It

Are you trying to get in shape? Are you spending hours in the gym doing intense weight lifting, cardio or other way of exercise? That’s great. 460 more words


Glutes are key! No Butts About It

I like big butts and I cannot lie, a common ground both I and 1990’s American rapper Sir-Mix-a-Lot clearly share. But what interests me with the human derriére is far more than its aesthetically pleasing values. 769 more words

Exercise And Health

Licked it, got the T shirt!

Oh, my! Well that’s one to tick off the bucket list, for sure…

I set off for Greenwich Park at about 8:30, to find a sea of people also heading for the red start area.   1,219 more words

Sponsor Me


I have a history of dislocating my right shoulder. I’ve dislocated it three times in the past. The first time I needed the doctors to put it in for me but the second and third times I put it in myself. 615 more words

My Journey


At the end of March I had a great ten-mile long run. I was up to 20 miles a week. Then I also stopped “eating nutritiously.” I think that’s what happened. 924 more words