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Brain Injury Attorney: Why Playing Sports Can Sometimes Lead to a Case

Everyone has heard of advice like “stay fit and healthy” or “play sports for a longer life”, often from P.E. coaches or the occasional parent. However, some studies have uncovered that staying fit and active does not always equate to health. 61 more words


HEALTH ~ Do you have to get sick before you Slow Down?

Gosh what a crazy few weeks we’ve had with myself managing to accidentally stab my wrist on the broken edge of a ceramic oil bottle (needing stitches) and all of us down with gastro and flu, it’s been challenging! 431 more words


Psychologist: Harming animals could signal future of more serious crimes

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Experts say people who harm animals could be a sign of more serious crimes to come.

After a cat was shot in the head in… 141 more words


Injury to the Hamstring

A common injury that has plagued athletes for years is the hamstring strain. An athlete may describe this injury as a pull in the hamstring. This can be a correct way of thinking, being that pulling the hamstrings too far or quick stresses the muscle fibers and it causes the strain. 403 more words


Marathon Monday

Hi there! Not such a long time no speak! I would firstly like to apologise for the lack of pictures this week… There wasn’t much to take photos of as I have been injured!! 461 more words


Barbed Wire - Ouch

I spend a time each weekend mending clothes that get caught up on barbed wire.   The young tall fellas that do this job almost literally “hop” the fence.   451 more words

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Incorporating Ancillary Work in Distance Training

I would like to emphasize the importance of incorporating ancillary work in distance running, and share from personal experience what happens if you do and don’t complement running with ancillary work. 437 more words