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“You infuriate me do you know that?” Fitzwilliam sits down at Alessandra’s bedside, ignoring the rest of us as we stand in the doorway. He only has eyes for her, smoothing one tangled ringlet back from her face, exposing the myriad of cuts and bruises marring her bronzed skin. 101 more words


A Race I Shouldn't Run

It’s been two weeks since I’ve run at all. Four weeks since I’ve run even somewhat hard. And eight days since I came down with a cold that has now devolved into the coughing-fit-every-ten-minutes-and-feeling-kind-of-weak-all-the-time phase. 119 more words


How to Fight the Injury Blues

Injury always seems to hit just when you find your workout groove. Whether you were training for a half-marathon, revving up your cross-fit game or finally not feeling ridiculously sore from every barre class, our bodies sometimes can’t handle the increased tempo at moments when our minds are eager for more. 545 more words


Making the Comeback After a Setback

As a follow up to my post ‘Sticks & Stones May Break My Bones but Dancing Does Too’, where I wrote about how my stress fracture came about and dealing with returning to work, I wanted to share my ongoing experience with the physical side of the recovery to help anyone else who is struggling coming back from an injury. 738 more words

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New London police investigate shooting

NEW LONDON, Conn. (WTNH) – New London police are investigating a shooting late on Thursday night that left a man injured from a gunshot wound to the leg. 66 more words

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Local sport keeping ice companies in business during winter

Ice companies concede that local sport basically keeps them afloat in the winter months when people have less BBQs and pack less eskys. While the ice industry is still very much a seasonal beast, the winter hibernation is slightly eased by the need for amateur athletes to ice a wide variety of injuries. 149 more words