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Same story, different verse

Well i’m dealing with yet another injury.  Same story different verse.

I never thought I’d be dealing with this much crap.  I have been trying to be more active with my stretching, strengthening and warming up for running and the more I try to be smart, the more I find myself on the sideline. 316 more words


1 injured in stabbing in Greensboro

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Police are searching for a single suspect after he stabbed a person in the 1200 block of Omaha Street Tuesday night, according to Greensboro police. 63 more words


October, where did you go?!

I will never outwardly complain about work because I am sincerely lucky to have the setup that I have, the flexibility it gives me to do what I want and the schedule that I have made for myself is pretty great. 555 more words

The Country That's Pushing Mandatory Vaccines has the Highest Infant Mortality Rate in the World - an Ex Merck Sales Rep Speaks Out

This woman who is an ex Merck sales rep is giving you some very pertinent inside information here. She was working for Merck at the time of the Vioxx drug recall with $6 billion in fines, concluding that the agencies mandated with protecting us are actually not… they are puppets for the pharmaceutical industry. 144 more words


Concussion 101 Seminar Through SVVSD

I had the opportunity to listen to  Dr. Karen McAvoy from Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children speak about research pertaining to concussion management. She is the author of REAP which is the current protocol schools in CO and other states must follow for students who endure concussions. 1,216 more words


Huntington WV Personal Injury Attorney Mark Underwood - YouTube

Visit https://earn.show/askexpertsleeper/ to listen to the podcast. share this Huntington WV Personal Injury Attorney Mark Underwood video: https://www.youtu…

Derek Newton Tears Both Patellar Tendons vs Broncos!!

Houston Texans’ offensive lineman Derek Newton suffered a torn patellar tendon in both knees against the Broncos last night. The injuries are catastrophic, as patellar tendon injuries are typically more complex than simple ACL tears and Newton is faced with recoveries in both knees. 79 more words