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Kentauros: the re-match

I put it off for as long as I could today. I did other Sunday chores, like washing and cleaning and personal admin. I thought about skipping it and doing the next day’s workout. 327 more words


Lift Your Spirit!

One of my tarot students had a sudden accident and hurt her back when she tripped over her dog (a lovely lab) who always follows her around. 405 more words

Susan Levitt

Updates from runner me

I saw a doctor on Friday, and while I can’t run for the next two weeks at least, I can be reassured that I did not give myself a stress fracture. 240 more words


Preventing Falls – New Tools and Resources

Now that it is fall, let’s talk about falls. September 22 (or the first official day of fall each year) is national Falls Prevention Awareness Day. 987 more words


Aim higher. Try harder.

Crutch Life

Climbing at The Depot, Manchester

Testing my problematic shoulders limits

First session at The Hangar, Liverpool

I can’t help but throw myself into dangerous risk taking pursuits, I love the exhilaration and the mastery of something new. 496 more words


Drabble: Pancake of Distraction

My response to the prompt ‘panic‘.

~Pancake of Distraction~

“Calm down. Stop panicking.” Hands pressed down on her shoulders. She dug her fingers into the ground beneath her, but it did nothing to stop the spasms that shook her body. 342 more words

Short Story

The Worldwide Wordpress 5k

Things have been a bit difficult for me lately, at least as far as running is concerned. I’ve been seeing a physio about a problem with my hip (nothing too serious but it has limited my running) so what little running I have been doing has been at a fairly easy pace and I’ve been keeping it short. 545 more words