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Your deltoid is the large, triangular muscle that covers your shoulder. It is the muscle that gives body builders the large, broad-shouldered look. The fibers of the deltoid are divided into three sections, the anterior*, middle, and posterior* sections. 559 more words

Massage Therapy

I’ve Made A Decision.

I’ve thought long and hard about this and it’s not been easy, but it’s the only thing that makes some sort of sense to me right now. 237 more words


Ask a Fit Expert: Shin Splints

In part two of my Ask a Fit Expert series, we’ll discuss another common running injury—shin splints. The goal of this article is to educate runners and fitness enthusiasts about the most prevalent injuries and how to prevent them. 662 more words


Dex Check

(scene opens in tossed parlor, woman on settee needlepointing)

Beta: (bleary, wanders in) Morning.
Me: (looks out window) Noon. What happened to your lip? Is that a cold sore? 131 more words