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Better technology = Better AFL

During the reign of Australian Rules Football, the technology surrounding the game has benefited all the teams that are associated. It can be accurately interpreted that technology dramatically improves everything in life, however in sport, particularly AFL the improvements are different. 477 more words


There are dead things in the attic...

I was just putting away the laundry.

A pretty mundane thing really, but something my husband teases me about from time to time. I’m great at washing, fantastic at folding..but putting away? 1,484 more words


Help! Calling Arthritis Sufferers

This is a call out to just arthritis sufferers themselves, not sales people! Please comment directly on my WordPress page I don’t think it needs to sign in but I can’t keep up with comments on 20 different sites, so please click my website link and comment there. 60 more words


The Ripple Effect

I skipped church this morning, not that I didn’t want to go, but rather I didn’t want to sit and possibly be uncomfortable and in a heap of pain. 648 more words


Afraid? No. Except...

When I was a child, I watched Twilight Zone, One Step Beyond, The Outer Limits. That was back in the days when parents allowed their children to watch television programs. 1,061 more words



The three dreaded letters, DNF, did not finish, something that you go out of your way to avoid and something you never wish on anybody. 312 more words


Referee injured after lightning strikes pitch in Germany. [mirror]

Thirty-five people have been injured after lightning struck a football pitch in Germany.

Four people are believed to have been seriously hurt after lightening struck during a children’s football game in Hoppstadten, western Germany. 30 more words

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