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It’s Not Our Grief; She Will Die

A few weeks ago I wrote an article “Its Not Grief When its Someone Else.” The last actions of the revolutionary “Syrian Free Army” I wrote about in the article was “As I post this another reporter has been… 880 more words


It’s Not Grief when it’s Someone Else

A small group of journalists went to Syria to ask the people about what they saw happening. The title, credit, and links to this video which has aired on NTN in Europe are at the end of the article. 1,911 more words


I've Come to Pick a Fight- children of a lesser god

Where are the leaders in righteousness now that they are needed? Where are they? Where are they in the streets or at the government buildings pleading for help for the helpless? 911 more words



What are the signs? Will they be religious in nature? If God has said that His flocks are in confusion this may or may not be helpful because the flock may not recognize them. 1,396 more words