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Crippling court costs force poverty-stricken people to 'plead guilty to crimes they didn't commit'

The same thing is happening in Canada and the USA. It is worse in the US but we are following their medieval practices. This is a return to debtor’s prisons.

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Adult court does not want to take time and money to cases that are being heard by public defenders, who actually work for the DA. They get paid on average, $75 an hour for maybe three hours work to convince you take a plea. They try to stack as many offenses on top whether they are true or not and scare you with unusually long sentences. If you don't have a paid attorney to defend you, you don't know what to do. Out of fear you take the plea. In Jamie's case he wasn't innocent. It was his choice to go with his cousin that night. But having no attorney to help him made it worse. He had no priors. But a public defender isn't interested in doing a good job for you. He's only interested in being done with you so he can go on to his next "client". At first Jamie was first told he would get 99 years if he insisted on going to court. The second offer was 45 years. When he continued to refuse they offered him 17 years and told him if he went to court he wouldn't get that. It would surely be much higher. He was scared. He took the 17 years. He has now almost done 10 of that. They don't like to parole blacks so he is afraid to get his hopes up. He does have an uncle that works in the parole system in his area so there is hope he can somehow intervene. But since they keep him in ad seg, and can't show he has improved himself there is still only slim hope. The prison system sets them up to fail. http://facebook.com/jamielifeinprison . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world Sonni Quick piano music complete list

I caught Herman’s House one afternoon on World Channel  I almost took a pass because the opening scene broke my heart; I was in a pretty decent mood and just didn’t feel like stirring any glum emotions. 432 more words

week 32 \\ 2015

I remember this one time I got pulled over.

I was driving my ex’s truck. It was a nice day, but kinda warm, so I had the back windows halfway down too. 240 more words

week 31 \\ 2015

Not gonna lie, at first I only really knew of Jesse Williams from his tweets and candid interviews. Never saw him on an episode of… 270 more words

Black on Black Love

I feel GLOSSRAGS is especially fitting for this edition of Black Every Friday. If nothing else, the And Counting tees can spark a conversation. Keep that necessary dialogue going. 185 more words

Dr. Angela Davis - Masked Racism: Reflections on the Prison Industrial Complex

(Sonni’s note: I read this article today. Look at the date. It was written seventeen years ago. Do you think there has been any positive change or has the problem has only got worse? 2,395 more words


Ethen Couch - Two Americas

I watched this today and it really brings home the fact that it matters how much money you have, as well as they color of your skin, if there are consequences to your actions.   141 more words

Injustice System