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Ironically enough today we were locked down due to a multi- man fight in one of our closed custody units here at Walla Walla Penitentiary. As I sat in my cell writing a letter I turned my TV to the… 316 more words

Prison Injustice

When You Get Goddamn Tired…..! — Shelby Courtland [reblog]

When you get tired of dying before your eighteenth birthday and when you’re tired of hearing that you’re worthless anyway, that protest sign, you will put down and the fire in your soul will burn through your body that is four hundred years old.

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Too Broke To Vote

I thought this video was worth a post on its own. Again, I am not telling ANYONE to vote OR not to vote. What I’m saying is IF we sincerely want to solve our problems as black people within a white supremacist system, we will have to LOOK OUTSIDE THAT SYSTEM for solutions.

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Black In Amerikkka

It's Not Enough Just To Deplore Horrific Violence

(If you don’t know who Michelle Alexander is you should do some research on her history. She is a voice of reason among a sea of voices who speak only to hear the sound of their own voice pushing an agenda that benefits only the mighty few. 1,203 more words


o-oh say can you seeeeee.. the lies

Thanks for sharing this, KP. Happy independence day, amurderkkka ;)

Black Women

Black Every Friday

Well, if one only wishes to know how justice is administered in a country, one does not question the policemen, the lawyers, the judges or the protected members of the middle class. 91 more words

Torture of U.S. Political Prisoners

I read this article today. It is a prime example of how we torture people in our prisons or give them unjust sentences. Some of these people are guilty and some aren’t, but there is such determination to destroy their lives, not based on whether the sentence is just, but because they weren’tliked. 2,098 more words

Prison Politics