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The women of Sodom.  Ten women were recently listed as being the most powerful in Barbados and we cannot help but wonder: WHERE DID THEY GET THEIR POWER FROM?  230 more words

I caught Herman’s House one afternoon on World Channel  I almost took a pass because the opening scene broke my heart; I was in a pretty decent mood and just didn’t feel like stirring any glum emotions. 432 more words

week 32 \\ 2015

I remember this one time I got pulled over.

I was driving my ex’s truck. It was a nice day, but kinda warm, so I had the back windows halfway down too. 240 more words

week 31 \\ 2015

Not gonna lie, at first I only really knew of Jesse Williams from his tweets and candid interviews. Never saw him on an episode of… 270 more words

Black on Black Love

I feel GLOSSRAGS is especially fitting for this edition of Black Every Friday. If nothing else, the And Counting tees can spark a conversation. Keep that necessary dialogue going. 185 more words