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Wednesday Reads: An uneasy trend


Just can’t seem to bring myself round to reading any news lately. I have spent most of my time immersed in episodes of Foyle’s War. 1,989 more words

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Breaking Prison Rules

Jamie’s bio mom sent me this picture of a much younger Jamie.  Seeing these pictures of him and his son Jamie, side by side, there is so much resemblance.  692 more words

Jamie Cummings

5 Reasons Why 1.5 Million Black Men Are “Missing” In America, According To The NY Times

If you are a Black person living in America, then this headline from Monday’s New York Times may be jarring, but not truly shocking: 1.5 Million Missing Black Men… 424 more words

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sonniq reblogged this on My Name is Jamie. My Life in Prison and commented:

[caption id="attachment_68745" align="aligncenter" width="300"]missing black men, racism in our justice system photo credit:
ummid.com[/caption] I am reblogging this because it is exactly what I just wrote about why so many black children do not have two parents. This has the numbers for both black men and black women compared to white people. These are not made up numbers. This reality is about what is happening in this once great country that still feels it is okay to imprison people of color even though slavery was abolished 150 years ago. They just found another way around it and kept it legal. Slavery is slavery is slavery

Criminals in a Police Uniform

“Butterfly Hearts”  by Sonni Quick  Copyright 2015    Listen, but copying in any form is against the law, and may not be reproduced in any form without permission and credit given. 606 more words

Injustice System

Short Video - Racial Disparity in the Justice System

This is the problem. In under 2 minutes he explains why it is unsustainable to keep locking up black people in the percentages they currently do. 248 more words

Jamie Cummings

FBI Forensic Unit Admits Flawed Testimony For Trials, Even Death Penalty Cases For Decades

Some of those flawed testimonies have put people on death row. According to Washington Post, the FBI have flawed testimonies for decades.

Reports state the out of 268 trials, 257 had flawed forensic testimony against the defendant and out of those 32 were death penalty cases, 14 of those defendants have been executed or died in prison. 96 more words


I want to Encourage you . . . To take the time . . . To Read

This post is also the opening page to this blog for anyone who just uses the web address to come here. I decided today to also make it a post as there has been much more written that needed to be said. 1,580 more words

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