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A Prison Cell, The Loneliest Place

(Sonni’s note: Bear with me. Before I print Jamie’s letter I want to tell you a bit about myself and why my piano pieces are here. 780 more words

Solitary Confinement

Stand-up in support of those fighting corruption & excess sentences in Cook County Courts

Come to court and stand in gallery to show support for Dr. Linda Shelton who writes this blog and several other blogs exposing Cook County Court, Sheriff and police misconduct and crimes.   260 more words

Cook County Jail

Prison Food and Starvation in Solitary Confinement

(Sonni’s note:More than a year later. I initially wrote this post on Feb,14,2014. One of the first ones,  so I thought I’d post it again with a catch up. 1,460 more words

Solitary Confinement

Black Lives Matter

This is important enough to put out as a post on Jamie’s website.  Black lives matter, as does every one else, but there are many people, political entities and other organizations who not only do not see it that way, they also try to make you believe they don’t think they way they do.  121 more words

Jamie Cummings

A Letter from the Inside (I)

We received this submission from Socialist Review reader RWK, currently a prisoner in the Otago Correctional Facility. We’re proud to print it here. Socialist Review… 980 more words


Racism in our Police Force

I seriously debated whether to post this Youtube video, and then where to put it. Should I post it on my other blog http://watchandwhirl/com because it really doesn’t have anything to do with Jamie? 312 more words

Jamie Cummings

In Prison, Who Do You Have to Care About Your Day?

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Solitary Confinement