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Love Beyond The Island

May 15, 2010 at 7:47pm began the hardest chapter of 16 year old Kalief Browder’s life.  It would lead to his death five years later. 2,258 more words


Jim Crow Fantasies

The Dirty Dozen: Jim Crow Fantasies

I had the pleasure of attending the opening reception for Okeeba Jubalo‘s art exhibit, The Dirty Dozen: Jim Crow Fantasies… 368 more words

For you Everyday is a fight for territory,

for space:

Space in a country that does not want you

Space in a world that cannot yet grasp the…

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Black Hair v. White Laws [a reblog]

It’s modern day colonization. An invasion of our follicles. A new Black Code.

I say bleep that bleep and do not support anyone or anything that doesn’t accept our hair in its natural glory. 209 more words


“I Have My Anger Back” | Jendella Benson — Media Diversified

To My Son by Jendella Benson What is there to be said? I can only feel anger for so long until it ferments into the cold reality of endless despair.

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Social Criminal Defense Attorneys [a reblog]

There are several things I loathe about Facebook. Firstly, that it has become an alternate form of reality, where people can craft and control their public perception in contradiction of their truth selves.

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Black Women

Psychic Violence + Isaiah Crowell [reblog]

Psychic Violence – The most powerful obstacle against the liberation of Afrikan peoples from White domination and exploitation is not the ability of Whites to use superior military or police firepower or their threat to use it against Afrikan insurgency, but is their ability to engage in unrelenting psychopolitical violence against the collective African […]

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