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happy b-day to beyonce: #beyday: activist, and artist***messymandella***

I wrote this story in 2014 about Taylon! If you notice, I am no Oprah, but I always revisit stories that are unfinished and still search on a weekly basis for results on the status of their life, and vindication. 422 more words


I had to see the pain {poetry}

I had to step into
a collective deep blue vein of humanity
where dry rivers spun wild
ancient emotions collided in calamity

mirrors reflected pools of skin torn… 152 more words

Poem And Prose

Be the change you want to see in the world

The saying says to be the change you want to see in the world, and that’s not a bad place to start. But whether you are driving change through feminism, or another aspect of injustice, you need to look beyond yourself into the intersections of inequality around you. 977 more words


Hit To Kill: A Distubing Trend in China

Slate just posted an almost preposterous article about drivers in China intentionally killing the pedestrians they hit. It is a disturbing and horrific piece that covers several instances, some of which are caught on security camera, of drivers accidentally hitting people (many of them children), then rearing back and running them over several time. 866 more words


The problem with getting angry with everything

I am a student of International Development. In my classes, I learn about injustice, power imbalance, poverty, the subjugation of women, racism, class disparities, ableism, and so on. 403 more words

Finding it particularly hard, Some things have consequences with no actions

After my post last night, i think its safe to say that i’m not in the best of moods, im not gonna let it get to me, that what i have wordpress for. 672 more words

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