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Mortal Kombat X mobile announced

Should we be waiting for a mobile version of Mortal Kombat X? 263 more words

Game News

Curt Bevins

By now you have heard the police interview Leslie Fain, Al Baker, Kenneth Swedberg, and Lisa Swedberg. None of them think Ken Andersen had anything to do with Chad’s death. 211 more words

What a month...

I can not believe that we are already in March!!

I have drastically fallen behind on the things I want to blog about, it feels like my professional life is doing its very best to kill me and my social life has taken a drastic downturn for it. 234 more words


When bad things happen to good people...

Read 2 Chronicles 32

Focus on verses 1

Hezekiah was faithful to the Lord by walking in obedience and restoring proper temple sacrifices and worship. Yet “after these things and these acts of faithfulness, Sennacherib king of Assyria came and invaded Judah and encamped against the fortified cities, thinking to win them for himself.” Why would God allow that to happen? 410 more words

Daily Devotional

A Brief Interjection of My Personal Opinion

Before writing this post, I would like to clarify that everything here is written based only on my personal life experience. I am only trying to share my perspective in hopes to further conversation on sometimes difficults subjects — and of course, this is my blog, and I have some things I would like to say.  773 more words

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

My mother sent me the following picture:

I replied, “That’s so true.” Then I added, “Sometimes, I wish I could kidnap everyone and force them to have a nightmare where they had Asperger’s, and everybody hated them for it.” 107 more words

Human Scum