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"Divisible, with [Some] Liberty, and Justice for [Some]"

B’more careful.

No seriously, be more careful. Be careful of your blind ignorance. Time and time again, a conservative Republican will preach about, “I need my guns, just in case the government gets out of hand. 579 more words

Where Peace Starts

They don’t know yet what it means.

They don’t know yet what they will cause.

It may be just another day in the news

Or may turn into an annual pause. 208 more words


Real Stories from Toronto #4,899,678 - I Didn't Know Anyone

(Chinese lady) “Yes I worked at a factory a long time ago.  When I first immigrated here.  It was the only job I could find and I knew very little English.   343 more words


Faculty Post: A Trigger Warning for Law Students

by Professor Libby Adler

Recently, students around the country in colleges, law schools, and other educational environments, have raised objections to classroom material that is “triggering”— 491 more words


Depression Awareness: Start to Talk to Start to Change

Last week was Depression Awareness Week and sadly I never got the chance to do a post, but I thought to myself, every week should be a time to raise awareness of depression in an attempt to quash the awful social stigma attached to this illness and therefore my part in raising awareness will be today instead. 1,143 more words


The Unalienable Right to Use and Enjoy One’s Property - ~@ This Right being Slowly Destroyed by Agenda 21

SOURCE   http://www.freedomadvocates.org/the-unalienable-right-to-the-use-and-enjoyment-of-ones-property/

By Michael Shaw

Private property is more than a “thing.”  Your body, your thoughts and your actions obtain for you the benefits of various things, but it is the relationship between you and those things that form the essence of private property. 989 more words


Dear Number Eleven. (A Rant).

Dear Number Eleven,

With every fiber of my being I want to follow what society tells me is okay and trash your job based solely on the stereotype that all security officers are “wannabe cops.” 715 more words