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Let The Cat Keep Your Tongue

Around 6 months old most of us begin to babble to ourselves.

Around 12 months we’ve probably uttered our first word…and they only multiply from there. 826 more words


If rotten to the core
Means damned for evermore
Then redemption can’t be found
Not above nor on the ground

Ever? Never?

Dualistic thinking:
You float or else you’re sinking… 25 more words


Worship and the Black Female Body, Part I

by Khalia J. Williams

On June 5, 2015, fifteen-year-old Dejarria Becton was a victim of the brutal excessive force of a Texas police officer who asserted his power over her bikini-clad body by grabbing her hair, slamming her to the ground, pushing her face into the ground, dragging her body, and pressing his knee into the center of her back with all of his weight to restrain her. 721 more words


What a Shitty Week to be an Asian American Woman in Hollywood

It may feel like beating a dead horse, but I have some thoughts to share about the last seven days in Hollywood. It all started with the debut of the… 691 more words


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It's not Real, but it could be... From The Good earth in 1936 to Joy Luck Club in 2016? The Self fulfilling, Perpetually Repeating excuse of "There are no successful, well known Asian Leads". Aside fro the fact that it's a Lie, even if it were true, how the hell are they supposed to become 'Successful and Well Known' without casting them in roles that they were literally BORN to Act? Total B.S. -KIA

Not to the Swift - Preview Chapter 8

This is the eighth and final preview chapter of my novel, Not to the Swift. You can find the original post describing the novel… 1,151 more words