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What a Piece of Work is a Man

Shakespeare was clearly fascinated by madness. Indeed many of his characters exhibited many different symptoms of dementia provecto, as Lear, Jaques, Timon, Macbeth, Leontes and even the feigned madness of Hamlet demonstrate. 458 more words

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My Soul To Keep

I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
It a can be hard sometimes, goodness is my chosen path of life but the guiles of evil are increasing everywhere. 103 more words

Evee Hope

Poem - Justified Injustice

So life is a film,
of compact frames,
and missing scenes.
Confusion and unrest,
accounts for our deaths.

And outside my car window I observe – 153 more words


Pot for Parkinson’s? The Scientific Evidence Is Compelling | MyScienceAcademy

Could the very plant that for decades was accused of “frying” users’ brains be far superior to pharmaceuticals in treating the “incurable” neurodegenerative condition known as Parkinson’s disease? 11 more words


Conference Most High - Words to Ponder

And the day came to pass that representatives of all peoples of the world united in a global convention, to discuss the future of man. In the advanced society of the year 3,000, a specific forum was enlisted to minimize the use of valuable time. 757 more words


christopher columbus was seeking a Jewish homeland?

Was Columbus secretly a Jew?

By Charles Garcia, Special to CNN

May 24, 2012

Christopher Columbus bids farewell to his son Diego at Palos, Spain, before embarking on his first voyage on August 3, 1492. 1,924 more words