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Our Purple Toenails

Purple has always been my favorite color. I love to wear it, surround myself with it, and integrate it into as much of my life as possible. 308 more words


Dominique Gay

Vox Pop interviews conducted by Dominique Gay

Marjorie Goodwin (Oct. 6, 2015) with Interviewer Elise Andrew


Amendment's #BlackLivesMatter Open-Mic

Amendment’s #BlackLivesMatter Open-Mic
at Sanctuary VA (May 2015)
by Craig Zirpolo

A small selection of spoken performances by attendees of Amendment  #BlackLivesMatter open-mic event at Sanctuary VA.


Mercy Squirrel

Wow, it was cold. I sat in a tree stand listening and watching for any signs of elk moving through the area. Huddled up, I watched the fog from my breath rise into the clear, fall air. 571 more words


Four Reasons Why I Don't Blame God

Yesterday my dishswasher died.

I wasn’t surprised. As near as I can figure, my ancient Whirlpool was about the same age as Betty White but without the classic good looks. 814 more words

Chronic Illness

What Have I Done Lately?

“Shout with the voice of a trumpet blast. Shout aloud! Don’t be timid. Tell my people Israel of their sins! Yet they act so pious! They come to the Temple every day and seem delighted to learn all about me. 727 more words

Daily Walk

Welcome to My Normal: An Identity Shaped by Tension and Injustice

I remember the Saturday night that the Trayvon Martin verdict came out –not guilty. I had been attending Pilgrim Lutheran Church (PLC) for the past month but decided that would be my last service after that verdict. 800 more words

Love Sees Color