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Our Cross to Bear

I never understood how a person can judge another based on the color of her skin, to devalue her, to think she is beneath the worth of another human being.  1,096 more words

Welcome to the Regressive Left in the Trump era: no "safe spaces" for those you oppose

I was saddened to hear about the violence in D.C. this weekend, with over 100 people arrested and substantial damage to property.  If a march is to succeed, it should be nonviolent, as was the case with the civil rights and Vietnam marches in the Sixties (yes, I know there was… 552 more words

Freedom Of Expression

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Is everything that happens just?

Seems like a silly question. If everything is just then injustice doesn’t exist. Just like if everything were yellow then red wouldn’t exist.

But in his… 425 more words

The Strength Of Women Hear Them Roar

I went to my first sit in in 1967 during a nationwide protest. As cool as it was to be leaving a Jr. High class with all the swagger of a false rebel I was profoundly effected by the movement. 314 more words

women's march--january 21 2017

cities from around the world tell the story

with thanks to the New York Times collection of photos….


Out of the Darkness

(Matthew 4:12-22)

When we proclaim our profession of faith, we say:

‘We believe on One God. . .  God from God, Light from Light’. . . 1,302 more words


Rep John Lewis on our times

Our nation has at times created & enforced unjust laws. It is up to people of conscience to expose such injustice through nonviolent means.

— John Lewis (@repjohnlewis) January 16, 2017


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