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JUSTICE; Psalm 7

JUSTICE – Psalm 7

This particular Psalm is called a Shiggaion. It is the only Psalm to be described in this manner. There is only one other portion of Scripture to be called a Shiggaion (Habbakuk 3). 1,435 more words

Daily Word Prompt- Abide

I have always been an easy-going person.  I believe that how people live their lives is their business, their morals, and their behavior will determine the outcome of their life. 271 more words


CH [Lab.]

I was neither

born nor

accepted here:

instead what yous

did was

misdiagnose and

prognose, and

debilitate and


and prescribe

and proscribe,

and censor… 202 more words


A New Edifice

A New Edifice

Joyous with insight of goodness
Hope raised to a great peak
Morrow seems so bright
A year is too small

New edifice new burden… 42 more words


Have Sex With Me

Have Sex With Me
by Maheen Shahid

Content Warning: Sexual Abuse and Violence

I bought you so many things, so have sex with me. I bought you beer at the bar, so have sex with me. 174 more words


Things I wanted to say but never did #6

We live in a world where trained cops can panic and act on impulse but untrained civilians MUST remain calm with a gun in their face.


The economic foundation of racism

Is racism an ugly fact of life or is it a symptom of a much larger problem?  I suspect it is mostly the latter in which  case it is a serious problem with lots of potential for inflicting injustice on people who really do not deserve it. 492 more words