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The Complaint

If only Birmingham City Council L.A. could be honest it would be a first. Instead of being deceitful. It is a laugh a minute just not so funny when caught up in a fib they have told which comes in the form of this extract from a leaflet they are sending out to the public to prevent them knowing that Direct payments can in very exceptional circumstances by used to buy care from someone who lives in the same household such as a relative. 598 more words

The End Of Innocence

Innocence began and innocence ended, with Me.

Was I the first innocent life form on earth, in the history of the universe? No. But I was and I am, the last. 320 more words


Globalizing Injustice: Blasphemy Laws for Social Media?

For almost eight years, the case of Asia Bibi, accused of blasphemy in Pakistan, has captured world attention.

That same world is now being asked to use Pakistan’s criteria for blasphemy to squelch free speech on social media. 1,062 more words

An Atheist's Faith

I wrote a while back on how social activism could, really, be a spiritual path of its own.  Admittedly, I’ve been consumed with these thoughts in tandem with being consumed with social activism.   650 more words

Injustice 2: Pre-Register Now To Get Cat Woman

Good news to you, Injustice Fans, you can now secure Cat Woman as an exclusive character by pre-registering for Injustice 2 by clicking here. The game should be launched worldwide very soon by the looks of it but until then it is available in… 100 more words

Mobile Gaming News

I Can't Even Talk About It To People (a message to myself)

Some things must be faced slowly. I’m fine most of the time. It is only when I’m reminded of it that I get like this. I’ll be fine tomorrow. 155 more words


“The good writing ideas don’t have to be about political turmoil, mass killings, capitalism, racism, injustice, etc. Find that one idea that has deep roots in your heart.”
Pawan Mishra