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The 'supposed'appeal before the European Court of Human Rights.

After the trial was lost, after 18 years, i took the case to the European Court of Human Rights, to find an even bigger, opener corruption. 207 more words


© Joepiedom: symbol of injustice

This is my artwork. The horse and rider symbolize injustice. The horses’ name is Virgil and the riders’ name is Joepiedom. Joepiedom is a name that I made up before I developed the rider character. 38 more words


The Myth of a Foundation Upon the "Rule of Law"

This is the omnipresent cry of all socially accepted members of United States legal culture (and of most modern nations’ legal systems): our Nation is founded upon “the rule of law”. 765 more words

Existentialist Theory Of Justice

False Marketing Myths of Law and Jurisprudence / Introduction

Though legal culture in the United States calls itself a profession, it is really a for-profit religion having a monopoly on violence to produce one product: you. 449 more words

Existentialist Theory Of Justice

Injustice and Corruption.

Many of todays leaders excel in abuse of power, intolerance, and dealing in injustice.
All are mad for power and money, real addicts, so to say. 863 more words