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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day is set aside as a day
For celebrating love and loving relationships
And on this physical plane
There are many different kinds of love… 254 more words

Physical World

Don’t have to be a monk on fire.

All who have stood against an injustice have taken the seat of the Buddha.

Lenten Photo-A-Day: Injustice

This was a tough one, even though I wouldn’t have to go very far to find some examples of injustice. But it’s a snowy, freezing cold day and I didn’t plan on going out much. 202 more words


Injustice: Gods Among Us indir Torrent Faresi

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If it feels like things are working against you, just back away

At whatever point you recognize that the momentum feels like it is against you, step away from it (subject of attention), back away from it, set it aside, turn it over to the Universe, give it to the Universe, say something like: ‘You know what I want, I’ve set it all in motion, do your best with this, I’m outta here for a little bit.’ 94 more words


افسانہ نگاری کا مقابلہ :افسانہ ، "للو " تحریر عماد بزدار

چاچا ہیوتان کو آج گھر پنچنے میں ذرا تاخیر ہو گئی۔ بھیڑ بکریاں باڑے میں پہنچا کر گھر کے اندر آیا۔

Saqib Malik

Lent - Injustice #ReThinkPhoto

The girls taken by Boca Haram years ago have still not been returned or found. An ultimate injustice.

I’m following the prompts from this site.