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Hey Indie Author... You Suck!

That’s right, you suck – with a capital S-U-C-K!

Your dialogue is sophomoric. Your grammar and punctuation are an insult to Strunk and ridiculed by White. 1,170 more words

Writing Advice

Mary Ellen Bramwell

Today I welcome another author from Black Rose Writing, Mary Ellen Bramwell, author of The Apple of My Eye.

IDI – Hi Mary Ellen. How are you today? 1,213 more words

Kathy Reinhart

D. A. Roach

I’d like to welcome YA fiction author D. A. Roach, who as it happens just released her latest book, Rarity, today.  Check for the link at the end of the interview to get your copy! 920 more words

Kathy Reinhart

Michael Hughes

Today I welcome another author from Black Rose Writing, Michael Hughes. Michael has two published novels with Pumpkin Farmer being his latest.

IDI – Good morning, Michael. 1,104 more words

Kathy Reinhart

The Husband's Secret... by Liane Moriarty

This is one of those times when I find myself swimming upstream. Upon finishing The Husband’s Secret, I browsed through the Amazon reviews to see where mine would fall in line with others. 462 more words

Kathy Reinhart

Mark Love

Today I have the opportunity to talk with Mark Love, another author at Black Rose Writing. After the interview, I urge you to check out his many titles available on Amazon. 2,251 more words

Kathy Reinhart

Jessica A. Scott

One of my recent interviews was with Glenn Maynard who is signed to Black Rose Publishing. After our interview he asked if he could send a few of their other authors to me for interviews. 1,658 more words

Kathy Reinhart