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Beth Brown - Baltimore, Maryland

Briefly describe the work you do. 

My body of work includes intricate ink drawings on paper and euphonic processed field recordings. The drawings and musical arrangements share a common thread of representing textural micro-landscapes, articulated through obsessive (and meditative) mark-making, and  improvised composition. 1,492 more words


Karak at Midnight

Tea was the ritual comma to our midnight drives; the hours carelessly slipping away, unnoticed.

“Wasn’t it just six pm?!” S would wonder out loud each time we would drive up to one of our many tea joints for our regular fix of two karaks. 168 more words

The Space Between Things

Take Two- Ming period and Impressionism

Bamboo in Wind, Ming dynasty, ca. 1460 – Xia Chang (Chinese, 1388–1470) China Hanging scroll; ink on paper( metmuseum.org-on art/Pinterest)

Irises-vincent vanGogh-on art/pinterest)