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woman, variation 2 / žena, variace 2


woman, variation 1 / žena, variace 1

Signs and Wonders

~~ 1 ~~

an old leather purse
abandoned by the roadside
now the mouse’s home

~~ 2 ~~

a pot of black ink
to welcome the empty pen…
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The Mechanical Wonder

Just a little sketch I threw together whilst procrastinating doing my circuit analysis assignment. First attempt at drawing a mech; little on the fence with how it turned out, but practice makes perfect.


Rough Sketches : Fenton Street Market Opening 2015

The opening of Fenton Street Market was a little chilly, but kids were keeping warm, dancing to the music. Some of the vendors were, too. Plenty of people there were taking advantage of the nice day – saw a range of folks, enjoying the music, the shopping and the day. 71 more words

My Art Life In The Mid-Atlantic