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Poetry is born...

कैसे  न  लिखूं  ?

चाँद  सा  धवल  ये  काग़ज़,

बेचैन  लहरों   सी  मचलती  स्याही,

कैसे  ना  उठे  लफ़्ज़ों  का  तूफान,

हो  जायें  गर  ये  एक,


Working with Kraft-Tex and Bracelet Tutorial

Kraft Tex is paper that acts fabric, looks like leather, but still has all the flexibility of
qualities of paper. It comes rather smooth, like an easy bendable very thin chipboard, but it can be conditioned to resemble leather even further. 550 more words


Wasted words

For phrases plundered,

when a poet cries,

silences swathe

in surfieted sighs,

Percolating pain

in paper’s price,

these wasted words,

would never suffice.


To ink or not to ink....

So I am planning to post every Saturday for Sketchbook Saturdays. I’m sure a rogue post during the week will arise once in a while, but for but not I will post on Saturdays! 267 more words