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5 Awesome things you can do with Tingebox Temporary Tattoos!

Hello everyone!

A very warm hello in the chilly December from the highly enthusiastic Tingebox team.

This November will clearly not be forgotten easily by everyone here in India and it certainly was a memorable one for us, here at the Tingeboxstudio as well. 298 more words


Drawing Update: Smoking on the Back Porch

An update on the latest drawing to show. I’ve gotten the rest of Casey’s figure drawn in and some of the porch. I’ll finish up the column on the right, and move to the background, which will be an open field of tall grass.


"I was Free"

Picture Credits:- Mr. Dinesh Bhasin

I wanted to write a thought..
In late hour of this night..
I wanted to write a thought..
For why was darkened the night.. 290 more words


Two Throwaway Poems

Isn’t it telling how memories of wrongs committed can outlast those of their apologies?


Inktober 2016 - #43 Dementor

As I have stated several times before, my kids and I are Potterphiles.  I, therefore, decided to draw a Dementor in my sketchbook.  Dementors are horrible creatures in the universe of the Harry Potter novels.   98 more words