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A loch someplace in Scotland

A new Gray Stillman sketchpad, how good does it get?


sketchbook: 2ª IlustraComicFest + Ilustradoria de Outubro

esboços misturados: à direita @r_carandes observa meu filho desenhando na 2ª Ilustra Comic Fest e à esquerda excelente palestra/bate-papo de @caioyo no Ilustradoria de outubro!


They say

Bits & pieces have been thrown about

concerning the birth of this cage rattler

the one with blues eyes

country in his hip pocket

rap resting on his tongue… 15 more words



Being an idiot is cool, somehow.. 🐙 🐙


Skyline on a Slug

You purchased some additional drawing gadgetry. A new ink brush pen, black, ready to ooze Japanese ink anytime, and a new type of plain black ink: water soluable and fade free. 189 more words