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Back from the dead

A little piece I did as part of an art trade with Meteor’s N Milk based on his comic “Suicide Sam” ( >>you should definitely check out Marc’s stuff, it’s great<< 60 more words


Artist of the Week: Joey Malia

Joey Malia is bringing the word artist from “tattoo artist” to a whole new level.  Tattooing out of Darkside Tattoo in Bradley, IL, Joey makes his work come to life. 503 more words


The perfect pen for people who fidget

The Think Ink Pen is designed for people who fidget. It flexes with spring-like resistance, has a magnetic ball for sliding, and a spinner for your thumb to roll around. 38 more words

last year I did inktober and drew a load of witches,  it was super fun! this is probably my favourite one (check out my insta for all of them) but I only just got round to printing a little sugar paper zine with them all and a few extras to send to friends, and I’m so happy with how they turned out!! 21 more words


Spencerian 1/16/2017

I found getting the right porportioning on E to be quite difficult.


Sleeping Beauty

Woo todays prompt for the storybook challenge was Sleeping Beauty! I drew a modern sleeping beauty in her pyjamas with panda eyes lol! Hope you guys like it :)


This Week


So many things were disrupted this week that I don’t know where to start. I’ll start with the most important: despite a health scare, Zen is okay. 550 more words