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Writing is not a race, but it sure can feel like one…

I scribble away on the pages of an overstuffed notebook, desperately trying to get my thoughts down onto paper before they scatter away in all directions like a disturbed ants’ nest. 422 more words


Horses for Courses.....

There’s been some good news over this last week….and some not so good news….. and as a person who prefers to dwell on the good, I will quickly get the bad out of the way….. 187 more words

March 28

Man oh man it’s been a busy day 🙃🙃


Bleeding Ink #1063

He was already against the next war

He had his signs drying in the sun

“No more war”

They said, in red and black

No more war… 72 more words


Regular Samus

Back to the ink pen and coloured pencils with this fanart. Hope you don’t notice the little mistake. ): P


Rainy sky studies

Clouds hiptonize me, the sky today was simply gorgeous, many tones of grays and purples, blues and some times the sun shows up and the spring colors of the grass and tres just pop up. 47 more words