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Don't Just Warm What's Cold

Just like ice, I could be too cold. And like snow, I could be freezing. But with the right hand and the right warmth, I could melt. 228 more words

Reflections Haikus ~ Three

Ink indelible
Sable cursive proclaiming
Echoes of my heart

~ kei
23 November 2015

Personal Thoughts

Adjusting to the light

It’s been almost a month since starting the new move into the studio and things are coming along nicely. Slowly, but nicely. A friend of mine who does videos for her business, … 155 more words


Opportunity: Young Adult First 15

  is putting on a small group PROFESSIONALLY-FACILITATED WRITING WORKSHOP. Thought you might like to check it out.

Young Adult First 15 with Tamra Tuller 304 more words


Writing Challenge Day 7: What tattoos you have and if they have meaning

I have 2 tattoos.  I had them done in the downtown of my college town at the age of 24, several months apart.

The first one, a Christian Fish on my lower back, was a very simple design I had found on the internet.   192 more words

Kylie Jenner Gets New Tattoo: Where Did She Get Inked Up Now?

In late October, Kylie Jenner wanted another tattoo.  Most of us have seen every nude photo of Kylie (because she posts them everywhere).  But of us missed the tiny heart inked on her right arm. 19 more words

The Taboo of Tattoos; Questions/Comments I've Experienced

Since I’ve been abroad I wanted to get a tattoo to represent this whole Erasmus experience and something else that meant a lot to me and so, as I do, I got to thinking. 903 more words