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Eternal Connectivity

By eternal connectivity in the tattoo relevance, I would be referring to the significance of matching tattoos. There is something so comforting about having the exact same piece as someone else who holds so much significance to you. 289 more words

Inked temples

I love tattoos, it is a form of art of which the participant doesn’t have to be an artist, all they need is soul and experience. 271 more words


"Does it hurt?" "What kind of question is that?"

One of the most common questions asked right before getting either your first tattoo or a new spot done is, “does it hurt?” Well…yes. Thinking about it logically, there are dozens of tiny needles filled with ink being injected a few layers deep into your skin’s surface repeatedly for minutes to hours at one time. 236 more words

Upper class cuppa ... 

One of our regulars popped in today for a really cute addition to the lush cupcake that Lee created for her some time back. This pretty, vintage style cup and saucer is a beautiful everlasting tribute to the customer’s gran who died earlier this year. 54 more words


A real boss cross!

With over 20 years of tattooing experience Lee’s customers at Forever Art Tattoos in Pembroke can always relax and know they are in mighty experienced and hugely capable hands. 54 more words