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Comic Artist Norman Lee Went Missing While Snorkeling Near Grand Cayman

The world of comic books may have lost one of its greatest artists last week. If you’ve kept up with the latest issues of Marvel’s… 225 more words


Inker Page Rates

Well… After a year and a half since I devoted myself to inks I have gained several experience and meet tremendous people. I think I can post my page rates now that I am becoming more confident over my work. 192 more words

20 Words with Joe Rubinstein

CREDIT: Shawn Hoklas                                      CREDIT: Marvel Comics

Joe Rubinstein is probably best known for his inking work on the 1982 Wolverine miniseries with Frank Miller, as well as his inking of The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. 246 more words

20 Words

Dr.Genuks is now seeking opportunities to take a part into LGBT content, super-hero Comic!

I am an aspiring Illustration Artist concerned with LGBT content and seeking possibilities to lay my hands onto any related Project, 

thus i can’t at least for now afford any free collaboration, still I do believe that my rates would be found more then humanly.

Looking forward to your reply,

Rough Sketches Aka Work In Progress

Which Way is Up - by Le Beau L. Underwood

I read this on my 4 day trip to southern Chile. And it says perfectly what I am sensing what is to be at the bottom of this pyramid. 945 more words

Different Inking Tools - Inks and paper

I have tested several inks and papers during all these years, and here are my two cents about them.

Since I live in Chile I had to look for materials where are both available in Chile and / or easy to bring by mail to Chile. 1,093 more words