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InkJet Vs Lazer Printer: Which One You Should Go For?

Inkjet vs. Laser printer- Head To Head!

For the general consumer, when buying a printer, the basic choice is whether to get an Inkjet printer or a laser printer. 1,062 more words

InkJet Printer

Choosing The Best Industrial Inkjet Printer for The Job

When you buy industrial inkjet printers, you expect it to get the work done. However, most businesses do not understand which particular inkjet printer is the right choice for their company. 136 more words

Industrial Inkjet Printer

State of the Intrepid - Scan & Print

If there’s one thing I quietly agonized over while setting up the Intrepid, it was what to do about scanning and printing. There have been times when I’ve needed to receive PDF forms which can’t be edited on the computer, so they must be printed and filled out by hand (and perhaps signed) and then either be mailed, or scanned and emailed back. 1,667 more words

Mod Squad

Print Your Own Tattoos

This is just a little review of something that I bought for no reason other than the little kid in me wanted it. I don’t have any real tattoos because I have commitment issues, but I’ve always wanted one. 230 more words


A New Printer

Time to junk the old printer. It was an inexpensive Epson, lasted about two years, had terrible print head problems. Always delivering fuzzy copy. And it ran through ink quickly, although all printers do. 477 more words

Things to Consider When Choosing a Brother Toner or Inkjet Cartridges

When buying your Brother printer ink and toner, it’s important to know which ink cartridges are compatible with the printer that requires a replacement ink or toner? 1,266 more words

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