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Father and Uncle

Yesterday we took Emma to the zoo in Lansing where we met up with my brother’s family.  We got to spend a little time with her cousins Toby and Claire. 47 more words


A very special blue-black: "Randall" by Nick Stewart

I’m a sucker for blue-black inks. So when Nick Stewart offered me the chance to try a sample of his new ink, Randall (named after one of Nick’s aquatic adventurer friends), I jumped at it. 409 more words

There is a river
But no dam controls these lines
From chromatic inks


I wonder...

When I’m drawing, I usually don’t focus too closely on what I’m doing. Instead my mind wanders. Today when I was doodling, it wandered to Emma and how I worry about how she’s going to see herself reflected in popular culture. 91 more words



“…it had been perfect and had never been; you can’t dismiss it if you loved some moments, me in you and inks in tests…”



An alien known for his calibrations…


Time management

My time management skills have been poor so I’ve been pushing to get some commissions done for a co workers graduation presents for her daughters friends. 12 more words