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Kokeshi Protocol + Little Tokyo

Besides the jungle of the world wide web, there is one spot not so far fromĀ home where I can receive if only in a glimpse, a little of the Japanese substance that at many times refreshes my grey matter. 144 more words



As I was contemplating the spots in theĀ canvas, the bleed of the ink, the smudges of the ball-pens… all of what it was meant to be cleaned after putting the strokes into digits, that sight started a continuous growing warmth into my tired eyes. 580 more words


Recycling = Calendars

As I had mentioned on the Almondmilk introduction page, This very first set of rough drawings were meant for a mug, a gift, and I end up doing enough sketches to set a calendar, same that was suggested, I didn’t think of it at first. 393 more words


A New Day

This is a old personal illustration, made after a travel. I really like that kind of perspective on pictures or on the real life. As usual, I used only Free and Open Source tools. 10 more words


6 months with Fedora Design

So it’s been half a year, actually almost 7 months now since I’ve started interning for Red Hat and Fedora Design Team. Time flies ;) To commemorate that I decided to create a blog post with some of my achievements during that time. 721 more words

Almondmilk, testing...

I am trying to finish the little details here and there for the trademark/title of my future comic #Almondmilk, at the same time I am trying to pay homage to the languages belonging to the two main Pop-culture producers, Japan and Korea, the thing is I don’t know a bit of either language, and although google let you nowadays have a fair idea with its translations, reality is that is far from be fully practical, thus I am going to ask for a bit of help out there, I want to know if this titles are grammatically correct. 65 more words


Go Figure, Part 2

In Part 1, we learned the basics of Desktop Publishing with Inkscape. In this, the second part, we’ll take what we’ve already created and use it as a template for adding in some imaging data. 933 more words