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Anti-burkini decrees

Surely, one of the most bizarre controversies this summer was (and still is) the whole anti-burkini debate going on in France. Regardless of the debate itself, one annoying feature of the way it is reported in the press is the lack of cartographic representations of the extent of the municipal bans. 47 more words



Its quiet simple to draw by going with following steps:

Step 1:-

                              open inkscape and select pencil tool

Step 2:-

draw the outer layer of the face. 230 more words


Atlantis Medallion found??

Although I believe that ancient cities like Atlantis did exist, this is just an art project made by me. If you want something similar, let me know!

Boocho Mcfly

Fast and Fun!

Normally, projects take multiple weekends but this one only took two–Enjoy!

Click here for a bigger version!


Tell Me What You Think of My New Logo!

Ever since moving my blog to this new site I have been thinking about developing a logo for my blog but, like many things I would like to get around to, I just could not devote any serious time to it. 565 more words

Blog Logo

Unfussed number 10!

Kiaria is looking for substance, while Janey Thursday just wants beefcake. And just to let you know, Yakhat is a fake social network that I will be using in this universe.

Boocho Mcfly