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Senemek the Odd is well known for his fantastic theatre of sights and most importantly sounds. This odd home and theatre is hope to some odd sonic performers. 27 more words


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Every schoolboy’s fantasy pleasure robot, Joi.

Just a quick sketch, as I got back late from watching the new Blade Runner, during which I kept obsessively thinking about painting Sean Young’s face, because it’s so otherworldly… I decided to go with the rebooted version of the movie after all, this moment was one of my favs, dystopian nekkid hooker vibes, sweet as candy, which I hope to come back to with watercolors in the future, as this whole scene was indisputably, and most colorfully stunning. 81 more words



Wizards are great and all until they accidentally cause the ground under your chateau to collapse.


Been dedicating some time to setting up an online shop and traveling for a bit.

It took me a while but I finally compiled all 31 ink pen lineart drawings and illustrations based on word prompts from both DRAWTOBER and INKTOBER 2017 into an art zine. 13 more words


Mr. Inamori

Archive: Inktober art

Mr. Inamori takes the metro to work every day. The doors open, a wave of people stumble in, doors close and he drifts off into wonderland. 159 more words


Inktober 2017 Roundup

Because I am never late to the party, right?

So the first year I did Inktober was 2016 and I decided to do it last year (it feels so odd to say this about 2017). 292 more words