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My devils are obstinate,
My devils are mean.
I think I have conquered,
But here they begin.
They sneak up within me,
They gnaw and annoy, 46 more words


The 6-Letter Word that Makes Me Cringe

If you know me at all, you may be a little confused. My dear friends and family know that the word (already making disgusted face) “moist” (oh heavens, it was even hard to type, blech) makes me want to vomit, but only has 5 letters. 1,501 more words

Jesus' Child

Fighting Our Inner Negative Attitude by Blair Gaulton

Fighting Our Inner Negative Attitude
We must be rude;
to our own inner negative attitude.
send it away;
find a way; so it no longer has any sway. 6 more words


I don't expect you to understand. 

Honestly I don’t. I don’t like to listen to people’s sympathy. I honestly don’t. I don’t like people to be so bothered about my life. I honestly don’t. 19 more words

Random Thoughts


Sometimes it is really hard to get out of your own head, actually, at times it seems impossible. At least, in my case it does. It is so easy to get swept up in your emotions and get stuck in self pity. 248 more words

I can't help it.

I have social anxiety, but I can’t help it.

I choose to shut people out, because I’m scared of how they would judge me.

Ever since we separated, I lost everything that was dear to me. 60 more words


Anxiety & Career: Yup, I'm Angry, Frustrated, Resentful and Unfulfilled

If you’ve ever suffered from any sort of anxiety disorder, you’ll get me when I say that anxiety makes me really angry. It’s not because anxiety in itself sucks, which it does, a lot, it’s more about how much it drops bombs on your life, your life goals, your happiness and your self-esteem. 1,719 more words