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I can't help it.

I have social anxiety, but I can’t help it.

I choose to shut people out, because I’m scared of how they would judge me.

Ever since we separated, I lost everything that was dear to me. 60 more words


Anxiety & Career: Yup, I'm Angry, Frustrated, Resentful and Unfulfilled

If you’ve ever suffered from any sort of anxiety disorder, you’ll get me when I say that anxiety makes me really angry. It’s not because anxiety in itself sucks, which it does, a lot, it’s more about how much it drops bombs on your life, your life goals, your happiness and your self-esteem. 1,719 more words


Gender extinct

Gender is going extinct ……. The most noticeable is japan, people are becoming its. A curse of monogamy.

The most crucial questions are being replaced with questions. 74 more words


It's time for change! A poem/prayer.

So I have been a part of an amazing church for the past two months and I have been studying the bible and learning to become a better disciple of Christ. 416 more words


Loss of Expression by Blair Gaulton

Loss of Expression
Words in shards;
scattered on floor.
Pick them, and myself up;
piece them back together once more.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)June 2015