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Five Minute Wisdom

Life Lessons : by understanding nature we come to an understanding of our own natures. Everwhere we look are lessons to be learnt.  Open your heart and become open  to life’s lessons. 2,316 more words

Spiritual Yoga

Unravel- A Short Story

via Daily Prompt: Unravel


She couldn’t take it anymore,

All the smiling behind the pain.

She couldn’t hold it in anymore,

The anger- the frustration toward people who just don’t know her at all- while they have known her for so long. 524 more words

Daily Prompt

A moment of honesty

So guys once again I haven’t been writing that much here, not because I don’t want to, but because I have a lot on my mind lately. 518 more words

Lost [chapter 16]

The dust settles to reveal the scene, the bandit lay unharmed, the ax blade is inches from Alex’s face, and his strong hands grip the ax handle tightly; “Death is not a punishment for his social disobedience!” Alex screams, the executioner pulls his ax away and Alex turns to the face the Keeper “Death is not acceptable!” 805 more words



I’m fire and ice

I’m naughty and nice

Whatever the subject,

I’ve done it twice

Life, love, and lust

There’s never enough

I can’t get my fill… 148 more words