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Wordporn: Undone

You said you were exhausted.

That fighting all your demons had taken all your strength.

You were about to give up.

I came along.

You said you could beat them if I joined you in your battle. 40 more words


That's Life.

There comes a time in your life when you start to notice the moments you know you’ll regret. When you sit there and have to make a choice… and that choice could be the one to change everything. 332 more words

Fighting for a better place 

The never ending take on fighting for your place. And sometimes fighting for it in your own life.

It doesn’t leave. You got to rediscover yourself from time to time. 140 more words


I have fought the battle against myself and won
I no longer define myself by the shape of my body
The weight on the scales… 894 more words




My devils are obstinate,
My devils are mean.
I think I have conquered,
But here they begin.
They sneak up within me,
They gnaw and annoy, 46 more words


The 6-Letter Word that Makes Me Cringe

If you know me at all, you may be a little confused. My dear friends and family know that the word (already making disgusted face) “moist” (oh heavens, it was even hard to type, blech) makes me want to vomit, but only has 5 letters. 1,496 more words

Jesus' Child

Fighting Our Inner Negative Attitude by Blair Gaulton

Fighting Our Inner Negative Attitude
We must be rude;
to our own inner negative attitude.
send it away;
find a way; so it no longer has any sway. 6 more words