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Acne Helped Me To FEEL

By: Carolina Guzman

In 2014, my life had an interesting turn of events. My whole life I had clear and smooth skin. I would often get so many compliments by friends and even perfect strangers about the clarity of my skin. 479 more words


The Tragedy That Saved My Life

by: Tiphany Adams

Imagine yourself growing up in the countryside of Northern California with every kind of farm animal possible, engaging in activities that emphasized more on union with family and the outdoors than exterior beauty. 633 more words


An Open Letter to Britt McHenry

by: Lisa Blanco & Jackie Tinsley

I’ve allowed myself to cool off a bit before writing this one. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a little insight. 1,024 more words

Inner Beauty

#NoFilter Needed

by: Morgan Martin

Physically, you probably don’t see much of a difference between these two pictures. But, it’s what you don’t see where my story begins.  740 more words

Inner Beauty

How I cleanse my crystals

Happy Sunday lovely beings.

So I’ve been getting a few messages, asking how I cleanse my crystals.

There are actually many different ways that this can be done, including placing the crystals in a flowing natural river/sea, burying them, placing them in salt/rice. 549 more words

Trusting Your Intuition

People often advise young people to “Listen to the little voice in your head” as if it’s some sort of pre-programed moral compass, designed to steer us in the right direction. 938 more words

Inner Beauty

Feel Your Feelings

We live in a very digital world. Thanks to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, and Pinterest, we no longer just have to keep up with the Joneses, we’re keeping up with everyone. 1,096 more words

Inner Beauty