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I don’t wanna be looked at
If you can’t see past all of my pretty lies
There’s more to this picture if you look deeper…

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A Living Flame

Strike a match
Start a fire
Now watch the flames burn
Words act as fuel
Can’t deny the pull of what is divine
God working all things for good… 66 more words


Lost In Thought

Lost in thought
A pleasant place to be
Tired of the world’s misery machine
A cerebral landscape of peace
Don’t have to punch the clock here… 70 more words


The Broken And The Beautiful

Only God could take two broken pieces

Place them together and created a priceless treasure

Acceptance is the first measure to take

As you are, As I am… 28 more words


I Hate Myself -- A Love Letter.

I hate myself,” she said.  I had heard it before.  Not in those words, exactly, but in her seeking of affirmation, in her desire to hear that she was pretty even though she never asked quite that straight-forwardly. 1,283 more words


Inner Beauty vs. Outer beauty

So it is no big secret that my blog is based on beauty products, which ones I like, which ones I don’t, how to create certain looks with the products I review, and so on and so forth. 478 more words