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The Importance of #treatyourselftuesday & #takecareofyourselftuesday

Or, #treatyourselfthursday and #takecareofyourselfthursday, which ever you really prefer; there just so happens to be more hashtags for Tuesday on Instagram. These simple hashtags that you see on pictures of freshly manicured nails or some legs propped up in a bath full of bubbles are so much more important than getting likes on Instagram; for some people, the represent something they have to do in order to just keep going with their lives. 426 more words

Be Yourself

Mirror, Mirror

Before we dive into the plethora of beauty products and trends, let’s talk about something that merits a bit more attention.  Inner beauty.  Wait, don’t leave!   350 more words


For The First Time

You reap what you sow

So she planted suns

And when the light grew

She followed

Without looking back

She pressed forward

Following a trail of suns… 31 more words

You have beauty

I don’t know if this is just one of my many quirks or if any of you have at some point in your lives found yourselves doing the same, but I tend to revisit things a lot – be it books, my writings, events, even text messages! 554 more words

Life Lessons

Stay focused

Stay focused on what you love and you will achieve what you were aiming for. 🎯 Lisa-Jane xo


One technique I have offered before that seems relevant this month as we close the September focus on the HEALER Archetype is a Look-in-the-Mirror technique.  Remember the Snow White fairy tale (“Who’s the Fairest…?”)  Simply imagine standing before a full sized mirror and seeing your Inner HEALER part-of-Self looking back at you, beaming a smile! 894 more words

BE2: Tuesday Life Paths Tools

Confidence with Acne.....

Hello my angel….

A very good afternoon. Now this post is something you can seriously relate to.

It is the most teenage relevant topic and some are really… 553 more words