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What are You Worth?

I am constantly asking myself this question. What am I worth? I am worth what I am dealing with, who I am dealing with, what I am going through? 436 more words


#Romantic Tuesday: Without Costume Or Cape

You are a woman of wonder

With the most amazing ways

Although I am just an ordinary guy

You find me super and I am mighty thankful to be… 121 more words


My favourite pain in the ass

I sit here with my ass in pain, something that I have experienced pretty often during my last 5 weeks of working out. This is both awful when trying to constantly get up all the stairs I have to take each day, but I have this cheeky little grin in the back of my mind when I feel the burn after I workout. 830 more words

Little Leaf Of Spring

A Message About Beauty To Young Girls From the Insecure Girl Who Grew Up to Love Herself

Flash back to four years ago, the summer before my freshman year of high school. My family moved to Illinois from Michigan and, naturally, it took me a while to make friends. 744 more words

Inner Beauty

A Beautiful Heart

A beautiful soul, a beautiful character, a beautiful heart with only good intentions for others – these are the things that we humans should appreciate more of and strive to possess…    –Nadira Shirlonna, The Seeds 4 Life

Cresting Light 

And still your smile lights up the world

A constant refreshing reminder of hope

There is a glimmer in your eyes

A sparkling light cresting on a mountain top… 96 more words


Abstaining From A Vote Is Counterproductive

Disgusted by Donald Trump? Yeah, me too.

Many Americans today angrily scowl when the topic of the upcoming election arises. The younger demographic of our country excitedly involved itself in the world of politics with the campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders, but now, after #FeelTheBern is no longer in the running, I’ve heard so many of my peers say, … 421 more words

Inner Beauty