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The new dress

I hadn’t bought a dress in over six years! After all, I have a number of barely-worn frocks in my closet, leftovers from my former life in the corporate arena. 853 more words


When You Attend A University That Isn't Your Dream School

It’s no surprise that I have always wanted to live in the big city. I would dream of going to college in New York City, Chicago, Boston, or LA. 1,344 more words

Inner Beauty

Why You Think Everyone is Better than You

“Dawg, I was having nervous breakdowns like, “man these n***as that much better than me?”- Kanye West

Kanye West is one of my favorite artists (I’m not gonna go into old Kanye vs New Kanye) because he gives a voice to the dreamers. 536 more words

Inner Beauty

Where It All Started: My Story

(originally published 12/7/2016)

“And it took cutting back the prettiest parts of myself to finally realize that this shell does not define me. For I am so much more than the flesh and bone that case the beautiful tragedies of my heart and mind.”-Becca Lee… 1,803 more words


The Way You Are Using Social Media Is Hurting You

As a media studies major, a blogger, and your run-of-the-mill millennial, I spend my fair share of time on social media (maybe even several people’s fair shares).   3,349 more words

Inner Beauty

Welcome To My Idea Of Fashion

Hello readers! So after about a month of delaying the release of my blog, I finally gathered enough confidence to deliver my first blog-post. My first interaction with you HAD to be about why I chose to discuss fashion. 729 more words


Beautiful stench...

The Durian: a fruit that smells so pungent, hotel elevators across Thailand forbid them from entering. It’s true. There are signs posted with its photo and a caption that reads, “you have Durian, you can’t climb.” One night, while waiting for three drunken trannies to exit, I started wondering how this sweet and delectable fruit could have acquired such a repellent odor. 42 more words