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See Yourself As God Sees You

“And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…(Romans 12:2).” Change your way of thinking about yourself. What we view as flawed, God sees as beautiful! See yourself as beautiful!


Kindred Treasure

Oh but she was a surprise

Her quiet demeanor formed from years of feeling

That her thoughts and impressions

Were too different for this world… 68 more words


Do What We LOVE!

Work is also a prayer, not in the form of words but actions. When we love what we do, the doing become a meditation, the mind becomes creative, and the body become joyful. 71 more words


Inner beauty?

How often are you impartial and unbiased ?

How much do you rate yourself as a person who discriminates ?
No chance ! Never !! Is that what your head just said ? 213 more words


Hidden Gems of Artistic Beauty

Early morning walks can be both peaceful and energizing. As I stroll through the quiet calm it allows my mind to wander, linger, and uncover hidden gems of the neighborhood. 60 more words



Well Valentine’s came and went…#cricket sound. I traveled for a couple of weeks meaning my usual Monday to Sunday routine was disrupted. I can’t stand that because it gives me too much time with my thoughts. 430 more words

Life Advice

Elite Daily: The Next Time You Think Someone’s Avoiding You, Take A Look In The Mirror

Most people strive to be kind, loving, and happy.

But that is not always the case. Most people associate beauty with external looks and they think that is what will make them attractive to other people. 58 more words