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The Treasure And The Cherished

The treasure is inside you

Cherished through and through

The whole of you

The beautiful world I discovered in you

So much more than that which greets the eyes… 61 more words


The 'whitewashed' beauty - Beauty is colourful, shouldn't advertisers include it?

‘Beauty whitewash’, it’s a thing in advertising and it’s used to describe situations where the advertisers portray simply one race, thus one definition of beauty, or more controversially where the skin tone of others are depicted as digitally retouched to appear whiter. 431 more words


Soul's Beauty

A lot of quotes flying around, telling its readers to not make the mistake in finding beauty in the appearance of a person, but rather find beauty in someone’s soul. 604 more words

If You Want to Grow More Beautiful Each Year

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could drink a magic potion to become more beautiful? What woman wouldn’t want an elixir for erasing blemishes, wrinkles, and extra weight? 605 more words

Self Care

Keep Them Human

Let them have their imagination

Feed their creativity

Give them the freedom

To grow up beautifully

Nurture their spirits

Don’t leave them out in the cold… 29 more words


Humans of Redefine BeYOUtiful #4: Gabriella

Today we talk to 23-year-old  PhD student Gabriella, about what she believes makes her beautiful:

When I was first asked the question of ‘what do I think make me beautiful?’, I find it really hard to answer this question about myself. 270 more words


Up Cyclying Your Clothes

Well if you don’t know what up cyclying is, it’s baiscally taking your old clothes that you don’t wear and transforming them into some thing you like. 132 more words