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Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face,

it’s about having a pretty mind, pretty heart and pretty soul..


Out of Love Just in Time

There are certain things in life I would like to tell the past me but the only problem with that is a person cannot go back in time they can only move forward. 1,093 more words

It Always Remains

It remains within us, always

While we search outside.
The shadows, figments of imagination.
Just like flintstones,
The fire sleeps there, deep inside
Waiting to be summoned. 10 more words


Original Thought of the Day

In order to be truly beautiful, first you must value your inner beauty over your outer beauty.

Learning from Nature

When you are out in nature, hiking in the woods, walking along a trail, you look around and you drink in the divine and the beauty of creation.  220 more words