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Beauty Eclipsed #10: Increase your capacity to love

Unburden yourself of the misdeeds of others. A spirit free from judgment contains an immeasurable capacity to love.

To All My Single Ladies!

Do you know how important you are? Have you given yourself credit for being amazing lately? If you need a reminder of how downright gorgeous you are, then these five personal declarations will help you out. 518 more words

Daily Life Musings


I’m tired of stumbling across insecure people who caption #ugly. I feel like they are casting out nets to fish for sympathy, reassurance and compliments. If you don’t think you’re perfect the way you are, who will? 166 more words

Sunset Glow From The Window

Good evening everyone. Hope all of you are doing well this weekend. The sunset pictures below are from this past week and I haven’t been able to post the pictures on time because I’m very busy with the new opportunity that came into my hands recently. 155 more words



As I am working to build on a Christ centered foundation in my life, I find it necessary to address the issue of rejection.
As we grow up we will experience rejection and in fact if you are like me, you come to expect it. 493 more words

bloom inward

I found out something yesterday. I learned that a fig is really a flower. It blooms inwardly and the seeds you see are dozens and dozens of tiny blossoms. 267 more words


You're Not Good Enough

Has anyone ever made you feel as though you weren’t good enough? Have you ever said these words to yourself?

No shit. We all have. 287 more words