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Importance Of Inner Beauty

Looking beautiful is a desire of almost every individual living on this planet. Emphasis on the word ‘Looking’ in the previous statement. Looking beautiful depends on others and not on our own selves. 683 more words

Veil ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #105

Difficult it is
To remember beauty
Especially my own
When the veil of anger
Occludes my vision
Shrouds my being 349 more words


Be a little light in a dark world.

I found myself walking in a dark world. I could barely see. I saw just a little light beaming thru my little shattered heart.

I walked some more and bumped into others who pointed at my heart and looked at me as if I was different. 275 more words


Young and Married: Did I Have Doubts?

hey gang,

When people hear I got married at 19, they often ask how I was sure I wanted to get married. I thought I would open up about that today. 536 more words

Inner Beauty

Destress From Your Day In 5 Steps

In honor of school starting again, I thought I’d share my tips for relaxing. Inner beauty is what it’s all about. Make yourself glow on this inside, and you’ll start to glow on the outside. 11 more words


My Most Embarrassing Moment

Hey gang,

Thought I should keep things real and share my most embarrassing moment. It’s a doozy for sure.

I would say that my most embarrassing moment was basically my entire seventh-grade year. 389 more words

Inner Beauty

Here's Why You Should Know You're Beautiful

You know all those times when you’ve looked at your face in the mirror and recoiled because you spotted something you didn’t like? Perhaps you thought that mole above your lip was ugly or wished for a life without freckles. 587 more words