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Monday Thoughts: Mental Diuretic

If we are not willing to let go knotty and prickly issues in time, our mental frame can be wrecked before long. One must be prepared to get the monkey off the back, eventually. 379 more words


Shardoma - The Great Unknown 


Across a timeline

Heart with hope

Vast landscape

Discovering life within

Inner mystery

photo courtesy of pixabay


Face Towards The Sky

Dark clouds gathering

Opening to pour

Wash away the silence

Wash away the sorrow and joy

Wash away the miscellaneous thoughts

As the first drops touch my face… 8 more words


I Let Go 


Wide open

And free

Far from analytics

Far from overthinking


Just breathe

Inhale and let go

Control is a false sense of reality… 49 more words


Scorching Heart

Rising like a revival

Scorching heart

Raging fire

Phoenix transformation

Red sky blazing

Bullshit melting like wax

Soul truth emerging from the ashes

The feint of heart still denying themselves… 29 more words


Take full rest in your Self

Recognise the serenity of your own inner Being.
Let your attention be one with it.
Feel its vibration.
Do not create any image about this. 79 more words


Road Conditions

Anytime I travel somewhere, I notice whether the roads are new, renewed, or in need of repairing.

If I am in a vehicle that has bad shocks and I am on a bad road, well, it can be an unpleasant experience. 481 more words