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Thoughtful Thursday: Sameness

“There is no need for us all to be alike and think the same way, neither do we need a common enemy to force us to come together and reach out to each other. 79 more words

Monday Motivation: So Many Voices 

So many voices around us. Helpful, harmful, encouraging, discouraging, voices without and the voice within. We listen, we absorb and then we decide how it impacts us. 185 more words

overcoming listening inhibitors?

Listening is an important aspect of human life. Our ability to listen or not listen affects all aspects of how we live or exist. As previous posts on this topic have shown listening is a process and there are many factors and barriers that affect our being effective listeners. 1,193 more words


Friday Inspiration: Worth More

With each morning that comes

The breath of God fills my lungs

The light of His love shines brighter in me

Than the light of the rising sun… 9 more words


Warmest Embrace

Before the day fades

Cataloged under yesterday’s memories

Regardless of how everyone else treated you

Were you good to you today?

Interacting with a sea of faces… 77 more words


4 Line Stories: There Is A U In Super

You are super in any form

Easily surpassing the norm

But what is normal anyway?

Aren’t we all just a little crazy?


photo credit: … 7 more words


stepping out on your life JOURNEY

organizing  and taking action– You have arranged your thoughts and allow them to fallow in order for your inner self and consciousness to give you the go on light to embark on your life journey. 395 more words