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Capturing Every Moment

Time passing

Moments like flashes of light

Swift and bright bursts

But I’m paying close attention

Grasping them, capturing them

And holding them extremely tight


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Feet Path Lamp

Truth’s shining light guides me in my choices and decisions; the revelation of your word makes my pathway clear. Psalm 119:105 (TPT)

Recently the three words for the title of this blog have drawn me to consider their connection with new understanding. 765 more words


Feeling like a different person

There’s a saying in the Abraham Hicks material that “you can’t get there from there”.

It has a couple of different meanings, but the meaning I discovered recently is that in my quest for happiness I must at some point feel like a different person. 179 more words


#MondayThoughts: Look In Your Heart

When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.

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The Perfect Match

Once the match was struck

It didn’t take long for the flame to grow

The only aftermath

An everlasting beautiful romance


photo credit:  Made up in Britain

New Skin

“In a single moment, your life can be totally redefined.”

Time on loan, no interest

Carving out an existence

Living your given color

Until your color is meshed with another… 56 more words


Her Novela

How fascinating

Your novela

So in depth

I read intensely

A matured Cinderella

Not in need of a Prince Charming

Just a real love to stand with you… 31 more words