Tags » Inner Being

The Last Thing On My Mind

The last thing on my mind is the light that shines
Just before the sun falls off to sleep
I watch and without words we speak… 44 more words


Finally Home

I don’t have to wander any more
I believe I’ve finally made it home
A long journey on road less traveled
Battled forces demonic in stature… 40 more words


A Living Flame

Strike a match
Start a fire
Now watch the flames burn
Words act as fuel
Can’t deny the pull of what is divine
God working all things for good… 66 more words


The Whole Of You

Billions of hearts beating
So many smiling faces
In a world full of forgotten flowers
You somehow maintained
And as I look at you now, I wonder… 52 more words


I Choose Love

More than flesh and bone
Love takes on a life of its own
A spirit that can’t be contained
Truly defined or conceptualized
It rises above the physical longing for pleasure… 88 more words


He Is Everything

Looking at you, God

You are everything

Lifting me up when I thought I was nothing

And when I had nothing, you provided

You gave me everything… 44 more words


The Sevens: Illumination

Divine contact
Impacting the soul
Opening a new mind
Thoughts no longer controlled
Spiritual receptors open
Love given, love returned
The true stairway to heaven… 7 more words