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The Joy of Consciously Co-Creating With My Inner Being

I’m spending this Sunny Saturday morning with My Divine Inner Being as I sip a cuppa delicious Oregon Chai and write Positive Affirmations & Lists of Appreciation to raise my Vibe to the Level of The Gods. 417 more words


Real Thought Series: Inner Interrogation

“Circumstances don’t make the man, they only reveal him to himself.”

I often ask myself

How far will I go?

I really don’t know… 36 more words


4 Line Stories: Silent Reflection

“It is alright dear”

The reflection tells her

An inner light so beautiful

Her silent thoughts smile at her


photo credit: asrar.photoshelter.com

A beautiful young lady gazing through the window in wonder and silent happiness.



Inner beings operate in silence

I used to find silences “awkward”. It said a lot about me. I used to live in that chaotic world of “noise, noise, noise…busy, busy, busy”. 669 more words


Expending The Soul

I don’t dwell too much on existence

Well, more so on the quality of it

Where is tomorrow?

I haven’t got a clue

I expend myself of everything within… 26 more words


Malevolent Whispers

Malevolent Whispers

Twisted shadows creep forth…
morphing my soul into…


Cries seep through
my skin…
Thereafter, darkness…
Engulfs me…
Consumes me…
Becomes me…

Devours my inner being, my essence… 43 more words


Strange Sensation 

Tiny dot of light coming from up high

Jump in my car and follow the tiny beam

Coming to this muddy field, I get out… 164 more words