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Nature Connectedness

The history of humankind is impossible to understand, or even validate, without acknowledging the evolution of man in the natural settings. Since the beginning of time our ancestors relied on nature to provide them with physical sustainability, spiritual awareness and a holistic connection. 641 more words

Tamara Rokicki

Soul Group & Soulmates

I would like to communicate with my relatives in Spirit. Sn 14.4.13

In your time the fastest way to do this is for you to slide into the state where your own Inner Being can drive you. 811 more words

Inner Being

Finding Wholeness

Rev. Kelly Isola writes in Rediscovering Your Wholeness, “When you experience harmony in mind, you experience harmony in body. And when you have a sense of well-being and peace within your body, you are at peace… 173 more words


* Stuck in the Shallows

Some of us are stuck in the shallows
Where life has a cautious desperate rhythm, punctuated by bursts of pleasure and hurt.

There’s a loss of connection with the depth of our being. 154 more words

Middle Ground

Happiness 1 - Ripples in the Lake Analogy

If someone around us is unhappy, should we change our thoughts to happy to influence them for happy? JP 26.8.14

A rock has ripples when it hits the water. 1,013 more words

Inner Being

Hard work -vs- energy connection

Conversation with my inner being…

I used to believe in hard work. I thought that hard work will bring me more money.
However, this belief is now changing somehow. 193 more words


Other Dimensions (Environments)

For an explanation of Robert’s use of the word ‘environment’, see Theme 5

How many dimensions are there? WMG 24.6.14

There are many galaxies, as you call them, and many environments in each of the places, like this one you are calling home. 540 more words

Inner Being