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A New Level Of Growth

“What we perceive

as a failure

may simply be

our inner being’s way

of telling us that we

are ready to move to

a new level of growth.” 104 more words


Warriors and Men

Rising again

Facing the task before me

Stitched up wounds

What must be will be

The wise men spin tales of heroism

The jesters lighten the mood… 18 more words


Friday Inspiration: All Encompassing Love

When all else fails

When the human nature

and psyche are frail 

God’s love is always there

God’s love never fails

photo credit: Blogos.org

4 Line Stories: A Pinch of This...

The right ingredients can give a dish the most delectable flavor

One that the taste buds will always savor

In life, we try to find the ingredients that will bring… 12 more words


For what it's worth. 

It’s never too late to be who you want to be, never too late to create a life you have dreamed. Whether you are just graduating or in your 50’s, if you want to be happy, the power is in your hands. 699 more words

Up And Out

When you reach rock bottom

You can only look up

Can’t fall any further

Unless it’s six feet under

The point of no return

But it is not that time… 144 more words


Monday Motivation: Potential 

The indicator reads zero.

We are all blessed with the potential to do some great and amazing things. We all have our own unique talents and skill set that when explored and tapped into, can lead to some awesome experiences in our life. 128 more words