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Whatever The Day Brings 

Maybe I will not see it all

For who knows when the days will fall


So I give thanks for this day

For whatever may come today… 57 more words


4 Line Stories: The Fisherman 

Went fishing in the universe

Fell into a cluster of stars

I swam with the celestials

Now, when I observe the stars, my spirit glows… 8 more words



I hear the door close

The room is dark again

The searchlight goes out

A heart streaks down the lonely highway

Distance begins to tell its lies again… 101 more words


Painted Fresh

Painted us a memory

Frozen in time

The fragrance sleeps

To be awakened someday

Not by wishful thinking

But the scent of fresh reality

So we fall asleep… 33 more words



I was reading an article about a plastic surgery that Kaley Cuoco had and it mentioned that Kylie Jenner felt insecure about her lips and had lip fillers and that hit me the wrong way. 262 more words

Beautiful Pain

Translucent mind

Light weaving its way through

Double visions reflected

Windows opaque with dreams

Wiping away the steam from my heart

Vision much clearer

Missing you… 26 more words


My Questioning Reflection

I ponder day after day, night after night. There’s a feeling never leaves me and I am blanketed in a swirl of growing incompleteness.

I do have my little moments of epiphanies, but they are becoming ever more rare. 949 more words