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Forever Amazing

Bursting sunshine

Ever present hope


Exalted in your presence

You see more in me than I will live know

Captivating compassion

Never failing to answer my call… 23 more words

Don't cramp my style

There are just those moments when someone is being so irritating that you feel the need to punch them square in the face. It could be an irritating customer, nosy neighbor, jealous co-worker or just your mother bashing your new hairdo. 419 more words

It's All About You

Love First, Then Act

I’m not entirely sure how it came about, but I have within me a compassion for all beings that I have never felt before. I believe it’s been building in me ever since I made the conscious decision to take responsibility for my own happiness. 709 more words

Angels And Spirit

“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality” – Plutarch

Wisdom Bites

Is PEACE the missing piece?

Peace.  Ahh… I like the word.  Yet, what is peace?  What does it mean to you?  A state of tranquility?   Calmness and quiet?  Harmony?  A sense of safety, security and comfort?  248 more words

Spiritual Writing

Experience Being-ness

Last christmas break has brought in some very important epiphanies, in my life and way of thinking. Until now, I didn’t feel inspired to talk about it or share it but today I felt my inner being gently nudging me to talk about it. 563 more words

Multiverses - Foretelling the Future

In our ‘Wooden Doll’ experience of time, how far in advance can you in spirit be confident of being able to read our energy to know what our probable future would be? 649 more words

Inner Being