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A Flaming Flower

The inspired heart

is a flaming flower

golden red petals

a divine fragrance

that permeates in the air

scintillating the senses

in full awareness

that this walk is on water… 22 more words


4 Line Stories: Alive

Unplugged from the collective

Silencing the brainwashing feed

The light pierces my life pod

I believe I am now, alive

~ photo credit: www.positivitytosuccess.com


The Melody Breathes

The melody breathes

Coursing through my veins

Pumping in my heart, heavily

Perching on rooftops and wires

Like birds taking in the scenery

The melody breathes… 35 more words


Lost In The Wonder

Lost in the wonder of the day
Eyes on a light in space
Wonder of God filling the time
Thankful state
Being in the presence of love… 31 more words


Optimum Output

Handed down by God’s own hand

You are light

Who am I to deny the world of your light?

My stance is not to suffocate… 80 more words


* Haiku - landing


Find your Middle Ground

Let yourself land softly here

Nourish your Being


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Middle Ground

Stirring The Hornet's Nest

If you poke at a hornet’s nest long enough
You are bound to get stung
Repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly
When sleeping giants are at peace
Let them sleep… 53 more words