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Return To Genesis 

I wonder how the light makes its way inside

Touching the deepest part of the soul

Interacting with the core

Return to Genesis

Restoring life from suspension… 51 more words


Monday Motivation: Create Your Day

Another day is here, that means another opportunity to do something you enjoy doing. We have our routines and lists, but we also have our desires, dreams and hopes. 84 more words

Friday Inspiration: God Is Bigger

The bigger the problem seems

The bigger my God appears

Always larger than the life

He created


music credit: We Are Messengers “Magnify”

photo credit: http://www.pinterest.com

Do You Really Care What Other People Think Of You?

“What will the neighbors think?” That seemed to be the main concern of my parents when I was growing up.

As much as I rebelled against it at the time, and as much as that concern always felt like bondage to me, and as much as I really did see it as an example of how NOT to live, I still internalized the message that… 403 more words

Law Of Attraction

The Legend of The Bearers of Light 

Her offering was that of life

Her life for me to own

But I expelled that notion

For I was master of none

And still a student of my own life… 91 more words


Monday Motivation: Motives

I question myself at times. I ask myself why do I do what I do?

I’m not out to prove I’m better than anybody or that I know everything there is to know. 112 more words


There are times you want to take to the sky

Loosen yourself from the earth a bit

Enjoy a flight of peaceful mind and spirit… 48 more words