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Newspaper Route

By Diana Wanamaker

I have trekked, trotted, plowed, sailed and been dragged thru numerous jobs and employment hunts for almost 5 decades now. Searching and searching for my purpose and passion in life while making all and every attempt to bring in a income. 372 more words

Prompt: Why do you feel you must incorporate a feminine line of thinking within your life?

Perhaps it’s not that I must incorporate the feminine within my life. 296 more words


Following your inner calling

In German, we have a word for profession, it’s called; “Beruf.” Translated it means: “be-called.” I think that every one of us is searching for meaning in life, doing something that is aligned with our true nature, and therefore comes quiet easily once we know or at least have a clue what our calling and purpose could be. 480 more words