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Prompt: Why do you feel you must incorporate a feminine line of thinking within your life?

Perhaps it’s not that I must incorporate the feminine within my life. 296 more words


Following your inner calling

In German, we have a word for profession, it’s called; “Beruf.” Translated it means: “be-called.” I think that every one of us is searching for meaning in life, doing something that is aligned with our true nature, and therefore comes quiet easily once we know or at least have a clue what our calling and purpose could be. 480 more words


Jenny's Bell

“Did you hear the bell?” , she asked like a little child.

“What bell?”, answered so plainly, the old man, the same curtain between  him and the space, a  century between time and his eyes. 610 more words

Card of the Day: April 14 2015 - Judgement

Today may be time for a wake-up call. It’s time to rise above the rest and take stock; a sort of “rebirth” or awakening. You may realise an inner calling. 56 more words


Dark Moon/Equinox 20 March 2015 ~ Between Doors

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Dark Moon/Equinox 20 March 2015

Between Doors

By Katharina Bless

The Dark Moon Constellation in Pisces is connected with a one-and-a-half square to the retrograde Jupiter in Cancer and a quintile to Pluto. 258 more words

Dark Moon Reading

Enlightened Quotes: The Holy Call « The Culture of Awareness

“The holy call is a revelation, an inner prompting, a vision, causing an individual to turn from a personal, self-cenetered, and superficially expressed life to that of a servant of the divine.” 10 more words

Stand In Your Power

Stand In Your Power
Catharsis synthesis of my soul is a sacred process spiritually guided and shown to me by my beloved as I embrace the Rites of Love… 437 more words