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Jack Skellington Examines Skelita and Death and the Whole Damn Thing

Due to the influence of the humorous and creative Submerina, I went looking for a Monster High doll called Skelita. She has a face painted with symbolism from the Mexican Day of the Dead and a skeletal body. 254 more words

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Fairy Tale Reflections (22/07/2013)

I perhaps need to be more careful of what I invite for myself in future; for after my blog entry last week (Going Beyond the Story) I found myself receiving another invitation to surrender and let go. 794 more words

Working with the Tarot of Inner Child Cards (21/01/2013)

It is one thing to step into that quiet space where I can get into tune with my higher self and draw on intuitive and inspired promptings. 743 more words

2 of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles card suggests that my power today lies in balance. I strive for equality and choose not to indulge instant gratification at the expense of my purpose. 31 more words

1~Daily Card

Celebrating the Miracle of The Light

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Tonight is the first night of Chanukah, marking the beginning of the holiday season celebrating the miracle of The Light. 362 more words

Auntie Moon

Cavorting Fairies in the Garden

Daily Draw August 7th, 2011

I got a bit sidetracked reading blogs again today while waiting for the sun to come out so I could re-point the bricks on the side of the house where the huge Golden Ninebarks were cut down. 112 more words

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Enjoyment of the Helper Dogs

Daily Draw August 6th, 2011

I didn’t get my computer on today until the afternoon because we were trimming trees and foundation shrubs in order to uncover the house so the contractor can redo the soffit, fascia, gutters etc. 197 more words

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