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the radar for good sprinkles

Feeling your way through the day. Sifting through incoming data.

Getting to know the new truth.

It’s easy to get lost without special glasses.

But once you pull them out of your pocket, the compass suddenly takes shape. 95 more words

Can you JUST....!

This morning, after a few days of recuperation from seeing G…I talked to my therapist. Such a preposterous event. Seeing G. Forgetting things that I should not forget. 623 more words

Pugs & Love Wednesday: Children

Children can have an important role and part in all love relationships, whether it’s your own children, your spouse/significant other’s children or even discussions about if or when you want to have children in your relationship. 92 more words


Understanding the traumatised child within

Many of us who have endured childhood trauma, have within us an inner child of any age who exists in a place beneath the surface of our consciousness, centred at a bodily or somatic level (the earlier the trauma the more buried and preverbal), who carries within him or her imprints and recollections of energies and experiences with trying to attach, be attended to, seen, made real, mirrored, affirmed and understood. 683 more words

How to Feed Your Inner Child

Do you have the appetite of a 5-year-old? If you don’t like your food touching

other food or only eat foods cut into the shape of dinosaurs, we feel your pain. 192 more words

Food & Drink

What does the Children card mean for you?

Aloha! There are “Children” cards in multiple angel card decks, and today, I’d like to introduce you to some of them and talk about the possible meanings of the Children cards; it is related to children in general, and it may also mean your hidden inner child. 848 more words

Oracle Cards & Angel Cards