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Dance Like Nobody's Watching

The meaning of the above title came to life for me several months ago while attending a wedding reception. A DJ played music and twenty or more mostly young adults were dancing and having fun. 860 more words


Sturgeon Moon

Full Moon meditation tonight was very different. I had anticipated fluffy swirling energies, but nope, this time it was flighty pricks of chaos at a very fine scale. 559 more words


My Pain is Not a Garden

My new poem, My Pain is Not a Garden, was just published in “A River of Milk”, Issue 1: Sylvia. My work featured along Sylvia Plath’s – a deep honour! 249 more words



This word had been ringing in my head for the past few days. I had to google it, and to my surprise, it had been given such a bad name here, and applied only in its negative notion. 235 more words


Help Release the Inner Child Prisoner

Have you ever noticed that the most damaged people that you can ever come into contact with are those who don’t look at themselves? They’re great at pointing out everyone’s flaws, but downplay their own. 818 more words


EMDR Session 5 - Unlovable Me

Yesterdays session was HARD. The hardest one yet.

I have been drawing a bit of a blank at the sexual abuse/ assault stuff for some reason and My therapist asked me last week if ever I had been physically abused, I said by who she said by anyone so I told her about my dad hitting me and grabbing me by the throat this then led into all the abusive relationships I have had in my adult life. 600 more words