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Disobey is my middle name. I wasn’t born to follow inane laws and trifling regualtions. I was born for love, passion, and creativity. I hated the institution of school, yet I really loved learning. 214 more words


Cravings- Self-Expression- Connection- Inner-Child (Ashley)

Cravings. We usually get them when we need to fill the void. It sometimes can be as simple as just needing to express ourselves. But sometimes it’s more complicated than that. 564 more words


Meaning Lenses

Meanings and beliefs are like lenses and will get bigger and thicker because of our focus (attention) on the physical proofs.

We attract low vibrational thoughts (painful meaning) when we experience or re-experience trauma. 34 more words


Positive Focus, A Natural State of Being

Positive focus is the natural state; we don’t need to learn how to do it. The reason why we focus negatively and then have unwanted results is because we were trained out of our own compass to conform the expectations of the family and society we were born into. 183 more words


To My Dearest Self

Every person has light and shadow in his personality.

I love them both because I love the way you are.

I love the crying children in you, and I also love the mature and nurturing adult you are now. 6 more words


I hurt

I had a very strong experience today of really feeling the amount of hurt my body has carried in the past that I have swallowed down.  494 more words

Self Awareness

Embrace Your Inner Child For A Beautiful Mind

After losing 2 friends that were way too young in the past month it reinforced more than ever how precious life is. To stop and literally smell the roses, pausing and going back to the simple things became my focus this past week and my life ahead. 1,292 more words

Beautiful Mind