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Warrior Child

Thanks to the lovely blogger E, or That Anxious Mom, I have been nominated for my very first blogging award! Yay!

When I started “Therapy Sucks” two months ago, I just needed a place to vent so that I didn’t explode all over the place. 226 more words


PLay Day Magick (e) More Magickal Fun

The ideas in this article are a very small sampling of all the possibilities for play magick, which are endless! Let your own childhood play-time favorites inspire you to devise even more types of magickal fun. 348 more words


Play Day Magic (d) Magickal Hide-and-Go Seek

Need an opportunity or resource to manifest? Grab a friend and try a round of magickal hide -and-go-seek! One person acts as the seeker, while the other person becomes an embodiment of whatever is desired, be it a new car, more food, a job, a peaceful environment, or any other goal. 79 more words


Lifecoaching: let your inner child speak

Starting my day by guiding someone to express deep-rooted emotions is gratifying work. Many people have the tendency to overthink too much. Especially when it comes down to emotions like sadness mixed with fear. 79 more words


inner child feels like he is david cameron of spirituality as he catches himself thinking “we are all in this together” about this buzzword “ass-n-shun” (or is it ascension!!)


Free the Mind

We spend most of our lives being conditioned. It’s everywhere. We are conditioned by our families, friends, schools, governments, religions, even social media! Seems like everybody has some idea for you on how you should think. 903 more words