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There's an Adult in Here Somewhere

Do you ever find yourself overreacting about something, and even you aren’t sure why you’re doing it? If you’re at all like me, it’s not unusual to be triggered by trauma you’ve experienced in the past. 315 more words


Is Your Inner Child In Charge of Your Relationship?

Mine sure has been.  She has picked every single man I have dated in the past 25 years.  Now these have not been bad men.  They have all been beautiful.  412 more words

Love Notes

Magic is everywhere

I found this little guy today, abandoned, most likely lost, parted from his dear owner. So I took him for a ride and that is when the magic happened. 90 more words


Always Okay

If I could reach back

to the me I was,

I would send

only gentle whispers.

I would send

the kind of messages

that only she… 24 more words


It's Time to Play with Your Inner Child

My Uncle’s voice cascades up the stairwell, I can make out the lyrics to Puff the Magic Dragon followed by renditions of Hallelujah. The music with its heart and unabashedness leaves me smiling uncontrollably. 460 more words

My playfulness tag size sucks

After I published my last post on cracks my eyes fell on my tag cloud and it suddenly struck me that all tags standing out proud and tall were, well, quite depressing. 691 more words

Personal Growth

What is the Measure of a Soul?

What is the measure of a soul?

It’s not what you think you “look like” to others.  It’s not even how others actually see you, what they think of you.  680 more words