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Family comes through 

So, I mentioned in previous blogs that my family accepts my quirks but I wasn’t so sure how accepting my hubby’s family might be. We are now on family vacation, partly for me to get to know them better. 474 more words


Your Inner Child Is Saying Hi

There are jobs and activities that exhaust us and there are those that flourish our soul. We know we want something when upon the completion of work, it satisfies us in a way that it didn’t make us tired inside. 575 more words


Deer me

Feeling directionless, I spent quite some time up on the seventh plane last night, contemplating about (more like For) direction in the safe reassuring space of the Creator of All That Is. 629 more words


Pick & Choose

GOOD morning Kings and Queens,

We only have so many hours in a day, so spend it wisely… Spend your time selectively prioritized. It’s the weekend and if I’m thinking, feeling, and following my instincts correctly, like me many of us tend to cram as much as we can into the weekend for pleasure, enjoyment, support, for fun, learning, and so much more. 270 more words

Self Love

Do You Agree?

“My current definition of codependency is: Using you as a mirror to see if I am okay.”
Dr. Linda Odom


Pass/Past The Heat

GOOD morning Kings and Queens,

Today we embark on another day of heat…. Some of us dread and some of us enjoy, I challenge you to just take a moment to enjoy the warmth. 230 more words

Self Love

Taking Care of the Inner Child

The past month or so has been pretty rocky for me. The progress I’m so used to making just hasn’t been there. I’m filled with an overwhelming sense of stagnation in pretty much every area of my life. 1,007 more words