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“Its never to late to have a happy childhood ”

Gloria Steinhem From Revolution from Within:A Book of Self Esteem

Could there be anything better than natural fun? 282 more words

Personal Growth

Shutting my office door

I shut my office door at work and sat with my knees pulled up to my chest. I curled up on the floor against my door. 125 more words

Sexual Abuse

Morning Freedom

I am a relationship addict. And I’m going through withdrawal from a relationship at the moment. While I am trying to write to graduate thesis. Well, it’s been a while, for both. 408 more words

Drunk Monkeys Writer of the Month

I am incredibly honored to be Drunk Monkeys “Writer of the Month” for July. They will be posting five of my poems across the month, the first of which is “ 19 more words

Sarah Thursday

Feeling to Hold on to.

It’s a foreign, generally uncomfortable feeling this early into withdrawal. But it is a feeling of silence. Loud silence. That I want to fill with anything. 16 more words

Emotional Abuse

I am missing her, i miss her.

I do not understand what it’s like to be a child, my memories are so few, i had my child stolen from me, my girl. I feel estranged from myself, someone is missing. 599 more words

Childhood Trauma

Being judged by my inner 16 year-old

  • Theme: Listening to what our inner child feels
  • Reading Time: 4┬áminutes
  • Target Audience:┬áPeople who would like to re-connect with oneself, re-discover long buried goals, and check the direction was is taking in life.
  • 386 more words
Becoming Great In Life