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What Happens When My Husband Is Gone...

My husband travels a lot for work.  Right now, he’s in sunny and warm Fort Lauderdale, FL while I brave the cold and wind here in Michigan.   315 more words

Christmas Meditations

On this website under Meditations I have posted nine dealing with Christmas themes.  I hope you will want to take a look at some.


When did you last speak to her?

Over the past 15 + years I’ve done a huge amount of self-development, by choice I wanted to change who I was. This in itself is unusual because we are programmed to avoid change, it’s so much more comfortable to stay in our comfort zone. 796 more words

Inner Child

There once was a girl..

There once was a girl that journeled, colored, and followed Mom around the house with her baby dolls by her side. 

What happened to that girl? 122 more words

My Inner Child

There is an inner child inside me. I suspect there’s one inside everyone but sometimes my inner child is hiding, or is too scared to come out and play lest it be laughed at and judged. 156 more words

The Do's and Don'ts to Help Us Heal

A lot of the time when people  are sharing about what they are going through in terms of dealing with wounds from childhood others  will share behind them making statements that do not help and can actually do harm. 536 more words

No Inner Child Left Behind

The concept of us having an inner child or doing inner child work is usually viewed with great skepticism by most people I engage about it. 673 more words