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Why adding Facebook friends on impulse is flawed

I occasionally (now pretty often) notice that people had over 150 friends on Facebook. After checking, I realized that some people add friends at an extremely high rate. 243 more words

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Custom Stonhenge Private Access Tours. Perfect for individuals, families and small groups.

Planning on visiting Stonehenge and want to experience the inner circle at sunrise or sunset?

If scheduled Stonehenge coach tours do not suit your travel plans and you are travelling with family or a small group then a ‘bespoke private tour might be the answer, giving you greater flexibility, door to door service on the day YOU want to travel.  344 more words

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Just call me bonehead

This week I had the pleasure of running on streets I hadn’t been on in over sixteen years. The very college town where I met my husband and had my first child. 253 more words

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3 Things A Friend Must Do

Let’s talk about your friends. In today’s society, “friend” is a term that has come to be to used widely and very loosely. There seems to be no criteria for true friendship and everyone is a “BF.”  What’s makes a person your friend? 385 more words

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Trying new things

It’s important to try new things in life. You’ll never know what you’re really capable of if you don’t.

This week I made donuts from scratch—German Twists to be exact. 98 more words

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Yeah, I've got a double standard

At the recent high school football game my eleven-year-old daughter spied two teenagers making out in the shadows above us.

“Ew…why do they have to do that?” 123 more words

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Edev_502 response wk9_5

The notion of segregation is challenging in terms of the wider discussion of possible future selves in the increasingly multi- and international context. Because both of you are talking about the UAE, it’s not clear to me if there’s a language issue underpinning these discussions. 229 more words