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What is Master Your Power Within®?

Have you ever had a moment where you have wanted to be better than you have ever been?

A yearning of the soul to live in a higher, more elevated state? 1,171 more words

It's no big deal?

Over the weekend, after months of prepping, my ten-year-old son accompanied a large group of children on the piano for the first time. Mr. Bigshot has rolled his eyes at me for weeks as I talked about this milestone in piano playing. 305 more words

Inner Circle

Pivotal Moments

I’m sure we can all think back and find pivotal moments in our lives—ones that greatly influenced the direction we chose. A silly little karaoke machine my younger sister was given as a gift opened up a world of imagination for me. 191 more words

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A miracle times three

My oldest son is probably going to strangle me, but I just have to tell the world. This weekend he took not one, but three girls to the Homecoming dance. 228 more words

Inner Circle

The mind may be willing but the body isn't...

You probably know the saying “The mind may be willing but the body isn’t.” There are just some things we cannot do. For example, I can’t high jump. 285 more words

Inner Circle

2018 Stonehenge Private Access Inner Circle Tours.

Book your 2018 sunset or sunrise tours in advance

Stonehenge Special Access visits are available most but not all months of the year, (no visits in October and November and are not available on and around the midsummer’s day). 176 more words