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Photography: Regent's Park

Taken when out in the Inner Circle in Regent’s Park. The weather was so glorious I just had to go for a picnic with friends.


Who installed these brakes on my train of life?

My body has decided to bring a whole new struggle to my writing, adding a painful dose of Carpal Tunnel to the mix. This recent flare up is the worst I’ve ever experienced. 120 more words

Inner Circle

A lesson that took a long time to learn

As I walked my youngest son to school last week, meandering at a pace of we-get-there-when-we-get-there, my mind started to reflect on how different this was compared to when I walked my older children to school. 157 more words

Inner Circle

Discipline the Disciple

Job Title:  Disciple (12 positions available)

Internship:  Each disciple will have the opportunity to spend valuable time with the Master Teacher.  You will be taught the ways of the Master Teacher.  730 more words

Get Rid Of That Dead Weight

When you think of dead weight what do you think of? ( don’t all answer at one time). Dead weight is something that just slows you down because of the weight.  302 more words

Fitzroy Food Map

Follow this tasty trail through foodie Fitzroy.

New York style pizza until 3 am. Enjoy it by the slice or take the 22 inch challenge! 528 more words

Inner Circle

A picnic guide to the inner North

Grab your picnic blanket and get outside… picnic season has arrived! Here’s our collection of great parks to visit, the best takeaway spots to pick up goodies, plus some bars to head to later in case it gets chilly! 1,093 more words

Inner Circle