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Winning is not so easy anymore

When my children were younger it took very little effort to beat them in competitions. In fact, I almost had to lie down and stop trying for them to win.  243 more words

Inner Circle

Cooking for Sale?

First and foremost, I’d like to congratulate my beloved cousin Oie for her engagement. After a 6 years full of drama, tears and emotions, today she will start her journey to tie the knots with Agil, the man in her dream. 838 more words

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New Single : Girl I Wanna - 90's Update Remix - Marcapasos

Marcopasos covers Inner Circle’s “Sweat (A La La Long)” AKA “Girl I Wanna – 90’s Update Remix”.

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The Impulsive Getaway: Pahawang Island (Part I)

Disclaimer: Ini bukan serial postingan tentang keindahan Pahawang. Just another personal stories about a weekend getaway to Pahawang. So if any of you expecting some kind of review on Pahawang or series of breathtaking pictures there, you’re not on a right place. 1,267 more words

Inner Circle

Experts analyse ancient human remains to shed new light on the mysteries of Stonehenge

AN archaeological study claims to shed light on the few remaining mysteries which still surround Stonehenge.

For years, the rock monoliths at the popular tourist site in Wiltshire have been a source of great speculation, with nobody certain as to why or how the prehistoric monument was built. 166 more words

Picture of You

Who doesn’t love Rowan Atkinson on Mr. Bean? Well, I do! I love him. There was a time where I repeatedly watching his series rented from a local store. 302 more words

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