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From Aliens to Merlin, the theories on Stonehenge are shockingly reasonable

Why does Stonehenge exist? We explore the pick of the theories, which are all totally sane and reasonable.

From archaeologists to modern-day pagans to Spinal Tap fans, Stonehenge is truly a place of wonder where the demons dwell, where the banshees live and they do live well. 687 more words

Mommy the Meanie

This week my daughter broke her leg, and we’re not talking a hairline fracture. She snapped both the tibia and fibula in two near her ankle. 248 more words

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The thief that just keeps returning~year after year

I hate daylight savings. I’m sorry daylight savings, but I do, I really, r-e-a-l-l-y hate you. What do you do with all those hours you’ve stolen from me over the years? 128 more words

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Dating haikus

We match on Tinder,
I tell you about my life,
You ask my bra size.

A smile of darkness,
They say girls like a bad boy, 94 more words


Social Media Cleanse Week 2: Protect What is Sacred

Featured Artwork: Julie Mehretu Art “Empirical Construction Istanbul” 

Week Two Welcome!

This week your challenge is going to be two sided. The first half of your challenge is to… 700 more words


Brutal honesty

I had the pleasure of running a 5k with my kids last weekend. Though I’ve never stopped running, I hadn’t ran a competitive race in years, so I was pretty pumped. 150 more words

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Oh the awesome "oh duhs"

“Oh duh” moments are often some of the funniest events that can happen in a family. What is an “oh duh” moment? When you do something so obviously wrong there’s no hiding your hilarious mistake from anyone. 270 more words

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