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Apartheid in Milwaukee: The Third World Inside America (The Hood Series)

Black Life in Milwaukee: The Third World Inside of America 

Surrounded in scenery of dilapidated houses, food and liquor stores;  crumbling infrastructure vandalized by RIP signs that pay tribute to the young victims of fratricidal gang warfare, Milwaukee rapper Gwapo Chapo from the neighborhood of Atkinson Ave spits  that his… 1,303 more words



An exceptional woman who once worked for me as a paralegal, had been in the Army before that.  There is an Army saying that goes:  It rains in the Army, but not on the Army.  343 more words


The Future of Office Working Space: More Innovation, Less Stress

We’ve seen Airbnb disrupt the entire hospitality industry and today, the biggest taxi company in the world, Uber, doesn’t own a single vehicle. Shared space and assets are not only more practical and affordable than the alternative, but are also rising in popularity globally. 275 more words

Cape Town

Allegra Dining | Waterloo

Bite-sized Summary: Elegant, contemporary and undeniably delicious; Allegra Dining showcases a stunning, gentle fusion of Italian and Australian cuisine. The seasonal menu offers ingredients and flavours true to Italian roots, reinvented with a distinct modernity and occasionally a hint of something unexpected.  790 more words


Driving Dennis Home

My previous posts recollecting experiences with students use pseudonyms, but I retain Dennis King’s name in this post, to bring to light the reality of his life, … 2,134 more words

Cultural Immersion

Laughing On The Spot

Tina Fey does it, Amy Poehler does it, Maya Rudolph does it and it turns out South Africans have been doing it. The It, I’m referring to, is Improv – the short name used to describe Improvisational Theatre. 4,189 more words


Beyond the White Picket

An image of manicured green lawns, a gentle white picket and a house with two square windows and a rectangular door have defined the  view of what an ideal house should look like. 894 more words