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Track of Today: Inner City - Big Fun.

Over this weekend there was a huge documentation binge! One that stuck was “Pump up the Volume” that can be called the source of all sources to grasp real knowledge into the​ hand. 101 more words


A few years ago, my then department chair asked me for a favor. Would I be willing to go straight from one class on main campus to teach a Comp 1 course at the downtown campus, and it wasn’t just any class—it was Early College, which meant I would be teaching high school students? 1,309 more words



A few words of introduction…

Every time there’s a school shooting, it hits all Americans hard. We’re not a perfect nation, but we do everything we can to protect our children. 1,029 more words


Fakir Khana Museum

Weekend included a visit to the Fakir Khana Museum, which was such a fun experience. I couldn’t take my car all the way into the inner city of Lahore, and so we parked on Food Street and walked up to the museum. 251 more words


False Flag

another suburban school shooting makes the front page
while here in the inner city it’s another day
that can (literally) take your breath away
either way you’ll say… 85 more words


Parents and communities can have a role in improving Bristol's inner-city school attainment

AbdiHakin A. Asir (BSMG – 06 Feb 2018) – For the last ten years, I have seen, year after year, parents complaining attainment levels of their children in the inner-city schools of Bristol and they have also found difficult to understand who they need to talk to about these failing schools. 1,511 more words