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A Walkabout

The Tower

The Bridge

The Rail

The Tree

The Curves

The Winding Rail

A casual walk around Wascana Lake discovering new sights and sounds.

Photographed in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. 11 more words


Newcomer families: The role of housing and wrap around supports in Winnipeg

IRCOM staff and participants.

By Jill Bucklaschuk,

As housing advocates across the country recognize National Housing Day on November 22nd, we must continue to acknowledge the central role of housing in building inclusive communities and seek ways to ensure that all low-income families have access to affordable, safe, and good quality housing. 872 more words

The Market Under the Highway

A vibrant farmer’s market sprouts up every weekend in an improbable location–underneath an elevated, 6-lane highway that snakes right through the heart of Baltimore.  The culture and people of this market also, improbably, defy the billion-dollar, corporate-market structures that define our agricultural and food systems–feeding us mass-produced, chemically-fed, engineered ‘designer’ food-products that are arranged in sterile supermarkets where meaningful exchange with food growers is eliminated entirely. 1,882 more words


Speaking in Tongues: Americana, PCing, and the Grammar of Power

Although it may seem that both major American political parties were speaking in English during the 2016 Presidential US elections, I would actually beg to differ. 1,928 more words

Offer on a Fixer-Upper

I did go down to our target city last weekend and toured quite a few properties.  Three of them stood out to me as having potential for our family.  315 more words


Vegie Bar

If you’ve walked along Brunswick Street in Melbourne’s Fitzroy, you know it is home to a particular crowd. Shops and restaurants cater to the growing hipster demographic (but never say this allowed or you will be treated to a defensive rant), providing the latest in pov-chic trends that inner city Melbournians can’t get enough of. 701 more words

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