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kicking diabetic ass: day five, a bowl of spinach should not make anyone this excited (g2)

Since my prior ranting, I am ending up with another problem. I seem to be lingering more around 450-480 calories a day, but too many carbs. 750 more words

Inner Demons


Image Courtesy and Inspiration for the Quote: A feisty young momma, who’s an awesome photographer as well. kelzbelzphotography – you rock babe! May God bless you. 9 more words

The Copper Chick Thinks!


She survived; growing in the pit of demons

her own heart held, that her mind metastasized.

Even so, she smiled through her own darkness,

with a soul broken long ago; She’d always been… 17 more words


Inner demons

We all have our inner demons no matter how hard we try to hide them, no one is perfect, no one has led a normal care free life with no hurt or trauma. 168 more words


why am i on the same side as the haughty yankee? (g2)

Ok, so we have a new kid in our department from up north. My first impression was when they asked me “oh…. so you were educated in the south?” in a tone that sounded like they were smelling poop at the same time. 649 more words


my employer: fat people are fat because they eat crap all day and sit on their ass (g2)

So the quest in gastric bypass came to an abrupt halt, at least for now. My doc was on board with idea and just said, “get with your insurance and find out what we need to do.” 783 more words