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A poem by me

Please don’t ask me to come out, to socialise. Please understand I’ve run out of lies. Every time you ask me I have an excuse. I’m too tired, I’m ill or I have plans are a few I use. 110 more words

Pause for thought

So I saw something today on a site called sharebly.net and it really got me thinking. I can’t remember it word for word so I’ll just give the basics. 361 more words

366 Poems: August 27th, 2016


I’m a monster,

you are too–

hidden beneath

these eyes so blue

And if the Fates

break our masks through,

at least I was human… 9 more words


Are Batgirl Toenail Paintings art?

I would say Batgirl toenail paintings are certainly art. Art is any representation or interpretation of reality that provides value the viewer/consumer.

And yes, Verne is a GREAT artist. 8 more words

Comic Commentary

Confession time

I hate counselling. One thing I hate is this whole one sided conversation thing. I’m sat there thinking why are you talking so much? Just shut up they don’t want you to rabbit on just shut up. 147 more words

The demons within us

They told us to fight our demons
so we picked up our spears and our shields
meagre were our battles and mighty were we,
and we went to war… 40 more words


Support Network

I’m so glad for my friends they are always there to support me in any way they can. Today one of those friends walked past his house to come and get me from my house to walk me part way to town as I was still very anxious after the antisocial behaviour last night. 245 more words