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I had the dream again last night. The dream that isn’t a dream, but a memory, twisted and warped till it’s unrecognizable. I know what it is, though. 473 more words


She Hasn't Learned to Love Herself (G-uno)

She is intelligent, beautiful, kind, and all of her wonderful qualities are negated by the fact that she has not learned to love herself. Somewhere along her journey she told herself that she wasn’t enough, and she has spent every single day since then embracing that lie. 302 more words

Inner Demons

for www.baffledbaboon.com: embarrassing/funny moments (g2)

To get up to pace with my Social Experiment:

BAFFLEDBABOON SAYS: Well, I think It would be really fun to hear about one of the funniest or most awkward moments of your life.

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Lazy is as lazy does

I have found it hard to motivate myself this past week. I understand that it is partly due to my inner demons trying to assert themselves in any way possible. 874 more words


Living in the void

Hidden behind closed doors
I begin to think.

Living in the void
of my soul
I’m listening to the echoes
inside my head.

The echoes resound desperately… 99 more words


passive aggression or how not to adult angrily (g2)

Going to have a little rant I guess. Most of us have that one (or more) friend or family member who just cannot seem to understand how to express anger directly, least of all to the source of their anger. 1,960 more words


Heaven in Hell

She said, “don’t get too close.
It’s dark inside.
It’s where my demons hide.”

And I said, “get too close.
There is a hell inside of me. 12 more words

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