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Searching For The Light In The Dark (G-uno)

“It’s so dark , why can’t you see the things I see?” Those were the words that left me frozen in my steps, while my mind reminded me that I needed to take the scissors from his tightly gripped hand. 315 more words

Inner Demons

In a Darkened Room

As my fellow living authors on this blog know, short fiction and short stories are not my specialty. But here is my crack at it. Had an idea, and just wrote it out. 377 more words

Creative Writing


I’ve wandered for far too long

And now, I fear I’m lost

To the bottle, the needle

To satisfy the given vice at whatever the cost. 19 more words


Pandora's Box

We all have secrets and skeletons. Bits and pieces of us, our past baggage collecting in a corner. We make the choice to either face our demons and nip them in the bud or create an… 258 more words

Random Quips

Inner Demons (2014) **REVIEW**

If you’re a horror fan you’ve seen most of the possession films out there. There are so many of them, low budget ones and high budget ones. 224 more words



You can protect yourself from the demons walking this planet but how would you protect yourself from the ones feeding on you from the inside?

The Gypsy


it begins...


I can’t rest in peace

a tree has grown on my grave

I’m a bitter corpse


scissors beats paper

rock beats scissors. paper, rock. 23 more words

Bernard Pettit