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I wake up every morning and just for a few minutes I forget everything I’ve lost and I smile then like a speeding train it comes rushing back. 143 more words

Let Biffy Clyro “Re-Arrange” Your Heart With Your Hot Messiness

For a second you might have thought he was your local L’oreal-hair barista who schmoozes you with his beard and tattoo as he charges you $1 extra for soymilk. 208 more words


Sleepless nights

Can’t sleep.  A million circular thoughts in my head.  Since we stopped talking to each other, I feel anxious all the time.  I loved you so much.   247 more words

My Inner Demons

I don’t know what to do when I look in the mirror, mirroring a person I once was not.

I think I’ve become lost, lost sight of what my values thought. 617 more words


No respite

“It’s harder to heal than it is to kill.”
Tamora Pierce


Inner demons,we all have them. From the happiest person we know to the most angry and sad. Some demons are obvious, some you would never know are there. 393 more words

Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness

I want you to try and picture yourself lifting off the ground of our planet, slowly floating upwards until you pass the ozone layer which separates gravity from the vast emptiness and abyss we call ‘space’. 567 more words