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this life.

My brother’s best friend killed himself over Thanksgiving break last fall.  I hadn’t seen him for years even though we’d known him forever, but his death resonated in the hollows of my soul like enormous brass bells were inside of me. 409 more words


On living through.. 

I haven’t been talking about myself on my blog for some time now. I also went back and removed a few hundred posts by making them private. 109 more words


Shedding Skin

I dreamt that I was in a dark pool of water and was trying to put a snake inside a bag, but it got free and started swimming after me, at which point I woke up with a start. 105 more words



Inner And Outer Demonic Activity

Demonic activity is anything that creates obstacles. This is especially relevant to spiritual practitioners as subtle distractions take attention away from our path to liberation, and back to the mundane. 106 more words

keeping it real

One problem I have with myself and the things I create is making me quite frankly

i n s a n e.

If I write a song the first thing I’ll do is bury it deep in my notebook archive and hide it from the world; the second is recording it very quickly when I get the urge, with just a few repetitions before; and lastly, to publish it… and then a day later (sometimes even a few hours after) comes the regret of even writing it, let alone putting it out there for the world to hear. 443 more words


Will you?

A letter to the boy who said he wants me.

Dear you,

Before you say such words, I want you to understand what it means to want me. 379 more words