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The Shovel -Part V - Phoenix

The clouds shift to coalesce and darken until the release of precipitation in the desert heat. Raindrops tumble from the thick fog to ground in an effort to moisten the dried cracked earth. 568 more words


Sometimes When You Fall Down It's Better To Play Dead (G-uno)

Although I have begun the thawing out process I am still not on my usually decent people skilled game. I think it’s a combination of things that have me rolling over, and playing dead. 329 more words
Inner Demons

Lulling Yourself to Sleep

There is an epidemic occurring across America and throughout the world.  At the beginning of every New Year, conviction, consciences and desperation lead many to make resolutions for change.  219 more words


The Shovel - Part IV - Icarus

In the desert of this land, heat rises as soon as the great sky beacon shows itself, and with it the humidity rises like a torrent. 1,279 more words


The Shovel - Part III - The Siren's Ring

Rage, pain, and betrayal all united by the fatigue that bores through me. I struggle to reach my hand up and making it just one foot further. 2,345 more words


Present Day, January 11th, 2017

Last night I enjoyed a dinner and movie date with my oldest daughter. Home from her freshman year of college for winter break, we have enjoyed a few of these evenings together, cherished by fathers whose children are rapidly becoming adults and beginning to journey paths of their own choosing. 798 more words


The Shovel - Part II - Knight's Dawn

Shadows stretch as the light dwindles to twilight. Bits of darkness converge to join and form a shade where body parts unfold. All pieces reach, a part of the whole, expanding until I am formed from obscurity and gloom. 1,964 more words