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My love.. It never came back to what it was meant to be.. the pictures and visions in your mind; oh your heart fell in love with them and broke with them.. 473 more words

Melting down....

The worst feeling in the world is when you know the breakdown is coming…. And there’s not a damn thing you can do to stop it! 103 more words

Life Coach, Transformation


I met you when I was battling with the demons in my head. You came unexpected and froze everything including my sanity and what’s keeping me awake. 103 more words


Living a Slow Death

I’m not sure what to feel. I feel anxious, yet safe. Sure yet confused. Angry, yet understanding. Loved, yet lonely. Everything swirls in my head all at once. 321 more words


Finding a safe zone...

As I sat down in the chair to write, a ton of emotions poured into my mind. But, before I get to deal with any of them…someone always comes in and disrupts my silence. 717 more words

Life Coach, Transformation


The war that was raging so violently inside has slowly subsided. My demons have been held at bay. I found my strength. My reason to fight harder. 384 more words