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Ghosts in my head

This is quite a difficult post to write, but I am going to share it anyway. Patience has never been my strong suit. I’ve a short fuse and I cannot lie. 366 more words


the world is ending, Spawn is ditching me on their birthday (g2)

So Spawn has a metric truckload of damn field trips and school trips to go on, one of which will consist of two nights and three days over an ENTIRE weekend. 303 more words


Are You Strong or Tough?

When you think of someone who’s strong, who do you picture?

Got it? Now ask yourself, what makes them strong? Why do you think that? This was from a conversation I had with my wife on a date. 238 more words


When the Fear Dragon Buries Your Dreams in the Dirt

I have so many things on my body at any given time that remind me to stop being afraid.

I have a runners bracelet that says “Live Fearlessly.” 950 more words

tunnel vision.

Crawling through a pitch-dark tunnel,


Paralyzed, unable to function.

Ground trembling uncontrollably,

Everything slipping out underneath you.

Numbed out emotionally.

Air growing thin,

Head becoming feather-like. 111 more words


Dealing with our demons

Of the three steps to overcoming our delusions taught in the mind-training teachings of Buddhism, the first is recognizing or identifying them. And that means not just intellectually but in our own minds. 800 more words

New Kadampa Tradition

Working On My Fluff & Other Stuff (G-uno)

It occurs to me that I probably should have started putting some shame in my game months ago rather than two weeks before our daughters wedding. 383 more words
Inner Demons