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#24 Still in Search for Inner Calm

It truly has been too long, waiting to reach a continuous inner calm before writing another blog. Once again, I’m reminded of the fact that, there are always ebbs and flows in my life. 442 more words


Inner findings of a solo trip to Paris

Paris…city of love indeed. But nobody says you have to love another person there.

Im not good at one night stands, neither in good at relationships. 264 more words



Happy Columbus Day! This is the day we celebrate an explorer! It seems it is a good day to celebrate the inner exploration we are doing! 73 more words


Nonspiritual People Can Find a Spiritual Path

In recent years I’ve been exploring the 12-Step Program as one of the most popular and effective paths to spiritual development in today’s world.

Although used almost exclusively by people trying to break the bonds of alcoholism and drugs and other addictive things, I’m convinced that the 12 steps could provide an excellent spiritual path for anyone, regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs… regardless of whether they have any addictions. 567 more words

Inner Exploration

Addiction, Mental Illness, and Our Spiritual Blinders

Mental illness and addiction are inevitable in the world…

… as long as…

1) these carnal bodies of ours are vulnerable to biochemical and hormonal imbalances that can occur in some people at certain times of their lives… ( 1,155 more words

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A New, Hybrid Science Will Soon Emerge

Modern science is like that old ’86 Honda in the garage… either due for a complete overhaul or ready to be replaced with a hybrid. 3,035 more words

Heaven And Earth