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Initiate's Book of Pathworking: A Bridge of Dreams by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

I understand that directed pathworkings are an actual technique that has been used by mystery schools for centuries to explore consciousness. I just don’t see its usefulness beyond a sort of tourist trip through what “may” be in your mind rather than what “is”. 1,025 more words

Book Review

Barnacles can't dance, but we can!

Every time I come home after a retreat I feel as if I’ve been released into a more natural way of being, as if I’m lightly dancing with life. 1,063 more words


Beyond Meditation: Inquiry & Insight

If you meditate on a regular basis, you have probably found many rewards. But there are more rewards to be discovered in the minutes following your practice that you may not be aware of if you immediately plunge into your busy day.  1,064 more words


Institute of Inner Sciences


An investigative institute of collective minds, unhindered by locality, structure, or commercial interests, that has no hierarchy of authority, with the participants of which agreeing to pursue an objective scientific analysis of what it means, from an empirical position, to travel through ‘inner’ space in all its aspects. 94 more words



Resolve. I like that word. The wordsmith in me likes the sound of it better than ‘intention’ where the ‘tin’ rings a little hollow at times. 1,282 more words

Getting passed bumps on the road to stop repeat patterns you don’t want anymore

There’s always so much I’d like to write about at once, so much I want to share with you about inner growth and in doing so inspire your highest potential.  766 more words

Inspiring Human Potential

Happiness begins with questioning in

In our ongoing exploration of the Ten Perfections of the Heart, we have been looking at Truthfulness, especially how truthful we are with ourselves. It is not that we are outright lying, just that we are not often questioning the statements, beliefs, judgments, etc. 988 more words