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Befriending or battling?

Noticing how we are in relationship with whatever is arising in our current experience is an important part of our insight meditation practice. The most fertile time to do this gentle inner investigation is right after meditating when we have actively cultivated clarity and compassion. 999 more words


Forty Eight

I had been touring some of the grandest cathedrals in Italy but at the moment, I was standing inside a small obscure chapel in Florence. It was rather unimpressive compared to some of the gaudy monstrosities that we’d encountered thus far. 454 more words

Grappling With God

Initiate's Book of Pathworking: A Bridge of Dreams by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

I understand that directed pathworkings are an actual technique that has been used by mystery schools for centuries to explore consciousness. I just don’t see its usefulness beyond a sort of tourist trip through what “may” be in your mind rather than what “is”. 1,025 more words

Book Review