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What are you doing about your emotional highs and lows to further inner growth?

One of the toughest things people experience throughout their lifetime are the fluctuations of highs and lows.  One moment you’re happy, the next you’re sad.  It doesn’t have to always be like that, but it depends on how you approach those contrasting moments.  600 more words

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The Science Of Crying.

The Science of Crying. Tears Can Reboot your Genetic Code!

Repression kills our emotions. All of them. Our sadness, despair and abandonment, are all safely locked away, out of site and out of our conscious mind.   755 more words


My Golden Buzzer

I noticed something about myself recently. A confirmation that I have made great strides on this journey of reconnecting with myself and others.

I would like to share my experience in the hopes that it may be helpful to anyone who has ever felt lost. 886 more words


The inner growth that can come from a compromise

The beauty of thought and self-exploration in the pursuit of inner growth and/or balance and harmony in life is the limitless possibilities you have.  What angle you can take on anything you’re thinking about goes beyond our imagination.  669 more words

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Knowing Thyself - Journey Within

Have you ever tried to remove layers of an onion?

Step by Step into the journey of understanding yourself, you remove many layers of illusions you have created and carried for so long. 96 more words


Am I important?

I’m confused whether I am important or not.

One side says I have good intuitive understanding & vision towards life which most people don’t have. I have the required values, skills, intellect, inspiration, energy & character which, if channelized properly, can benefit the world for better. 71 more words


People’s differences have a way of adding to the pursuit of inner growth

If you really think about it, the differences each of us has is something quite special; not only does it make life colorful, but it is also something that supports the pursuit of inner growth.  594 more words

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