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A Pocono Mountain Thank You

Big day today. I am on my first journey as a published author. Something I have dreamed about since I was a little girl writing in my very first journal. 400 more words


Amazing people doing amazing things

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I’m doing a weekly podcast with a friend where we spotlight people who are making a difference in other people’s lives.  333 more words

Inspiring Human Potential

It's hard to let go.

We have read countless quotes and posts about letting go, but one still struggles to do it. Honestly, letting go is one of the hardest things any human has to go through, it feels like mourning, it feels like your heart is being ripped apart-it feels like death itself. 480 more words


An Inside Job

The ones we love can be the ones that hurt us the most. Sometimes it may be intentional, but depending on who you surround yourself with, I would hope that it would mostly be unintentional. 1,236 more words


She Never Slept

…It was morning and Solarii had not risen yet. The sun was long gone by now and earth’s humans had designed an artificial source of solar energy; Solarii. 117 more words

By Ori Aander

Beyond Destruction - A Word On War (Syria and Vietnam)

Dear writers,

As I said in earlier posts, I have a friend from Syria. Homs, to be more precise.

The war currently occurring in Syria reminds me of the war that happened in Vietnam in the 60s and 70s (until 1975, and actually way earlier). 290 more words


Words and Visuals

Dear writers,

It’s a feeling I have we are more & more into the visual. But where are the words ? As soon as an image is lacking, followers are not following anymore. 437 more words