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And then there were 3

Discovered numerology a few days back. First through my name then on YouTube for my birthday. Still reading and learning more. Very interested in purchasing a book or two on astrology and numerology. 83 more words

My Life

A Message from a Thoughtful Reader

A week ago, I published a post in regards to the way I was working through the reappearance of my mother. I have done a great deal of thinking about the situation and I am feeling much more open to the idea of reconnecting with my mother. 489 more words


The Stumbler

As I was sipping my coffee a few days ago, I watched David Brooks on CBS This Morning. An Op-Ed columnist for the New York Times, Brooks was discussing his new book “The Road to Character.” I perked up as he spoke. 500 more words

Mental Health

From a Mist (Haibun)

Birdsong skimmed the rain-drizzled sidewalks as evening fell, and the bare tree limbs faded into a sky as weak as watered-down glue.  The grayness made the moment surreal – timeless – uneasy.   88 more words

from a mist (haiga)

Linked to Carpe Diem Special #141, where our task is to write a haiku in the same sense and tone as this gem from Kala Ramesh: 249 more words


The Prospect of Freedom

With the prospect of freedom from the 9-5 on the horizon, I am hopeful for the future and all of the new experiences that are sure to follow. 355 more words


A Break

I took a diet break for a few days. Apart from one episode of binge eating, I had been dieting every day since the beginning of the year. 640 more words