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7-23 Beautiful People

I may be an aspiring writer, but waiting tables puts the butter on my biscuit. There was a quote I’m sure I won’t make sound as eloquent as the owner, but it basically said; “If ya wanna write, work a job you hate.” Sometimes I feel like I’m definitely in the right profession to be a writer. 876 more words


Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

Well, I have my first speaking event for Insane Roots this Wednesday at Tattered Cover in Denver and I am not afraid to tell you that I am a bit terrified. 312 more words



The past few months have been pretty hard. I’ve felt like I was in stasis. I didn’t want to move backward, but I couldn’t move forward. 337 more words


If You Truly Love Someone Set Them Free

After a deeply felt heartbreak many years ago, there was always a question in the back of mind as to if I would ever be able to love someone again. 159 more words



I am speaking of an opinion; you know that belief with lips that can be passionate, obstinate, argumentative or just informative. Whatever is behind the sharing, what a person thinks and then shares is most important just for the simple reason as follows: You get to know a little bit more about that person. 786 more words


Why Ya Gotta Be So Mean?!

Three times this morning I encountered someone being defensive for absolutely no reason. There was the lady at the gas station who flipped out on the clerk for not having their cigarettes in stock. 801 more words


Pick A Card - Solution

Yesterday, I asked you to pick a card out of three possible choices. I also shared this to my Author Tirza Schaefer Facebook page and to my Instagram followers. 1,392 more words

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