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Three Stages of Spiritual Growth (Review 'squared')

I wanted to provide a short review of Ken Wapnick’s take on the Three Stages of Spiritual Growth (published by the Foundation for Inner Peace) as his interpretation of a model proposed by the philosopher Nietzsche (1844 – 1900). 1,196 more words

Daily Mindfulness Meditation

Daily Meditation Techniques

Regular daily meditation has many health benefits including greater peace of mind, lessening of anxiety, reduction of stress and better physical and emotional health. 803 more words


The Amazing Life We Lead

Have you ever really thought about how amazing you are?

Have you ever thought that you are the only person on the planet like yourself! 401 more words

Law Of Attraction

Affiliate Marketing is a Brilliant Way to Begin Online Marketing

To make money in the ‘real world’ we need a product to sell or market. When one starts out on the Internet, what do you do? 338 more words

Law Of Attraction

The Secret - What is The Secret?

There is a lot of talk and discussion just now, in all forms of media, with those who have talked to and interviewed men and women who have discovered The Secret! 160 more words

Law Of Attraction

Self Esteem is a B!t@h!

Why is it that I am so high-strung sometimes? I didn’t ask to be this way. I don’t like being this way. I am able to calm myself into an ordinary state quite quickly, but sometimes it just comes on without warning. 362 more words


And then there were 3

Discovered numerology a few days back. First through my name then on YouTube for my birthday. Still reading and learning more. Very interested in purchasing a book or two on astrology and numerology. 83 more words

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