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Watch "How to Sublimate Your Anger & Use it Constructively" on YouTube

How to Sublimate Your Anger & Use it Constructively: https://youtu.be/J2j7q0vVZfg

Love love this. I think anyone or if u know soneone whos always angry, share this knowledge. I will.


The Freedom of Forgiveness

Forgiveness allows us to move past our grievances and negativity despite the need for closure that may not be possible in some circumstances. When someone hurts us, we may feel an innate need to reconcile our differences or to at least find a way to express to this person just how deeply we are wounded. 989 more words


Let the Publishing Adventure Begin!

After my post yesterday on Success in the City blog, The Fear of Success, I could not wait to get home and put together my final submission for the publisher… 1,098 more words


A Season's Change.

As the sun comes back around, my memories of him and I in summer begin to fade. As the season fills with new I find myself making my slow escape from the past. 97 more words


Up, Up, Up!

Things are looking up. I’m not sure if the realisation I had last Thursday is the only reason for that, but it has made a huge difference. 458 more words


Dream Therapy

Today and yesterday’s assignments for Blogging 101 revolved around personalizing your blog and as you have probably noticed, the look of this blog has changed a bit as the result. 1,795 more words


Random Rudeness

There is nothing that irritates me more than random rudeness!! Whether it be someone on the street that you accidentally run in to and they freak out on you regardless of your apology for what was obviously a mistake or the person in the office who finds it necessary to snark at you for no particular reason at all. 289 more words