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Let’s talk about the problem with closure or the absence of it

When pursuing inner growth and balance you find yourself facing a lot of questions.  Questions about yourself, questions on how to handle your emotional ups and downs, questions about letting go and so on.  1,035 more words

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DISCLAIMER: It is a long, very long post!
Okay, I normally would apologize for not writing but hey, this is just a way to express myself, I’m not being paid nor this is my job so I write when the inspiration comes and HERE IT IS! 5,791 more words


Getting over the hump in life is up to you and learning to let go

The most common source of frustration or objection I hear when talking about taking life with a positive spin all the way through is the fact that if something “bad” happens, it’s “bad”.  797 more words

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The key to stopping internal confusion so that you can move forward

There’s a reason why taking a neutral initial approach to your life, issues, decisions, and challenges can make things easier.  A neutral stance allows you to remove the confusion brought about by all the voices around you.  745 more words

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Getting passed bumps on the road to stop repeat patterns you don’t want anymore

There’s always so much I’d like to write about at once, so much I want to share with you about inner growth and in doing so inspire your highest potential.  766 more words

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Let Life Happen

Once you know what you want in life, how do you take the next step in achieving it?

There is so much I want to do, but I struggle with what to go after first.  511 more words


You are unique no matter what anyone else says

The beauty of people is that each one of us sees things with different eyes (from a different place); no two people experience the same event in exactly the same way.  803 more words

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