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Do You Know How To Do Good?

Doing good is not a cinch, nor is being good as straightforward or as easy to understand as one might first think. It is actually a complex subject and demands our serious contemplation and brainpower. 565 more words

Avoiding confusion or misunderstandings when communicating

Everyone has an opinion, a perspective, a way they think and see things.  This point of view is the starting point of our thoughts and reasoning, which also means it’s the way we absorb information shared with us.  501 more words

Inspiring Human Potential

Are Christians Above The Law?

The Apostle Paul must be turning in his grave! He never said that Christians could ignore God’s commandments.

Yet, when defending the doctrine that “faith alone saves,” theologians and members of the clergy will often quote the Apostle Paul as biblical support for such a disastrous idea of throwing the Decalogue into the trash heap. 424 more words

Inner Growth Word of The Day 88 – Upset

March 29

Inner Growth Word of the Day: Upset

Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition: (adj.) 1. emotionally disturbed or agitated.

Upset in a sentence: The types of situations or behaviors that can upset people, do so in different ways. 321 more words

Inspiring Human Potential

Even God promises more transparency in His next administration

Politicians, in order to get elected, are always promising to offer more transparency in government. This is the first big step in bringing about real change in government and to the lives of its citizens. 808 more words