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“Love Genuinely”

In the beginning, a business starts with an idea. And if you’re a typical entrepreneur, you develop a love for what you do that drives you on. 599 more words

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The 2000-person Twitter “speed bump”

It took me a while to figure out the Twitter “speed bump”.

Once you get to 2000 people whom you’re “following” (or somewhere in that vicinity), Twitter won’t let you follow more people until your ratio of following-to-followers comes to within about 10% (I don’t have the precise numbers, and the way Twitter works, they’re not important). 177 more words

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The value of doing one thing at a time

Lately, I’ve been at a loss in this respect, but I found this HBR article to be very helpful:

The Magic of Doing One Thing At a Time… 104 more words


The Heart and Soul of the Reformation

The concept of “the righteousness of God” was at the heart and soul of the Reformation. Not only, “how is God righteous?” but “how can we, sinners, be righteous before a perfectly holy God?” That’s the question Martin Luther wrestled with. 36 more words



Here is an excellent research paper which deserves to be published in a prestigious journal like Nature or Science:


This paper has also been presented at a live symposium:

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On giving it your all

The first commenter on the YouTube page says “I saw this as a kid in ’76 and I’ll never forget it”, and that’s the story for me, too. 19 more words