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Love Lights

When the Sun of compassion arises
darkness evaporates
and the singing birds come from nowhere.”
Amit Ray, Nonviolence, The Transforming Power

It’s difficult watching and listening to the news lately. 554 more words

The Girl With The Broken Spirit

I finally heard it.

The exact words that describe what happened to me when I was a little girl.

“My spirit got broken.”

When I heard someone say those words the other day, a whole new world of pain opened up for me when I realized that it was exactly it, the perfect description to what started my journey into darkness. 373 more words

Hamani & Following What Lights You Up

(Excerpt from Flowering Within)

Every spring thousands of sakura trees (cherry blossom trees) in parts of Japan break out in bloom. The landscape comes alive as a blanket of soft pink and white spreads across its vast expanses.

209 more words
Soul + Grace + Comfort

"The Nature of the Bull Market in Decline" Chapter 8, part 1 in Girl Soda Atlas

Chapter 8, part 1 “The Nature of the Bull Market in Decline” (How a Nomad Follows Her Heart) is an oracle tile from the WildCard Deck of the… 57 more words


I Don't Want to be Seen

I feel safer hiding in the shadows, speaking in soft whispers and treading my footsteps lightly so as not to disturb…

At times I’ve felt that it’s a form of kindness – me not wanting to shake up things around me in case I end up disrupting, disrespecting or hurting anyone. 863 more words

Soul + Grace + Comfort

To Write is to Heal

It’s about storytelling. Crafting beautiful lies on a foundation of honesty to reveal magnificent truth. But also, it is about healing. Tending to open wounds and hungry demons. 162 more words