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The ugly light

I woke up this morning feeling ugly. I crawled back in under the covers and stayed there for hours. I don’t now if I was trying to hide from the world – or if I was hiding from myself. 724 more words


Tending the Fire

Everyone wants to be happy.  It’s in our nature to crave and aspire to high frequency feelings like happiness.  And because of this, we instinctively go after the things that we believe will give it to us.  448 more words

Inner Beauty: Inner Light

There are beautiful eyes to look at but they don’t always have inner light because there is a superior beauty to that of the skin, and that beauty is very special and almost unknown in these times. 123 more words

Art Of Loving

One of Many Reasons

You tamed the sun

Its rays dance for you

One of many reasons why I…

You understand

You are one of many wonders

The colors of life you paint with… 55 more words


The Leap


Imagine this: When in moments of Love when we are able to lift out of ourselves, think of how one day the body will fall away, just as the chrysalis or the seashell releases its hold on the life placed within it. 269 more words

Inner Growth

Nature | inner light

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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. 53 more words