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"The time is always ripe to do right." - Dr. MLK Jr.

I have discovered many people believe if they do the right thing, and sometimes this means following “the rules,” then they turn into a sheep like everyone else.   869 more words

Lead Kindly Light!

Heard this Zen story while listening to a spiritual discourse online recently. A blind monk was on a pilgrimage. It was getting dark. Seeing him walking in darkness, a noble-hearted man came forward and offered him an oil lamp. 193 more words

The Dancing Flame

May the furious flame within you never lose its light.
May this light forever north point your sight.
And if ever lost, may it remind you of your might. 29 more words

Life: Our Greatest Work Of Art

What You Are

Ramana Maharshi taught that there is no thing more important to spiritual discovery than to ask continually, “Who am I?  Who sees what I see, hears what I hear?”  If you really look at this question, you will see that you don’t know.  128 more words