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I see you friend, and the illuminating light you have inside.

Completeness and perfectness.

A very dear buddy of mine is going through a life changing event.

A horrific, hopefully once-in-a-lifetime whole change of identity fuck-storm. 661 more words


Acknowledging Our Suffering To Be Free

“The practice of healing long-held suffering begins the moment you acknowledge the suffering is there” -The Universe Has Your Back

For so many years I carried around unnecessary emotional baggage. 198 more words

Your inner light

Take a journey with me to your inner light .

Allow yourself to enter into a meditation where you imagine letting go of everything you own, your body, your identity, everything you think and feel, until only your brilliant inner light is left. 224 more words

Spiritual Healing

Lessons from the Couch Test

Slap him or ignore the comment and walk away?  Is this the time to take a stand?

I laughed it off but wondered, “Is this what everyone thinks?” 356 more words


Friday Inspiration: Divine Lamp

Let my light shine



from the highest point

without emphasis on me

let my light shine

for you, God

music credit: Harvest Bashta “Make Us Ready” 8 more words


Love (A Question)

Am I Loved,
That wonderful emotion made out of that warm embrace of that glow called inner warmth,
Do people really and truly feel that way about me?

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* Haiku - listen inwards


Leave your thoughts behind

Listen to the life within

Find Your Middle Ground


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