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That Glow!

I was sitting at the very back of the bus this afternoon people watching, which I quite enjoy. I noticed a man that seemed to be obsessed with his phone and another lady he entered the bus with. 670 more words


Infinite love

I spoke with a co worker today on the job and it will always be a conversation that I remember. We talked about how every day our lives are impacted by unseen forces, his words, and how those forces can guide us to better choices. 122 more words


You Make My Day

You are a lift to my day

taking me from squire to knight

the light of your ways

brightens my armor

even if you don’t know it… 33 more words


Within You

Passing along a positive thought for the day….

Still Unique Photography

Astrology Sun-Jupiter Mandala -Treasure The Inner Light

MyĀ astrology Sun-Jupiter Mandala connection the day and year I was born. Sun-Jupiter is Treasure The Inner Light. 251 more words


Spirit Written

Put your heart to the sky
Touch the divine
Realize your place in life
Is to shine
Soul sublime
Spirit dipped in grace
You are supreme light… 19 more words

The human impact

Everyday new problems rear their ugly heads in our lives. Sometimes these problems are major but most are a minor nuisance. Think of some of the problems that arise in your daily life and how you can make the changes to the problem to make a positive outcome out of a seemingly negative issue. 115 more words