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You can’t be too this, you can’t be too that

They said, you said, and so it became

that a box was created around your soul… 80 more words


Something beyond dollars and stars

​As OneRepulic encourages us to do we should all start counting stars shining above (laying around) without worrying about counting the dollars in hiding.

We can use stars to find our light without depending on the dollars to buy us candles. 40 more words


More about power

Power means being an effective person- finding and doing work and play that satisfies your spirit and lifts your heart.

Power is weaving webs of connection with others. 142 more words


Muse Meme: Destination of Light

Mindset is everything! When we truly love ourselves, strive to see the light and lessons in ALL situations, and show gratitude for each blessing, miracle and helping hand; it becomes easier and easier to maintain a positive outlook. 30 more words




My Angels, good day to you all!  I hope this message finds you all well.  Happy November, the Presidential race is almost over (thank goodness), and before you know it we will be in 2017.  125 more words

Stay Awake

When darkness comes,

When night returns

Be light,

In your shadow’s flight

Stay awake inside

When seasons turn

When cold has won

Go within

Your warm delight, 116 more words