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Thursday July 2

I’ve basically done the same thing as yesterday today. I feel good about my mornings. They are getting more and more to become an habit. Which obviously is great! 243 more words


Mental health disorder

I’m wondering if I have some sort of mental disorder going on. I’m moody, unhappy, angry and uncomfortable way too often. I try to meditate, stress down, be more in the moment, choose happy but it doesn’t work? 85 more words


mindset/motivation/mindfullness: Loving oneself and others.

One thing in life is always certain:  the more we love something, the more control that has over us.

Be it a person or a thing, or whatever or minds grasp onto. 441 more words

Be Still

There is wisdom in learning to be still.

Peace and calmness are essential for existence.

Sleep does not help if your soul is tired.


'Because she competes with no one, no one can compete with her.' ..x

…in addition, because she see minds her own. She supports others and with her own, because she can..x – T


Padded peace

I still don’t completely understand the allure and draw of diapers for myself. You’d think after years and years with them that I’d have a much more structured and solid cause and effect understanding of them. 378 more words