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12 Days of Healing - Day 5

When’s the last time you had a truly pleasurable experience? A moment that you walked away from feeling high on life, an encounter that made you laugh until your stomach hurt, an instance where you couldn’t contain your excitement, or felt a sensory overload. 164 more words

Self Help

With Love from Santa Fe

Sitting on the railway platform in Albuquerque, I soak up the sun and notice how much it affects the way I feel. I think maybe I was only ever depressed because I didn’t spend hours walking in sunshine back home because the sunshine was blocked by cloud cover like 70% of the time. 1,547 more words



Ever feel guilty when somebody cites this Bible verse, “Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10)? I’ll bet you’d just love to find a quiet time today, wouldn’t you?. 388 more words

My Kind of Blues

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I heard her play the saxophone

outside the jazz club

oblivious to her surroundings

she seemed focused only on her music… 76 more words


My Comfort Zone...

I feel most like me…
When I am at home
When I can speak my heart out
Without thinking I would be misconstrued
When I am surrounded by the people I love… 219 more words


I Can Only Imagine

Thirteen years ago I didn’t listen to Christian music. Well, that’s not totally true. I was a church choir director and listened to demo recordings of potential anthems, but none of that contemporary stuff. 901 more words