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Pin-Drop Silence

I’ve no idea where this inclination to write is coming from, but let’s keep the flow going lest it decides to stand still for the next 500 months, shall we? 843 more words


Warning: All Structures are Unstable.

I continue to have insights the more that I read, or listen, to Eckhart Tolle. His words do much to remind me of staying in the present moment, and the benefit of leaving things as they are, without judgment. 358 more words

* From Awareness to World Peace

To meditate is simply to take time to be aware.

When we pause in mindfulness, we open up awareness to new insights about ourselves and life. 71 more words

Middle Ground

Meditativeness through mindfulness...

The Indians and Patanjali, many thousands of years ago, invented Yoga Philosophy.  Yoga practice involves the cultivation of disciplined living through many means including meditation, honesty, celibacy, prayer, non-injury and other many things.   355 more words


Let it go.....

So I put it out there to the universe, what was the message that I needed to explore in my yoga class today? I turned on the radio and there was James Bay with ‘Let it go’, as I sat and listened to the words I knew that this was my topic, letting it all go! 670 more words

Inner Peace

So Hard to Accept Acceptance

“I unfortunately don’t have the news I was hoping to share with you,” he began, apologetically. He was a manager from another team, and we had just completed an incredibly enjoyable side project together. 1,281 more words

Building Mindfulness Muscle

Your Amazing Mind

Your mind….amazing and powerful….with the ability to take you down into the depths or ascend with you to miraculous heights.  Do we choose?  Do our thoughts create our realities?  151 more words

Inner Peace