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Recluse Living

Just me, Netflix, and sanctuary this weekend.
Who knew?
Being a hermit suits me.


What a difference a line makes

Today my son and I were checking out at Walmart and we had the nicest cashier help us. She said “hello darling” in the most buttery, southern accent, talked about how wonderful the day was and wished us well as we gathered our bags. 250 more words


A Ball of Oil

This simple meditative exercise has always been very helpful to me. I use it when I need to gather peace and clarity to my mind and I’m either too exhausted or oversaturated by the events of my life to dredge up the strength to see them from a different perspective or to get any real use out of what those events may be trying to teach me. 914 more words


Day 278 of a Year of Peace

Inner Peace

for all Sentient Beings

From a place of contentment

with who you are and what you have

or of emptiness; allow it, without judgement… 49 more words

Trapped- a poem by moi

When all is dark, when I’m all alone,

It breaks my heart, to know I’ve lost my home,

You were the light, you led the way, 99 more words


This is hell, and there's no way out.

I still don’t know what I did to deserve this hatred, a hatred so strong I can feel it’s burn miles away. It permeates towards me, suffocates me, surrounding me in a darkness which can never be lit. 775 more words


Breaking the Shell

In my fight for recognition
I diminish and reduce
The gifts of my friends
Their beauty and their truth.

In my struggle to be seen… 225 more words