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I never realized

most people have families they talk to, do things with, rely on. I am educated and well aware that you make your family but lord have mercy I never realized to what degree mine isn’t really very “family” like. 150 more words


Peace Takes Off His Hat

I close my eyes
And peace enters,
Wearing a broad-brimmed hat
Tipped low, low.

Dressed in garb
Of 17th Century!
That hat so extravagantly large, 68 more words


I am sorry

For being all over the place, but honestly this is really mine and its designed to be this type of outlet.

My friend from high school has a boyfriend who we also went to school with. 167 more words



There is something about the way the wind kisses your face when you stand upon a mountain top, it’s different from a breeze on a city street. 223 more words


Getting it from behind 

“Ayúdame! Ayúdame!” It’s a call for help. I just turned around a point and misjudged the wind so the genoa was caught by the wind and the line snapped from my hand into the water. 972 more words


Guided Meditation

Meditation is the act or process of spending time in quiet thought.

After years of attempting to perfect my meditation practices, I have found that  444 more words