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Living within Light's Rhyme

The light of stars
And the embedded light of origin
All play together in a lucid grace of being
Just as the Sun shines across the Earth… 138 more words

Nature Spirituality

Snow Fell

When the ‘I’ resolved to origin

Snow fell from self

Like snow fall toward eyes

Grey bits of self falling away

‘Till there was no all

Only purity’s being

Nature Spirituality

Vesper's Prayer

Desert’s evening star
Shattered stones of
Shamans, Mystics, and Yogins

Let fall the cards you play
And Shatter your stone
To plant the seed deep… 34 more words

Nature Spirituality

Mother and Child

Blue/black Mother
Potential’s eternal depth
Alive in all a darkness that is home of all light
The intent ignites radiance
The spontaneous spectrum of the spheres… 155 more words

Nature Spirituality

Fruition's Prayer

Blue sphere of spacious intent
The Turtle breathes its remembrance
Fading into the sky

The living sphere of the Earth is withering

Home to the spiritual journeys of countless beings… 90 more words

Nature Spirituality


Within turbulent waters

Blended in rhythm with our Earth Mother

Strive toward the light

Resting in the spacious peace

Original heart guiding you

Toward the final leap

To the embrace of radiance

Nature Spirituality

Rachel's Rainbow Body

When all your work was done

You left with a smile

And revealed your heart’s radiance

With no ties or chains of self

With no walls or corners of mind… 35 more words

Nature Spirituality