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Becoming Sky

The brilliance of the setting Sun blazes upon the Mesa
Washing away solidity, becoming sky.
The Mesa, evanescent like the mist in the noon day Sun, 104 more words

Ati Yoga

Mesa's Awakening

Clouded in sleep, bathed in the first rays of the Sun
Mesa is embraced in its awakening
Slowly, gently the Mesa is kindled
Once again their union sings as the rays caress the slope to ease the Mesa’s awakening… 70 more words

Ati Yoga

Down a Narrow Trail

Following a narrow trail with a heart of origin in the depth of the Earth, on and on, curving along an ancient river bed filled with tears, echoing off the stone walls though origin’s heart pervades beyond walls and fear. 136 more words

Ati Yoga

First Brillance

The first brilliance is where the sun rises just over the edge of the horizon to touch your heart in the earliest morning, like the first taste of inner radiance, the illumined heart light rising above your horizon, above self and constructs of the mind as a brilliance of space, beyond borders to contain anything and all is its provence. 22 more words

Ati Yoga


This sketch is a reflection of the moment you experience inner radiance (clear light). An experience within your heart beyond boundaries and concepts, stunning in relation to the ordinary experience controlled by our minds.

Ati Yoga

Inspiration 255: Inner Beauty

You guessed it, women were putting on make up and getting ready for a big event. This is a small portion of the items used to make everyone look very beautiful. 256 more words

A Year Of Inspiration

A Flame

“The moth keeps hitting me in the face!” She exclaimed.

Was it because the moth saw the light?