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Step inside the nameless temple of formless truth
Step inside the wall less church of wordless prayer
Step inside the timeless mosque of endless love… 10 more words


Temple Gardens - Hidden Shade in the Heart of London

At last summer has arrived, and, like the ungrateful folk we are, we’ve started sighing for respite from the sun beating down on hot city pavements. 386 more words


London's Inns of Court and the founding of the United States of America

Centuries ago

seeds of secession were sown

in Temple Gardens”.

London’s  Inns of Court, Gray’s Inn, Lincoln’s Inn and Inner and Middle Temple, situated on the western fringe of the City, are where barristers go to receive their training. 487 more words

Site Is On A Lost City Of London Tour

11. Are You Really a Temple?

What are “you”? Your body, eyes, fingerprints, DNA, the way you sound, the way you walk — all those things are uniquely you. Your personality is made up of countless characteristics, traits, habits. 489 more words

Master Key Meditation

What's on the Inside?

Today, Spirit asks that we spend a good deal of time reflecting within. Take a good look around… rearrange the furniture of your soul, throw out what’s no longer working and bringing in something new to help bring balance. 19 more words