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A Last-Minute Resolution

While I have written a while ago about making my new year’s resolutions early, this is one I have only considered yesterday through reading a thread on a parenting website on the exact same thing I have subconsciously been doing all my life. 641 more words


Trance Journal Excerpt - Meeting an Ancestor

I thought for this week that I’d provide a bit of trance journaling that I did after some work in my Mental Grove. This is not quite a full fledged trance journey, but does involve my closest ancestor spirit guide, and is a good example of one of the ways I use trance to try to help me with mundane world problems. 662 more words


An Introduction to Chapter One.

“Irrespective of the promises that the plethora of ┬áSatanic and Luciferian groups tempt you with, there is not a child of the light, living or otherwise, who will appraise you of the deep things of the shining one. 368 more words

Keys to the Temple

Solstice blessings to everyone! What are they? Read on!

Solstice time is sacred time. That picnic or party you’re holding on the Solstice, alone or with friends, is just as sacred as my Druid ritual, or the monk or nun at prayer, if you’re comparing (un)conventional symbols and images. 788 more words


Temple and Farringdon Together Statement on Inner Temple's Project Pegasus

Temple and Farringdon Together candidates have been asked individually and collectively to set out our position on Inner Temple’s proposed Project Pegasus. The project would see the Hall and Treasury Building extended to include new education and training facilities on additional floors created by adding a mansard roof to the Treasury Building and remodelling the Inn’s library. 204 more words

City Elections 2017