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Life Lessons: Doing the Inner Work

So many of us have been taught to be insecure and to fear life.

The fact is, you create your own life. Yes, you do. You create it. 691 more words

Ready? Set... Never mind.

Sometimes I wish there was a way to know how things would pan out, or that some universal being would just pop up to me real quick and say, “Do this,” or “Go here.” Certainty would make everything so much more smooth, or perhaps just give it a boring sense of safety. 935 more words

The Upside of Counter-Transference

No matter what experience level you’ve achieved as a clinician, you can always benefit from discovering and engaging in ongoing inner work. This vital aspect of being a great clinician is both an important wellness practice and a professional tool. 552 more words

Inner Work

How To Easily Overcome Perfectionism

Dear friend,

Overcoming perfectionism is one of those goals we believe it’s nearly impossible to overcome. Not because it’s some kind of an invincible force, but because perfectionism carries a burden heavier and more difficult than most emotions. 528 more words


Loving UP Your Body & Energy In Every Way

By Kalayna Solais

I don’t often treat myself to this kind of luxurious experience but oh, am I GRATEFUL that I did!

These are ‘before and after’ pics of my salon experience today. 511 more words

Ascension Energies

Social Media Use

Quitting social media and getting it out of your life for a while can be nice, but if you have plans of using it at any point after, it will do you good to find a way of permanently using it that benefits you -otherwise you’ll just end up in the exact same rut again. 838 more words