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Unspoken Words Part 2

Why it is important for our inner healing and growth to come to a space where we can fully be ourselves

As a teacher, I often say that my students have permission to fully be themselves. 751 more words

Speak Your Truth

The London Notes: Danielle LaPorte

It’s a Monday evening in July and I’m back in London. It’s been 9 months since I’ve been away this time and it’s weird being back. 1,420 more words


Does Evil Exist?

Evil is a myth.
Evil is a myth…without fear.
There is no good and bad.
Only the lens that we see all things through.
And fear is the lens that breeds the apparition of evil. 840 more words


Wish Everyone The Highest Good

In our latest video, Ashtar says, “Wish the highest good for everyone on earth.” Even your enemies. Those you dislike. For everyone. That’s a 5D vibration. 74 more words

Empath-uation Story: Feeling Myself

Photo: Ogo |@_simplyogo

It’s been on my mind to get more in touch with my intuition and empathic ability.

Something I have vehemently avoiding at all cost. 318 more words


She saw the truth


She wanted to run towards her shadow. She wanted to run straight through it, to be able to finally see it behind her. She wanted it so badly that she failed to realise just how absurd this plan was. 322 more words