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shut your mouth, think, and learn something...

I could rail against:

–all I see that is wrong
–all the things people say that are wrong
–all the ways people do things that are wrong… 65 more words

Disintegrating Narratives & Global Change

Recently, I noticed I kept trying to figure myself out, figure out who I am, and I couldn’t. This frustrated me. I’ve spent decades figuring myself out, and the truth is all I’ve really figured out is who I am not. 369 more words

Neptune in Pisces Retrograde: Clearing away the illusions

Decks Used: Rider Tarot by AE Waite and design by Pamela Colman Smith, Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Losche

In addition to Mercury, Venus Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto we have Neptune going retrograde in the sign of Pisces from June 22 until November 28. 393 more words

As within, so without

When I was younger, the primary focus of all my desire was romantic love. I would happily turn my life upside down, and myself inside out, in pursuit of it. 380 more words

Personal Growth

June 18th. About vegan pancakes (fail) and the importance of goal setting


So yesterday I woke up and grabbed my phone and checked my instagram (after I visualized for 30 minutes of course) and there was somebody having pancakes with peanut butter for breakfast, and I thought “huh! 764 more words


Law of Attraction

If you are familiar with the law of attraction you’ve most likely heard it has to do with manifesting wealth into your life. If you think it, you create it, so think positive. 463 more words


Sit here in your darkness
Feel the void and emptiness
in the depths of your soul
Its cold 
After all of your tears fall
and the thoughts that were screaming and belittling you silence
You muster the strength to search
The lighter is found
With hesitation you spark the flame
A subtle light illuminates 
Pulling yourself to standing
Even though your body feels heavy as stone
Small steps are made 
Your stagger becomes a frantic pace
The light flickers as the air tries to snuff it out
Then suddenly you approach her
A sweet innocent toddler 
Crumpled on the ground
Scared for her life
Wipe her tears
Embrace her
Nurture her
Carry her out of the darkness
She is you
Do not lose her again