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Who am I to Hide the Real Me?

Who am I to ignore myself? That inner, deep down self? Who am I to hide the real me, and show the world someone I am not, or just a tiny part of me? 690 more words

Personal Thoughts (non-fiction)

How Do I Move Forward with an Unrequited Love?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader who goes by the name, GoodLife4Always, who says they currently have a strong connection with someone but when they first met, this person wasn’t interested in socializing or even noticing them. 1,732 more words

Questions & Answers

You are the only You.

Unique, beautiful human!

YOU are the only you in the world!! So if you don’t think you are special or unique- think again. Even if you are an identical twin that has shared the womb together, you have YOUR own passions, values, quirks and unique experiences that make you YOU. 884 more words


When the Ego Strikes Back

My ego has been in quite the mood lately. I’ve been making it sit tightly in the backseat of my mind instead of in the drivers seat. 841 more words

[vlog] Healing Trauma and Intense Energies. Showing up For Healing

A chat vlog about healing intense trauma, forgiveness and showing up. These have been some super-intense times. I talk about how some new clarity has opened up for me and is helping me feel I can show up in my own life some more, to be unashamed about what, and who I am. 60 more words

Blog Post

The Essence of Healing.

Last month I wrote about a time to heal. The mysterious ailments that started in March which blood tests could not ascertain or even acknowledge existed within my physical form, yet my body and knew by its Divine intelligence that its innate wisdom is far more accurate than a blood test or two. 862 more words

My Yoga Journey

Message from the World Channel

Process Work practitioners pay attention to synchronicities, looking for personal meaning in apparent coincidences…

Back when I was working on the original business plan for 7 Gateways to Inner Wisdom, trying to find the the right people and the right words, crunch the right numbers, and mould the vision of my heart into a shape that might convince the world and myself that yes, this could work, I would sometimes feel doubtful and disheartened. 183 more words

7 Gateways To Inner Wisdom