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Should there be Abortion Exceptions?

Often those we hear arguments of why abortion should allowed. That there are tough cases out there that should allow for abortion to be legal. Cases such as rape or incest. 46 more words

Unborn Facts

Johnson & Johnson

Dear Johnson & Johnson,

For as long as I can remember, your commercials have always tugged on my heartstrings.  You always seem to capture the beautiful moments in the daily life of doting mothers and their precious babies. 443 more words


A Must-See Music Video

My sister recently shared this music video with me and I wanted to share it with you. I feel it has an encouraging, strong pro-life message.

Enjoy. :)



The Impact of Ultrasounds

The technology of ultrasound machines is powerful in saving the lives of innocent babies. At our center, we are looking to get the funding we need so that we can soon purchase our own ultrasound machine (which will be shared between 4 centers). 90 more words


Good Baby/Bad Baby

Who, me?

What the hell is a good baby? More to the point, is there such a thing as a bad baby? I’m not sure why, perhaps it is just one of those say-it-cos-it’s-the-said-thing things… but people are constantly asking me if my baby is a… 449 more words