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Hearts So Innocent

“Ms. Cassie, look at that man! He’s dancing down the street.”

One of my students melted my heart this morning when he reminded me of the simple fact that children are so pure and innocent at heart.

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I Saw the Sacred Be

I saw the Sacred Be,

Children descending

One by One

Like beads in a rosary

To pay homage to Life

Only guided by their instinct and love… 8 more words


Interview with author Jess Mountifield

Today, I have author Jess Mountifield with me. We talk about her life and her books. She writes books which in the Adventure genre. She is also publishing a serial novel on her blog! 1,864 more words

Author Interviews

Innocent Hearts by Hatsune Miku

Time for a little bit of synth music in today’s Vocaloid song selection. I just love the flow of this song very much that is very addicting to listen over and over again.


Treeman tells all...

A teacher who was crushed by a tree at Chicken Hut Primary has been talking about his ordeal. β€˜It was horrible. One moment I was chatting about the repeal of the Corn Laws – challenging stuff for year 1 I know but they seem to love cutting out and sticking facsimilies of the parliamentary acts – the next I was trying to bat away twigs and branches from a sodding oak tree hell-bent on squashing my head! 216 more words