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Walled Garden

A crack in the tenement wall

I would disappear through,

come to this walled in garden

and play all day with you.

So many games and adventures to play… 164 more words



If you thought I was going to ignore you, you must not have a grandmother in your life.  In case you don’t, I’ll serve that purpose. 381 more words

Two women

​Two women who changed my life entirely,
Born the same day same year coincidentally.
Two women I fell for so badly,
Who cared more or less but gave shit about it, sadly. 116 more words


Short Story Saturday- No Strings Attached: Charli and Tristan Part 1

Charli and Tristan: Innocent Love

Charli had felt the pressure to lose her virginity and soon found out that it was not worth all of the hype.  1,063 more words


Mother and Child Love

 Antoine Aguste Ernest Herbert

The time has come to see the world as one united family. For a mother and child is a mother and child everywhere. 265 more words


ASTRO - Innocent Love (풋사랑)

Nunmuri jakku meomchuji anha cheossarangieotjanha
Ibyeori seotulleotdeon iyuneun
Neon naui cheossarangigi ttaemune
Dulmanui jangsodeul mot irun yaksokdeul
Dasin neol bol su eoptdaneun geol 178 more words