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And finally...to the arrival of 2014!

If I must shout  it out once again, Thank you God, for a new year, 2014! How could I even miss out on writing something about 2014? 981 more words

Life Series

In memory of the Westgate victims

In memory of the Westgate victims

When tragedy calls, every one of us can fall victim, even the strongest of us will be shaken.  Just like in one of the large cities in East Africa where women, men, and the little innocent souls whose only fate was going shopping on the fateful 21st of September, 2013 and probably making time for friends and family were swept off the face of the earth. 531 more words

Friends And Family

Their Saving Grace

At some point in our lives we question the power of prayer, does it really work?
Well I can only answer for myself and what it has done for me and if I think it works. 432 more words

Random Thoughts


Everyone has their own spirit to bring

The ones with good spirits are many

But there’s only one evil spirit

A spirit when it comes it sucks all the fun and the merry in the land… 263 more words


Black Rock Shooter Innocent Souls Chapter 9 + About the pairing

Back from the dead @-@

So here we are~ Once again with a New chapter of Innocent Souls~! Its been a long time since they even Updated, wew.. 794 more words

Le Me And Stuff~ OwO

New Drawings~!

Innocent Souls: Ron

Behold our Favorite Weapon from the Manga “Black Rock Shooter: Innocent Souls”


((Fail scan Orzzzz))

Ron belongs to Suzuki Sanami and Huke… 56 more words

Le Me And Stuff~ OwO