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so young and innocent

and no,
i didnt take home
the 24 year old
who confessed to me a love
of goth music

and wont stop texting me
after i finally talked… 30 more words


The Cookie Crumbles...

Smatterings of chocolate chips entice you from afar.

Sitting there all innocent, in their cookie jar.

“Only one…there is no harm…

But let’s say two…yet three’s a charm…” 61 more words


इस भोले पन की धारा,
आखिर आती हैं कहाँ से…
दुनियां से- ना लेना देना,
परे हैं ये जहाँ से…

रो -रो कर अपनी बात ये मनवाते।,
खुद सो दिन में, ये रात में,
माँ को जगाते।

इनके घर में  होने से, आती हैं खुशियां,
रहते घर में, ऐसे, जैसे हो ये घर के मुखियां।

बिन बोले समझाते, ये बच्चे अपनी बात,
अनदेखा कर इन्हें, तुम खाजाओगे  मात ।

Prerna Mehrotra


the game of hide and seek

maybe it is not the day

to move freely into the town.

there are still those people,

who always terrorize the town. 56 more words


Impeachment -- What It Is and How It Is Done

The FBI is investigating the Russian involvement in the 2016 U.S. election. When FBI director James Comey made that announcement he also said that the agency would be looking into any possibilities of collusion with the 2016 Trump Presidential campaign. 641 more words


Photo Journal 022116

The most innocent smile I’ve ever seen. ❤

Photo Journal