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How one man spent 18 years in jail for a crime he never committed

Charles Palmer of Illinois was charged with murder 18 years ago but is now free thanks to DNA evidence.

Palmer, 62, was convicted in 1998 for the killing of William Helmbacher who was found beaten to death with a hammer in his Decatur, Georgia apartment in 2000. 368 more words


Different Mindset 

Today, I went to Petco and saw this adorable hamster.

I haven’t wandered into Petco in the longest time and it was an interesting experience coming back. 147 more words


Marc Anthony tries to prove Jennifer Lopez smooch at Latin Grammys was innocent by planting a kiss on all his pals

This is hilarious. This morning, photos and videos of a married Marc Anthony and his ex-wife, Jennifer Lopez kissing on stage at the Latin Grammys broke the internet. 68 more words

Lifestyle, Beauty And Fashion

Tonight…after my concert…a man came to me cause he wanted to talk to me…he made his friends go away cause he couldn’t express himself in front of them and then he started by telling me that what happened to him tonight does not happen often..and that he knows that he may have been a bit influenced by the glass of wine he had before and bout the fact that i was beautiful but that he knows that it’s not just that..he said that all the time he listened to my singing he felt like he let his guard down and that he was totally vulnerable…i think vulnerable it’s a beautiful word…people should be this way more often…i think it’s a feeling that makes people be beautiful and honest…i was glad to hear that for a couple of hours someones vulnerability was in my voice…as he spoke to me…i remembered about u..about the way u got vulnerable when i sang…i thought u were beautiful then…i saw the innocence in your sparkling eyes while u were listening and i saw the way u got comfortable with me…i saw how your pride and armour took off and left u there ..standing all alone on that couch like a little boy who never did anything wrong…who was expecting for afection and…your eyes…u don’t know…but those eyes…they truly speak…they were screaming of kindness and happiness…i saw it many times in your eyes…and i loved it every single time in a different way…your innocence…as much as u tried to hide it…your armour faded around me…made u look beautiful…vulnerable…

21.10.2016- 2:09 a.m.


We’ll take our chances
But only after another

Has made the first move.

Still the slight advances,

Are too innocently sweet

To ever be disapproved.

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Persecution of Innocent Man

(The pic of the baby above is only to depict that the Man who is suffering Torment is Innocent like a Baby. This is a True Ongoing Office Story. 528 more words


I’ve been lied about and I’ve been lied to and neither is pleasant. I really can’t stand liars and lies. They are so destructive and totally unnecessary. 187 more words