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Every persone in this world has kind and innocent person inside him/her where its always waiting to come out , but comes only with a right person.

The Nameless 

Oh mighty pillars of the earth, what are you holding

Can I ask such a question as innocent and insightful or am I still too young… 88 more words

Innocent Super Smoothies

In the coming days, I will have exams coming up and it usually leaves me drained. If you are a university student you know how it goes, the weeks leading up to exam weeks are the worst. 186 more words

"innocent Smoothies"

A debt that lead to a lot more......

Note: The pages I am referring to are from a PDF file on my computer so it might be not quite the same as the printed version of the book. 871 more words

Jeannette Walls: An Innocent Child Amidst the Poverty and Struggles

For the last week or so, I have been reading a very intriguing memoir called The Glass Castle written by Jeannette Walls. The story is told from Jeannette’s perspective, as she undergoes many troubles with her struggling family, mostly due to her poor, incompetent parents that are constantly moving from place to place, making the kids never feel at home. 1,415 more words

Gift of Innocence

Innocence. It’s rare to find these days and it’s not really viewed in a good light. It seems parents feel the more that children know the better off they will be. 246 more words


Why you shouldn’t "act your age"

Typically when we use the phrase, “act your age,” it’s actually a passive-aggressive way of telling someone that their behavior is immature. And it might be. 236 more words