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The Hideout

::The gocco kids line up to sing for their idol:: ©Andrea Innocent, 2012

::Koala Girl:: ©Andrea Innocent, 2012

::Don’t make fun of me just ’cause I’m different:: ©Andrea Innocent, 2012… 154 more words


::Look. Stop. Shop.::

If you’re in the city you should drop on by the Hill of Content bookshop and have a look at the window. A group of us from Illustrators Australia have each created a light box style four frame animation for the… 49 more words



Are you in LA? Do you know Gallery Nucleus? Do you like typography/illustration? Well, then what are you waiting for?

You can see my work (above) as well as the works of amazing talents such as… 7 more words


::ABC Radio National_The Book Show::

Had an interview with Kate Pearcy from The Book Show on ABC Radio National while I was in Sydney for the show ‘Love, Thieves and Fear make ghosts’. 158 more words


::The Bake Neko and Neko Mata::

Bakeneko or Neko mata (化け猫, “monster cat”, 猫又)

The bakeneko/nekomata is in Japanese folklore, a cat with supernatural abilities akin to those of the fox or raccoon dog. 312 more words


::Zashiki Warashi::

Thought I’d give you a break from the truly spooky and give you a slightly more kawaii ghost….

Zashiki-warashi (座敷童子)

The name breaks down to zashiki, a tatami floored room, and warashi, an archaic… 218 more words